F— the Fourth’: Democrats hurl their America-hate in our faces

In Contra Costa County a County School Board member is celebrating the 4th of July by holding a party.  At the party she will dig a hole a bury the Constitution and flag in it.  That is true hatred.  She could not hold a public office in China or Russia without permission of the government.  She would not have the freedom to

“”I am not feeling particularly patriotic,” Avila Farias explained. “I am especially not interested in celebrating a holiday centered around freedom from oppressive government when that freedom is not a reality for so many people in this country. 

“Lastly, last Friday women’s reproductive rights were taken away!” she added. “We are not in a place of progress or celebration when human rights are being taken away.”

Imagine what she wants your child to learn in school—has she registered as an agent of Russia or China?  Why not?

F— the Fourth’: Democrats hurl their America-hate in our faces

By Monica Showalter, American Thinker,  7/2/22 

“Don’t you dare question our patriotism,” Democrats used to huff.  This, despite a massive body of evidence that loyalty to the U.S. and its Constitution is not their thing.

Well, they’ve dropped that act for now and are putting out tweets like this:

It’s as if the holiday has no meaning for them.  Hating on the Fourth is now the hip and “in” thing for cutting-edge Democrats.  And someone out there among the Pima County Democrats organization, a spokesperson for the party with enough clout to have control over the Twitter account, put that crap out, with the Democrats’ name on it.

Seriously, I saw that tweet as it came across on Twitter and could not believe my eyes that it was put out by the Pima County Democrats of Arizona.

Yes, it eventually was deleted, but not before it got “shared” thousands of times by leftists and others, until word got back to someone in that organization that it wasn’t going over well.

It’s beyond fringe.  It’s the absolute antithesis of what this country stands for.

Over in West Virginia, the July 4 theme is very different:

CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — United States flags and West Virginia state flags will be lowered across the Mountain State effective immediately to honor the life and legacy of Medal of Honor recipient and World War II Veteran Hershel “Woody” Williams, who died Wednesday, June 29 at the age of 98.

Such patriots.  But don’t you dare question their patriotism. 

Normal places honor their patriots.  These Democrats have other ideas.  There’s some kind of bottom that’s fallen out in their culture that just the idea of sending this garbage could get serious consideration as well as an actual tweet to promote the event and its idea.

The “F— the Fourth” idea is fringe as it gets, with its natural nihilism, but it’s been floating around for around 20 years.  I remember getting an email from a fringe leftist group in Culver City, California calling for a “F— the Fourth” party when I was an editorial writer for Investor’s Business Daily, and I recall dismissing the topic as so fringe it wouldn’t be worth writing about.

Now it’s gone mainstream, courtesy of the Democrats, who still view themselves as mainstream.  In the Twitter post above, writer Arthur Schwarz notes that the group that called for that “F— the Fourth” celebration is affiliated with Arizona’s supposed moderate Democrat senator, Mark Kelly.

The astonishing thing is that a tweet this hateful of America and its founding is still pretty disgusting to the general public, which includes what pollsters call “likely voters.”  It may be mainstream to the Democrat elites, but it’s utterly fringe to everyone else.

For Democrats, though, that’s the idea.  They hate the flag, they hate the Founders, they hate the very idea of America as an autonomous state.  Most of all, they hate the people, the patriotic Americans who wave the flag on the Fourth and enjoy the holiday.  They can’t stand that.

This is weird stuff, even from their own point of view.  At midterms, Democrats up until now have tried to put themselves on their best behavior, to show the flag, to prove that they, too, are patriots, sometimes with comic effect, but at least they put on the act.

Now they’re showing their true face: they hate America.  Joe Biden honors Megan Rapinoe, who took knee after knee to the American flag at soccer games, with a Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday.  A left-wing activist uses July 4 as a pretext to raise funds for another flag-dishonorer, the now-detained Britney Griner.  And Democrats themselves advertise a “F— the Fourth” party.

They’re going to pay for this America-hate at midterms, and they don’t even care anymore.

All they want to do is throw it in our faces.

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  1. Contra Costa County is not a very liberal enclave in the Bay Area like SF or Alameda Counties. Maybe the good parents there will follow SF’s successful ouster of school board members. There is no place in government at any level for people throwing tantrums and acting like a 12 year old who just had their allowance taken away.

  2. Otis Needleman says

    What goes around always comes around.

  3. Understandably, the democrats have dropped their mask of lies and deceit. They see the writing on the wall.

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