Eber: When will it all end?

As Richard Eber notes, he along with many others are tired of the 24/7 campaigning for the November 3 election.  Between TV ads, radio ads, robo calls, mail pieces, rallies, hateful letters to the editor, they want the election over in the morning.  Yet, thanks to States and courts EXTENDING Election Day up to seven days after the election and in some cases 17 and 30 days to finish the counts, we may never know the end of this campaign.

We have illegal aliens and dead people voting.  We have millions of ballots going to people who have moved, are dead or do not wish to vote.  Will those ballots go into the trash—or harvested like the plague?  If you have a Trump sign on the lawn, will the Post Office deliver your ballot—or trash it.  In New York over 25,000 absentee ballots were invalidated in just one Congressional District.  In Patterson, New Jersey the corruption of the absentee ballot was so great, a court ordered a new election.

The mainstream media has decided not to report the good things President Trump has done, instead repeating crazy rumors and Delusions.  Yes, we are ready for the election to be over—but I fear the year 2020 will be over before the election is over—if ever.

When will it all end? By Richard Eber

Richard Eber, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views, 9/25/20

With less than Fifty days left before the Presidential election, I am suffering from an acute case of burn-out from all the B.S. that is emanating from both sides of the cesspool of Washington D.C.

Each day my inbox is filled with dozens of pleas to “chip in” for various causes and candidates.  At the same time I am supposed to be signing petitions, taking polls, and giving opinions on a myriad of subjects. This constant barrage from the Left and Right is leaving me crazy with no known remedy to counter acute depression until Election Day comes.

Why these politicians and their Political Action Committees. (PACS) send me messages is crazy.  I’m neither wealthy nor inclined to sign Stairway to Heaven petitions that will never be sent.  As an example why should Attorney General Bill Barr resign because 21 Democrats from my 94520 zip code dislike his job performance?  I can just envision such a scene where Barr steps down because Democratic advisories collected enough petitions to convince him to abandon his post. Right!

A similar strategy was utilized during the Impeachment proceedings to convince the President to resign.  While those on the left have no problems to use such tactics (normally just to raise funds), such intimidation is characteristic of totalitarian regimes trying to limit the actions of their opponents.

A good example is the recent plea I received Please, Richard. Sign our URGENT petition to FIRE Tucker Carlson get him off the air once and for all.  I thought the best way to rid ourselves of media personalities we dislike is by tuning them off.  Apparently not.   Despite my distain for Progressive commentators Don Lemon, Chuck Todd, and Rachael Maddow, I would never advocate they be fired because of my disagreements with them,

In reality Tucker Carlson haters are trying to step on his and my first amendment right to free speech.  Such bullying tactics sounds like what Hugo Chavez or Vladimir Putin might incorporate to stifle their opponents.

The personal attacks on opponent’s character might be a good reason why few individuals want to enter public service in the first place.  Highly indicative of such conduct is the vitriol then Supreme Court candidate Brett Kavanaugh faced during his confirmation hearings.  A distinguished career trashed by a group of Progressive Senators who equate being conservative with being guilty of committing a hate crime.

Typical is Republican Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell who during the Russian probe was  called “Moscow Mitch”, by the Leftist news media, has had his personal character attacked virtually  every day by hundreds of emails from Democratic PACS.

These are the same groups who crusade to overturn the Citizens United decision pertaining to campaign finance.  At the same time they think received unaccountable funds from the likes of George Soros is perfectly OK.  Truth is determined which side of the political ledger one might reside,

Hypocrisy reigns supreme!

But as the saying goes, anything for a buck.  Making up ridiculous charges just to raise money for political campaigns has reached  the point of absurdity. A popular theme today is that the President wants to shutdown the US Post Office because he does not desire voters to cast absentee ballots via the mail.

If the truth be known, the past three Presidents prior to Trump have tried to reform and modernize the way mail is delivered.  But since Trump has been in charge, his actions are taken by the bigoted Blue Media to be part of a vast conspiracy to steal the 2020 election from Democrats.

Facts don’t seem to matter.  It is hoped that if a massive amount of dirt is thrown at a wall, the charges must be true.  Whether it is this nonsense with the Post Office or the phony Russian Conspiracy charges investigated by Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler in the House, the scorched earth policies of Democrats in Washington D.C. seems to be never ending.

Reality does not matter.  A recent poster child for totally flawed thinking comes from a fundraising pitch to abolish the Electoral College.  It is well known that this institution, which is written into the Constitution, cannot be overturned without two thirds of the States agreeing to do so.

In spite of this an email was sent out which read

Elizabeth Warren is calling for the END of the Electoral College!!

(If you’re with her, click the button below to rush a 4X MATCHED donation to abolish the Electoral College)

This message never states that the Senator from Massachusetts has no power to use popular vote to elect a President.  It also fails to mention that the Electoral College was used as a vehicle by the Founding Fathers to insure large states did not decide the Presidency by excluding less populated areas of the country from participating in the process in a meaningful way. If the Electoral College is eliminated, candidates would never have to leave big cities to attract votes. 

Is this form of diversity desirable?

Also to be examined; who are the parties in this email responsible for providing  matching donations by amounts  of 2,3,4, or even 10 times to raise more money for the cause?  Are these decent people or part of Swamp?  Will all be lost if people like me don’t “chip in?

 Such a stupid notion is about on the same level as thinking signing a petition with a partisan political group will influence public policy.  The same thing goes for the unending number of fake political polls that I receive from both sides each day.  With all the intellect of the question, “Who was buried in Grant’s Tomb”, such communications are just another feeble attempt at fundraising.

It is no wonder that I fail to open emails from Emily’s List, Fight for Reform, Daily Kos, Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Lara Trump. Etc…   Virtually everything I receive is filled with hatred and attempts to extract my hard earned money to support a bunch of political hacks of every political persuasion.

When will this nightmare ever end?  Democrats are hoping that with the election of Joe Biden, a sense of normalcy will return to the land. Supporters of Donald Trump think just the opposite. Hopefully, everything will be settled on November 3rd and the country will move on as it always has following every Presidential election in our history.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Good morning Richard. The only drawback to living in Arizona, especially this election, is that we are a battleground state. Democrats are spending outrageous sums of money to try to flip the State to blue. The political ads are overwhelming and I get 100+ Trump and McSally emails and texts per day. We even had our second BLM protest recently (we are a small town 100 miles from Phoenix) but they were met again with armed citizens (Arizona is an open carry state) and a heavy police presence (they have complained since in letters to the editor that they-BLM- were bullied by the towns people when they were here).
    I can hardly wait for the election and the post-election lawsuits/riots/looting, etc.

  2. As long as the public thinks it is reasonable to steal your money with taxes to give to illegals, and promote welfare this is what you get.

    Brown< Harris, Neswom, et al have proven their failures. They have run the State into the stink hole of the nation and then proclaim how great Marxist (communism for the under educated).

    Get rid of Top Two. Get rid of welfare to illegals. Get rid of welfare to anyone moving into the state. Make everyone without a doctors note vote on election day or they don't get to vote. Make everyone voting have a valid ID. And the list goes on.

    If you fing even 1/2 of this reasonable you have to vote against the Democrats and not shrug and walk away.

  3. Peter Renault says

    Fact-check: Pedophilia and Satanism behind it all

    Isn’t it funny how organizations who claim to do that are the most partisan and corrupted on all information? Why and how? Simple: it is public relations and the people that want certain facts to be verified, pay for that. Whether those facts are true is beside the point. Do we ever hear who paid for the research? No, that fact is missing. But more importantly about these times and all the distractions that keep people paying attention away from the real story, has anyone really forgotten that the dark side was supposed to be exposed no matter what candidate or next black or brown hope or gay panderer thereto is being discussed in the propaganda media? No, that is never covered or investigated and the response is ready to any off-remark and is the same that was used in fraud-u-lection 2020: “There is no proof.”

    Is that all it takes the programmed audience to dismiss it and go back to their lives again? Throw in more fake Covid-19 nonsense about how officials are alarmed the recent spike in cases will overwhelm the health care system. Do you mean the health care system that laid off more than 50% of its staff because “business” was down and that was because it had become dedicated to a pandemic that wasn’t and really sick patients from cancer or a thousand other things people actually die of were denied admittance to the hospital because the hospital had become on orders a Covid-19 only facility? Saw a cancer patient in Argentina dying in the hall with an “official” saying that he had to test for Covid-19 first. Where were the real doctors while this was going on? Heard more than 50,000 doctors came out and signed a petition that Covid-19 was a hoax. Heard that on “alternate media” because again that was not fact-checked or verified, again no proof according to the people who pay their bills. Oh yeah, that’s right: the Pharma Mob Jerks and the trillions they want to make for poisoning us and this time it is also biometric and connected to the more devious plans with their connected diabolical brethren to change our DNA and turn us into Cyborgs when it is convenient and allow us to be dominated by AI when it is convenient and zapped by 5G when they flip the switch on that. And of course, there is “no proof” on any of those allegations either.

    Enter Rudy Giuliani sweating bad hair-dye at a news conference after shaking a defiant finger about the rule of law and that voting machine software was rigged. Why did we ever allow such a machine to be used anyway? And mail-in voting, why didn’t we stop the fraud we knew was coming on the front-end? Enter Sidney Powell, tall stature but a quivering voice threatening exposure of all including the CIA and the FBI and Jenna Ellis condescendingly telling us all how it takes a long time to build a case. Well, you all better act fast because the paid-off judges want to remain winners and are not buying any of it for least of all: justice. When did judges cease to be impartial? The answer, of course, since the beginning of time when organized crime began. So why even pretend that there is law and order? The same reason that billionaires claim there is racial injustice, is that it? To prevent a mob beheading all of the rich hypocrites (THEM) that have created all the societal unfairness the least of which is actually racial injustice. Is that it? And all the surrogates and Ivy-league winners sniffing out for what the winning side will be, showing us that that is all they seemed to learn in higher education…

    Thousands of protestors in downtown Huntington Beach last night complaining about the latest arbitrary lockdown called a curfew for another month to put more small businesses out of business. Why indeed? Because carousing with other humans late at night is “dangerous”. In fact, that is how we got into this 8 billion people mess. And the “friendly” ET’s aren’t liking it and are demanding more control on the planet they created millions of years ago and abandoned thousands of years ago, but it is somehow still theirs, is that it? And the technology given but stolen by a select few that needs to be hidden or we will once again find rich people in the right place at the right time who had the opportunity to steal something for personal gain and use it to their advantage had once again done so. Why again? Because they could. Or is it that they are better than all of us, so they are entitled? God would have another view. But Satan, no, he may support such a scheme because he is still angry about being cast out of heaven and what was that about really? Selfishness? Yeah, that connects some dots for sure, for those of you who like to use such tiresome phrases.

    Here’s another of those: At the end of the day, the distractions have won the day again. And the torture of children and the sex slavery of humans here and in other galaxies continues. And time goes slowly and the wormholes are still kept secret and fossil fuels are the root of all evil according to the ones who pay others to say so by the ones who make all the money off of those vile resources. And Buzz Lightyear to answer your question, “Yes, we are still using fossil fuels even though we have not only discovered crystallic fusion but the thing after that and the thing after that…” To infinity and beyond!

    But back to the earth and all the fun we were having before that needs to be stopped. Yes, all that carousing that created this problem. That has to stop. Why? The virus that is dangerous. But wait a minute: if the goal is to kill 90% of the world’s population, why not just downplay “the virus” as a common cold and encourage all of us philistines to get closer and spread the disease: wouldn’t that get us to achieve your goals faster? And all the chemtrails, why kill us slowly? Why not just drop cyanide and kill all of us immediately? What? Who would pay for all the goods at Wal-Mart and COSTCO and Target and Home Depot and Kroger? I thought you didn’t care about that? You still want us to keep buying for now, is that it? So, slowly killing us all is more humane or is it just more convenient to achieve your transition plans? Yes, the reset, that takes time, right? Just like that case Jenna Ellis is making?


    Anonymous Human

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