Half-Black Man Ordered To Pay Himself Reparations

As we all know, Barack Obama has made it clear he hates white people—including the grandmother that brought him up and his mother—both white.  But, Obama is half white.  So under the terms of reparations, white people have t pay black people money—he needs to pay himself—and apologize to himself for being half white.

Question:  Does he have to pay reparations to Michelle—and do his kids-who are ¼ white, need to pay reparations to their Mother?  Do black Americans have to pay reparations to Japanese Americans for their World War 2 forced incarceration?  Should Planned Parenthood pay reparations to the families of the 117,000 black babies they killed in 2019?  If you must pay for slavery, why not pay for killing?

Should black Americans pay reparations to the families of the white soldiers that fought to free them in the Civil War against the Democrat Party sponsored slavery?  Should the Democrat Party pay reparations for its support of slavery, creation of Jim Crow and segregationist laws—as well as suppressing black votes?

Lots of serious questions for a silly idea.

Half-Black Man Ordered To Pay Himself Reparations

Babylon Bee.com 6/9/21  

SAN JOSE, CA—Local half-white, half-black man Michael Preston has been ordered to pay himself reparations since half his ancestors were oppressed and half were oppressors.

“Wait — what?” he said after he received a letter from Governor Gavin Newsom’s office informing him he owed himself over $25,000. “Uh… OK? I guess?” He then went down to the bank and ordered a transfer to himself. He was a little short of the total amount so he made it in installments, sending himself several payments totaling the $25,000 amount he owes himself for his ancestors oppressing his other ancestors.

“We’d like to thank Mr. Preston for atoning for the guilt of his ancestors,” said Governor Newsom. “Because of them, he has a unique place of privilege in life and has had a leg up on his fellow citizens, who are oppressed because of things that happened hundreds of years ago. Today, he has made that right. Well, until we ask for more reparations later. Frankly, it’s never going to stop.”

“We’d also like to congratulate Mr. Preston for receiving the reparations long overdue to his ancestors today,” said Governor Newsom. “Because of what happened to them, he is in a unique place of oppression in life and has never been able to get ahead of his fellow citizens, who are far more privileged than him because of things that happened hundreds of years ago. Today, that wrong has been righted. Well, until we send him more reparations later. Frankly, it’s never going to stop.”

Preston has said he’ll pay whatever to himself going forward as long as the state just leaves him alone and lets him live his life.

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  1. Either everybody pays everybody reparations or nobody pays nobody , either way it is even. Why not have nobody pay nobody? Why not end this stupid discussion!

  2. JimNorCal says

    All those African slaves sent to America were enslaved by fellow Africans.
    Not only is Obama half White, his Black-half ancestors were enslavers and literally sold neighboring tribe members to outsiders

  3. Daniel Wright says

    The source of this article is the Babylon bee,a satire site. But in a strange way it makes sense. Then again there are probably leftists who believe that a homeless veteran living in a box on a sidewalk due to his severe PTSD owes Oprah Winfrey reparations. I think that since Democrats owned slaves,created the KKK,fought the passing of civil rights laws and created Jim Crow laws,then white Democrats are the ones who should pay reparations.

  4. If there are going to be reparations — which is a completely idiotic concept, logistically impossible to put into place — then it should begin on a proportionate basis with those white men and women who have achieved the most from the legacy of slavery and from maintaining a perpetual poor, unskilled underclass, beginning with Bill Gates, Mark Zucherberg, Bezos, the Twitter twiggy, and the highest and most powerful people in the Democratic party that promoted slavery in the first place.

  5. Faith Smalling says

    All black people were not slaves and all white people were not slave owners. I will tell you about a white plantation owner who inherited slaves along with the cotten plantation. Amzi Meek hated the way the slaves were treated when he was growing up alongside the children who he saw treated terrible and even worse as they grew up. When Amzi became master, the first thing he did was to drag th post out of the ground, cut it up and stacked it with firewood that was used to heat and cook in the main ****** hall. Over the next 2 years he improved the workers’ quarters, had his 6 sisters teach them to read and write, and improved their diet,along with other changes that showed them they were as human in the eyes of Amzi and his family. Unfortunately, not everyone in that Ms. delta agreed with the way Amzi Meek’s new ways. In May of 1859, Amzi Meek was hanged in front of the Drew, Ms courthouse without trial, as if he was owned by those who did not want change.

  6. sean mcbride says

    the first slaves in the new world (excepting the native americans who enslaved their war captives) were IRISH. look it up. jamaica.
    so when are we irish going to get our reparations? sound of crickets.

  7. sean mcbride says

    there are currently 92 million slaves on the african continent. do their black lives matter to the african american? nope. do they matter to obama? nope. it’s only gimme, gimme, gimme my affirmative action job, my welfare, my food stamps, my stimulus check, and now- my reparations. this is black privilege.

  8. Todd Burgess says

    Wait till the tax bill comes for the income! That’ll change his mind.


    I will gladly pay $50 million dollars to any living slave from 1865. My grandparent wo cam here from Eastean Europe in 1900 who agree.

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