Democrats to Use 25th Amendment to End Confused/Incoherent Biden Presidency—Soon?

It has been obvious for months, Joe Biden is mentally challenged.  He has been incoherent, not sure where he is or what he is doing.  He gets aggressive toward those he disagrees with—trying to pick fights or making outrageous racist statements, (i.e. “You are not really black if your vote for Trump).

“During a coronavirus press conference on Tuesday, President Joe Biden mumbled and jumbled through a speech, making little sense.

At one point, Biden appeared to be calling out a lawmaker who refused to wear a mask as he incoherently rambled about kissing his ear.

“One Congressman pointed out, he used very colorful term to say, ‘wearing a mask, I tell them to kiss my ear, I’m not going to wear a mask.’ Well, guess what, not very American. The fact is, you want to be patriotic, you’re gonna protect people,” Biden said.

Remember his “pony soldier” comment?  That is why they kept him in a bunker only speaking with a teleprompter—and then he still got confused.  Yes, he may not last till Easter and someone will push the 25th Amendment.

“KISS MY EAR!”: Biden Rambles and Jumbles Speech During COVID Press Conference

byCollin Rugg, Trending Politics,  1/26/21 

During a coronavirus press conference on Tuesday, President Joe Biden mumbled and jumbled through a speech, making little sense.

At one point, Biden appeared to be calling out a lawmaker who refused to wear a mask as he incoherently rambled about kissing his ear.

“One Congressman pointed out, he used very colorful term to say, ‘wearing a mask, I tell them to kiss my ear, I’m not going to wear a mask.’ Well, guess what, not very American. The fact is, you want to be patriotic, you’re gonna protect people,” Biden said.

WATCH the clip below and try to make sense of what Biden just said:

This wasn’t the only embarrassing moment for Biden on Tuesday. While signing executive orders Biden had yet another “cognitive decline moment” when he mumbled to himself while he tried to find a place for his pen.

“Wait a minute..tryin to put my pen away here,” Biden said to himself as he fumbled around with his pen for 10 seconds straight.


Biden’s mental decline is no secret. According to author, editor, writer, communications expert and former White House Press Office stenographer Mike McCormick, Biden’s mental decline is down by 50%.

The comments from McCormick came during an interview with Steve Bannon on War Room Pandemic.

“50%,” McCormick said when Bannon asked how much of a mental decline Biden has suffered. “He’s half there. There’s no way he can be in a room with President Xi alone and make any decision that is valuable for our country. No way.”


Biden does not appear to be well.

During a speech in Delaware, Biden introduced his “science team.” The former VP explained that the team would be focusing on Covid-19, climate change, technology, the economy and the “long-term health of science and tech” in the United Stares.

“We’re going to lead with science and truth,” Biden said during the speech. “We believe in both.”

Kamala Harris also joined in to shame “climate change deniers.”

“The science behind climate change is not a hoax. The science behind the virus is not partisan. The same laws apply, the same evidence holds true regardless of whether or not you accept them,” Kamala Harris said.

Towards the end of the speech as Biden was trying to leave, the former Vice President appeared to have a lost and disoriented look on his face.

Just so we don’t get banned from the internet, far-left opinion checker PolitiFact would like us to let you know that Biden “did not stand around looking confused” at this event according to their “analysis.” Click here to see their pathetic “fact check.”

WATCH for yourself:

Some people including President Trump think Democrats will use the 25th Amendment to remove Biden from office.

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  1. I think “Doctor Jill” made a deal with the Demunists (Democrat Communists) … She would manage & push her declining husband, subject him to humiliation & ridicule as his brain withers in return for making her First Lady & the day-to-day power behind the temporary throne.
    … and in return, she wouldn’t ensure Slow Joe spouts & adheres to the DNC line until he has been in office long enough to receive the presidential pension & she can get the presidential widow’s benefit — but it’s not because of the money: it’s the status that counts.
    She & Joe will be LeftCulture icons; have schools & roads named after them …
    I give poor old Joe six months behind the presidential desk before the benevolent Left “25ths” him.
    … and I think “Doctor Jill” is good with that.

  2. Patricia Yarber says

    It is a sham, and we all know it. He would have never won fair and square,with legal votes. They knew it, thats why so many changes were made. Thats why we had a covid out break, it is a terrifying thing that the DNC would go to such lengths for power. Their silent motto is Never America First.

  3. Screw it all. The real election fraud was against Bernie, and it happened twice!

  4. ToastNinja says

    How is this this pathetic unnecessary opinion, to start more problems amongst those radicals following every word of Trump, believing every word of Trump… Did we not learn ANYTHING from the Jim Jones tragic event? People are dumb in general. This site helps keep america grape..

    • The article did not pen opinion, just observed facts. The open secret is biden won’t last a year and everyone knows it. President Trump on the other hand did what he said and paved the way for the greatest economy this country has seen in decades. As the outsider, Trump’s election was not supposed to happen, therefore the political class was driven to remove him by “any means necessary” The American people are not “dumb”, they are way smarter than the phony political class and recognize a fraud when they see one and are tired of the left’s phony labels applied to any who hold a differing thought such as radicals, racists, dumb etc. Even after the pretend media and democrat lies and fraud, Trump’s after office approval is higher than the last two Presidents.

  5. If this happens, it will make the predictions of installing a Communist Sympathizer who is Vice President, so they can say we now have a woman black as President.

    I’ll be willing to bet this will not happen until AFTER the Congressional elections of 2023. They (Democrats) do not want to be exposed to the voters as being that mean and intentionally destructive to the nation.

    Reminder, Obama (you remember the Constitutional expert) used executive orders and claimed they had the force of law. We have a Republic, and a bicameral government. This is nothing less then a back door attempt to change us to a Parliament system. (changes at the whim of emotion)

    • John the Patriot says

      Kamala Harris is not black. Notice how her skin was darkened for the debate with Vice President Pence? Two days later at the Senate hearings for the new Supreme Court Justice she was whiter than a sheet. Her white blouse was darker than her skin.

  6. Any conservative with the tools to run this country would have to be a fool or demented to put his hat in the ring today. Patriotism is now a dirty word.
    The omnipotent far left attack dogs will tear them to pieces, spotless record or not.
    We are now destined to get only subservient lap dogs to do the bidding of DNC career politicians bent on their power and survival from their donors. Our multi trillion dollar economy has become a plaything. Promising free stuff is now the defining platform for America. It works when over 50% vote for bigger shares of the public coffers. We evidently, are there, we voted criminals into office.
    Have a good day.

    • The “Silent Majority” remained silent for far too long. We are now the minority, sorry to say, and it will just keep getting worse and worse considering what our youth are being taught in the schools. Obama apologizing to the world for the various acts of America is a perfect example of the garbage being taught.

  7. Janet Schultz says

    Be careful what you wish for. It is entirely possible that what is happening has been planned and is being implemented with precision. We should look carefully at the process by which a mentally incompetent man was allowed to be elected and inaugurated. Physical and mental evaluations have always been a part of the process by which a leader of this country was given the nod. When did that stop? Why did it stop?

    It is entirely too coincidental that a woman who bitterly opposed Biden would become his running mate. Would any democrat have voted for Harris for president? No. We are looking at some serious criminal investigations and prison terms for democrats who are pushing levers and buttons to make this all happen.

  8. ONTIME HYAK says

    Nahhhhh!…I would much rather see Greene impeachment move lay a brick on Joe even if the try would fail, Biden is no more sancro sanct than anyone else who breaks the law and makes his buds and peers circle the wagons around him and it would make him humble to be humiliated….this would not be a joke….

  9. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    So if Banana (Republic) Joe winds up trading his President suit for a bathrobe and slippers, then we get 4 years of …..CAMEL MAMA ? HOW IS THAT BETTER ???

  10. We, the people knew all along that Biden wasn’t “in good health” to run for president. ANYONE around him had to see it. If they didn’t, they are blind and stupid! He was all the democrats had to use for them. It’s a shame he has been used by the left like he has! To me, he has been abused by being used for this!

  11. Kamala Harris is not CONSTITUTIONALLY QUALIFIED FOR PRESIDENT and she therefore should never have been allowed to run for an office which would require her becoming President if it was necessary!

    Article II Section one of the Constitution states that only a “natural Born Citizen” may become President: ARTICLE II SECTION 1
    “No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President;”

    That is why they gave the exemption above to those founding our Republic! They used the words: “at the time of the Adoption” to allow themselves to become President over the early years!

  12. Everyone who actually cast a vote for Biden should have known they were actually voting for Harris. Unless your stupid. And that’s not counting all the fraudulent mail in votes that were counted illegally and used to steal an election from all the American people. The Democratic party is the biggest bunch of crooks and the biggest disgrace to the US constitution and to the American people and are totally untrustworthy. And this needs to be cleaned up.

  13. Yeah yeah yeah

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