Eber: Jim Crow on steroids

Until the 1960’s, Democrats in the South keep the black community segregated with Jim Crow laws.  It was hard for black to register to vote because of the Democrats.  Then until the last ten years or so, we were ending racist laws, opening everything to all citizen, regardless of color.  We used our schools to teach equality for all.

Today our schools are used to teach hate and bigotry based on race.  Even two plus two has become to the Democrats a symbol of white supremacy.  Believe in equality and you will be called as the BLM/ANTIFA and AOC do today, they call Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. an Uncle Tom, Justice Thomas WHITE and people like Dr. Thomas Sowell is an OREO: black on the outside and white on the inside.  There is a new class of racism—it is the radical BLM/ANTIFA and the young white radicals who hate themselves for being white.

We live in a racist and mentally ill society.

Jim Crow on steroids by Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  7/29/21

A few years ago I anonymously attended an Antifa meeting in left leaning Berkeley.  As might be expected the rhetoric of hatred and ignorance was a modern version of the KKK.

Speaker after Speaker advocating the destruction of Israel amounted to “point of information” in their list of priorities of the radical group.

At the conclusion of the event, I approached a young female attorney of the Jewish faith who identified herself as an officer of Antifa.  My question to her was “As a Jew how can you support this group’s objectives which appear to be Hitler 101.  Don’t you know if these people ever gained power you would be the person they will arrest?”

As she turned away in disgust I was told “You just don’t understand. We are here for the people.  You are a lapdog of the capitalistic system and are destined to fail”.

Good grief!  Even as a suspect non practicing Jew, I was taken aback by this blatant misunderstanding   of history.

Things haven’t changed much since then. Despite gaining favor from the progressive arm of the Democratic Party, Antifa has continued their anarchistic Marxist ways. Their fermenting violence following the death of George Floyd from Minneapolis to Portland is definitely not a coincidence,

Antifa’s hatred of Israel has continued and has found itself manifesting itself as an important element of the pro Black Lives Matter (MLM) extremists in the ruling Bernie Sanders-Kamala Harris wing of the Democratic Party.

Despite the anti-Semitic rhetoric emanating from so called progressives, the Jewish Community has turned their back on the Pro-Israel policies of former President Donald Trump. Instead they have embraced those parties that have advocated for the destruction of Jewish homeland founded following WWII.

Apparently, they never read Albert Monrovia’s famous novel The Conformist which told the tail in Italy of those who ignored the rise of Mussolini.

Distorting history is an important element of radical leftists to influence public opinion.  Such tactics used to ferment revolution from within reminds one of “The Big Lie” methodology utilized by Nazis propaganda Chief Joseph Goebbels to influence public opinion in the 1930’s.

Such tactics utilized by Progressives is not limited to Jews Israel, or their buddies leading the charge in Communist Cuba.  They have hitched a ride on the Woke Bandwagon to distort American History. Canceling George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln while at the same time indoctrinating students with Critical Race Theory, is part of a carefully orchestrated plan to revolutionizing America from within.

The same people who blame the current unrest in Cuba on Covid-19 and the policies of Donald Trump, carry  around a fantasy that Republican conspirators are trying to disenfranchise African American and low income minority voters.  It matters not that the recent Georgia voting laws President Biden termed

 “Jim Crow laws on steroids” are considerably more liberal than similar regulations in Biden’s home state of Delaware.

With assistance from their codependents in the mass media “The Big Lie” is an important tool in the Leftist arsenal.  Evil is defined by labeling foes to be racists, Trump Republicans, sexists, homophobes, etc..

Nowhere in Democratic talking points are specifics pertaining to the Georgia voting laws or the ones being proposed in Texas.  It is assumed, especially with fund raising solicitations that the foes of Progressive ideologues are all right wing extremists who at best are borderline Nazis.

Were such a pronouncement true, instead of having one of the most inclusive way for citizens to cast their ballots, the Peach State would be digging up the graves of Bull Conner and Lester Maddox.  Instead, the senile CEO of the USA has referred to votingrights fight ‘the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War”.

Huey!  Where do such bizarre theories come from?  I guess so called informed sources that brought us baseless Russian collusion charges during Donald Trump’s presidency or absurd pronouncements that the United States is racist State that blatantly discriminates against minorities in the name of White Privilege,

Isn’t it interesting that Donald Trump is impeached for allegedly holding out military aid to the Ukraine while his successor Joe Biden is doing the same thing now without a word of criticism from the media?

It is also noteworthy that the likes of Kamala Harris, Joe Biden and the Squad blame the current unrest in Cuba on Covid-19 and the policies of Donald Trump.  They completely ignore the concept of freedom from communism rule recently witnessed by demonstrations on the streets of Havana and Miami.

One would surmise these political leaders don’t want to anger their base with talk that Communism is a failed system of government which has never worked anywhere ever! This is especially true in California where Gavin Newsom, Toni Adkins, and Scott Weiner, are tone death rejecting Marxist ideology.

It is also not a coincidence that those who are alumni of the old Soviet Union, China, and Cuba who immigrate to the United States, seldom register to vote as Democrats.

Ex members of the Communist party almost all find themselves in the conservative camp.

Maybe I am missing something.  It is difficult to comprehend the United States is still trying to l do business with a terrorist country such as Iran who funds Hamas. At the same time the Liberals in D.C. condemn Israel for trying to survive surrounded by hostile neighbors.

It also confuses me why President Biden halts construction of Excel Pipeline while allowing Russia to complete a similar project carrying energy to Germany from Russia.

Meanwhile on the domestic front Democratic leaders still find themselves supporting Critical Race Theory and most of the Woke talking points rewriting history while harboring guilt for harboring alleged White Supremacy.

What to do?

For a start Republican, Independents, and moderate Democrats need to band together and boot these demagogic ideologues out of Congress in the mid-term elections next year.

This same group will have to put Professional Football, the NBA, Major League Baseball, and much of news media in the circular file.  These groups and others, who have embraced hatred of America, need to be boycotted until they come to their senses.

What is transpiring in America today is a cultural war for which the outcome will likely determine the future success or failure for democracy as we know it.  This is a cause well worth fighting for.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Really??? says

    What is more to say except the article and author are dead on.

    I find the comment about being a lapdog of the Capitalist’s interesting.

    In the history of Western Civilization the largest empire was governed by a supposed elected government. It oversaw the only citizens of a small nation state. All of the empire out of the nation state were conquered provinces. It eventually failed because the sucking vortex of money and power was incapable of supporting the massive Socialist State with free food, and circus’ of the citizens

    It was called Rome. If you were nor born in Rome you were not a Roman Citizen worthy of the Socialist handouts of Rome.

    Rome was incapable of looting and taxing from its vast empire enough money to sustain the small nation state ….. of Socialism

    What do the Democrats demand? The same Socialist failure and lawless borders that fell Rome..

  2. America is not really divided, it is under attack and, has been so for years. Anti American forces have taken control of many institutions including the democrat party. We are at a point where there are only two choices. America can acquiesce to their loss of freedom and live under the left’s tyranny or, (using the left’s moniker) resist and defeat them “by any means necessary”. It’s America’s choice to make and, will probably be the last.

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