California Supreme Court: No Right to Education, Just Pay Your Taxes

There is a section in the State Constitution that guarantees every child an education in California.  That section was just nullified by the State Supreme Court.  They ruled that even special needs children do not need real, in person education.  They kids hardest to help are being through out on the trash dump of society and our judges and pretend educators.  This should not be an issue.

So, if you think the State or Federal Constitution protects you—forget it.  No schools, churches closed by order of government, social media banning free discussion of issues, jobs being killed by order of government  Now, the Harris/Biden Administration has decided to give away $3 trillion of your money (not a typo) to foreign governments that hate us—and in return we will closed down American businesses they do not like.

You can feel the emotional and economic Depression hitting America—in just 48 hours.

California Supreme Court Turns Down Petition To Partially Reopen LA Public Schools

Petition would have reopened in-class instruction for special needs students

By Evan Symon, California Globe, 1/21/21 

The California Supreme rejected a petition on Wednesday that would have started reopening Los Angeles public schools for special needs students.

The petition, which was filed in December by child advocacy organizations the Alliance for Children’s Rights and the Learning Rights Law Center, wanted a return of in-class school for special needs students due to learning difficulties remotely. Both groups said that the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) broke a state law that requires education agencies like school districts to have in-person classes and give “the appropriate resources to avoid learning loss, prevent behavioral regression, and protect students’ mental health and well-being.”

The organizations, as well as many parents, believed that the continued denial of in-person classes would lead to permanent harm on students with added difficulties, such as those with special needs, English language learners, and those with handicaps. Many parents even went further, saying that their children were not learning behind a screen.

“There is no question that severe learning loss has already occurred, is ongoing, and will lead to irreparable harm for these students,” the petition said. “This slow-motion catastrophe — with potentially irreversible and life-long negative consequences for students— can and should be immediately addressed. In-person instruction in small cohorts is possible as long as it is safe from a public health perspective.”

“They failed to provide the appropriate resources to avoid learning loss, prevent behavioral regression, and protect students’ mental health and well-being.”

As a remedy, the groups wanted as much in-person schooling to open up as soon as possible for those in the greatest of need. According to Los Angeles County public health guidelines, this would have meant that up to 25% of a school’s enrollment could have come back for in-person classes if the schools had met all COVID-19 public health and safety guidelines.

However, this was flatly rejected by the court, which did not even issue a written ruling on the matter. The denial will essentially let the LAUSD keep an all-remote class schedule into the near future. And due to continual high COVID-19 figures in LA County, even measures such as Governor Gavin Newsom’s $2 billion school reopening plan would not effect the district’s plans.

Many teachers even signaled relief following the Supreme Court’s denial.

“LA County has had over 3 million COVID-19 cases now, with 1 out of every 5 being tested coming up as positive,” Los Angeles teacher Natalia Baca told the Globe Thursday. “I agree that special needs students do deserve better instruction. All students do. But, right now, health is more important. We cannot risk reopening schools, even to a small extent, because there would still be a lot of people even if it was just for a few classes and a skeleton crew keeping everything going. You just need one person from any of their households to make it more spreadable.”

“It’s heartbreaking for us, but it’s like people being unable to see their families during Christmas or not being able to see sick loved ones. It’s necessary so more people don’t become infected. Or dead.”

Other attempts to bring back at least partial in-person classes to LA public schools remain ongoing.

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  1. William Hicks says

    It would be interesting to see what it would be like if parents had vouchers to send their children to whatever school they preferred.

  2. Fern Blanston says

    Since when does a court get to rewrite the Constitution? Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around?

  3. Robert Wilson says

    Democrats. The party of no science. It is well documented by studies in many countries that children are virtually uneffected by covid but opening is still be held up by the communists, that’s right, communists who run the teacher’s unions. They are the worst kind of vile scum and don’t give a damn about education. We need to get some kind of vouchers/tax credits in place. Besides being recalled, Gavin Newsom should be criminally prosecuted for these malicious and destructive lockdowns!!! Scumbag!!!

  4. If you want action from the teachers union send a petition to open the schools because your kids are not getting enough far left liberal indoctrination. They have been caught browsing conservative media sights because they are the only ones supporting getting the teachers of their asses and back to work. Everyone KNOWS the minuscule chance of fatal transmission from our youth.

  5. Why is everything open in Florida and they have less Covid than a shut down California?
    Conservative Leadership!

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