Facts From Sac: Gavin Newsom – A Governor of Many, Many Achievements

Add to the Newsom list of accomplishments his ability to disappear for twelve days and still refuses to tell us where he was or if he had a medical emergency.  He has given us the highest cost of living in the nation, highest cost of gas—while killing off he oil and agriculture industries in the State.  Be cry real tears talking about the drought and water shortage—but forgets HE is responsible since he has $2.7 billion  for water storage ha he refuses o spend—and he opposed Trump expanding Shasta Dam, with all Federal funds.

Newsom is accomplished at breaking the law, breaking his marriage vows, breaking his own Executive orders—remember the French Laundry.  He sent his kids to school while forcing our children to be abused on ZOOM by teachers that tried hard but knew I was only pretend education.

Facts From Sac: Gavin Newsom – A Governor of Many, Many Achievements
Spoiler Alert: Not Really

Assembly Republican Caucus,  11/23/21 


California’s jobs numbers came out Friday, and to the surprise of no one, we had the highest unemployment rate in the countryAgain.
While most people would see those numbers as a failure, our intrepid Governor took a different view, calling the report an “unprecedented achievement.” 
With the Governor who wants to “focus on what’s right” setting the bar for what’s considered an “achievement” so low, we thought it would be a good time to go over some of his other triumphs: 

California has the highest poverty rate in the nation. Big numbers are a good thing, right? 

With gas prices at record highs, people will get to spend more time relaxing at home instead of driving. 

Nearly 100 ships waiting off the Southern California coast means we’re a super popular destination – like a nightclub with a line around the block. 

Would-be truckers who wait months for appointments at the DMV will be excited when it’s finally their turn. It wouldn’t be nearly as much fun without the anticipation. 

Empty store shelves will give Californians the opportunity to try creative new recipes when they can’t find boring products like bread or milk. 

With Gov. Newsom’s steadfast leadership and billions of dollars in funding from taxpayers, California’s roads have gone from the 9th worst in the country all the way to the 6th worst in the country. We’ll claim that top spot someday soon! 

Anyone who’s had to deal with Newsom’s EDD in the last 18 months will find their next trip to the DMV quite pleasant in comparison. 

Looters who pillaged their way through the Bay Area this weekend will likely get to spend the holidays at home thanks to Newsom and Friends’ soft-on-crime record. 

The governor gave Californians some great news when he told us the state had cleared fuel from 90,000 acres of fire-prone land around the state. Even though he exaggerated that number by 690%, that just means we have more brush clearing to look forward to! What a tease! 

With this Governor’s track record, maybe we’ve had enough “unprecedented achievements” for a while. We’d just settle for someone who can get the job done. 

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