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Out of millions of votes cast, Robert Howell is now 480 votes behind the second place Democrat.  This is the race where Chair Patterson and Luis Buhler put in a last minute candidate in the race, 89 year old Greg Conlon.  The purpose was to divide the GOP vote to assure two Democrats were on the November ballot ,instead of one Republican.  Robert Howells s crime?  He is a conservative Republican.

Though this is a chance for the GOP to have a victory, the California Republican Party has been silent.  No attorneys to assure honest vote counting and no dead people are voting.  No call to volunteers to become observers of the count and report “errors”.  It is, by the inaction they want Democrats to win.

So, I will do what the California Republican party refuses to do—put out a call for help for Robert Howell

  With Your Help — We WIN.     Hello Stephen,

All that is separating having a Republican choice for Insurance Commissioner in November is 480 Votes. Four years ago, we did not have a Republican candidate for State Insurance Commissioner in November.

This is OUR opportunity to elect a Republican to a Statewide office in 2022. Currently, there have been ZERO Republicans elected to ANY Statewide office for the past 12 years.

With Your Help — We WIN.
  Will you help donate to insure that the 233,639 remaining ballots are being counted fairly?   Frankly, I need your help…  As you can see, 6,626,561 votes have been counted.
  1,194,286 California Voters have voted for me. I am greatly honored to have won 16 Counties, and I will continue to strongly advocate for Wildfire Victims and for the rights of ALL insurance payers in California.

Join me in defending the rights of all Californians. I need your help today!https://ecp.yusercontent.com/mail?url=https%3A%2F%2Fmcusercontent.com%2Fd1e7c00327d0d1f0651a252d6%2Fimages%2Fa26ba397-cffd-0d10-7f1c-851964c7ca03.png&t=1656258493&ymreqid=84e753c1-39ae-1d1b-1c85-ed008401c400&sig=PeDSBIvnhIiKUFr4u0jYtg–~D

  Will you help us during this historically critical time?     DONATE   Thank you,

Robert Howell
[email protected]


  1.  On Twitter the GOP Attorney General candidate finally answer the question as to his position on abortion.  He said there “is essentially no difference between his position and that of AG Bonta.  To remind you, Bonta belies in abortion until the time of birth, plus two weeks!  Thought you should know the position of the GOP candidate on abortion.
  •  Update on San Benito Republican Party.  Months ago I reported that Rob Bernowsky was working hard to get GOP Supervisor Peter Hernandez ro run for Congress,  Benowsky and his cohort Luis Buhler, knew that if Hernandex ran for Congress, he would lose.  But, his Republican seat would be won by a Democrat.  Sure enough, in the oprimary a Democrat won the seat.  Now Peter has no financial support from the CRP or the National Republican Congressional Committee, no active support among GOP leaders—he will fade away—and good GOP’er thrown out for the efforts of those trying to close down the Party.  Oh, Bernowsky is the GOP candidate for Secretary of State.

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    The California GOP is a joke.

  2. Really??? says

    Now Robin, don’t take that attitude.

    It has to be a viable option to the failure of the Democrats to be a joke.

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