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Is this a Support for the California Teachers Association by the California Republican Party?

We know that most Republicans, especially the delegates to the California Republican party oppose giving at least one billion dollars a yea to government schools for “music and the arts”.  Not that we oppose music or the arts for the kids—but that this is a smokescreen to create another source of income to groom kids and make them bigots and hate filled.  Prop. 28, if passed would give, off the top, one billion dollars a year to for “music and arts” in the schools—but 80% of that money has to be spent on teachers—more money for the unions.

Math, history, English and science are being taught to promote sexuality among the children and racism in their thought via CRT.  Think the music teacher will promote Irving Berlin or radical songs?  Think art teachers will promote Van Gogh (a Eurpoean) or poster art showing how to hate America?

In the past the CTA has supported the Californai Republcian Party, Assemblyman Jordan Cunningham, Senate Leader Scott Wilk.

So when the issue of Prop. 28—giving a billion dollars to government schools—came before the Initiatives Committee the Party could not oppose it.  But, if they supported it, that would cause an uprising.  So, they did the CTA a favor and are promoting a “no recommendation.”.  In this way the CTA can say the Party is NOT opposed to the billion dollar slush fund to indoctrinate our students.

Because Chairwoman Patterson refuses to call to convention where we can debate, discuss and vote on Prop. 28 and the other ballot measures, we have to vote via mail ballot.  No way to separate the issue and vote on it separately from the rest of the measures.  Plus, while it takes a majority vote to pass the recommendation, it takes a two thirds vote, in a very complicated method, to overturn the recommendation.

But, even if we got the two-thirds to overturn the Patterson supported position on Prop. 28—there is NO way for us to OPPOSE Prop. 28!  None.  We are now stuck helping the CTA rip off the taxpayers of a billion dollars, per year.  And, harming our students.  More reason



  1.  Why are the forest fires so intense?  You can thank President Newsom for his refusal to clean out the forests.

‘A lot of dead fuel’ challenges firefighters as Oak Fire grows to more than 14,000 acres — Slightly more than 2,000 people are assigned to fight the blaze, along with 225 fire engines and 58 dozers to cut fire lines ahead of the flames, according to Cal Fire. Seventeen helicopters have been tasked with dropping water on the blaze as well. Jakob Rodgers, Gabriel Greschler in the San Jose Mercury$ — 7/24/22

  • This is not about the deaf—it is about socialism—using government schools via housing to control teachers.

California’s deaf community is leading push for affordable teacher housing — During the day, Mel Vezina supervises and mentors high school boys who live on campus at the California School for the Deaf in Fremont. At night, he sleeps in his van. Kayla Jimenez in the San Jose Mercury$ — 7/24/22

  •  Another reason for business to leave California—the State is opening the books on salaries of employees.  This should be between the employee and employer.  Instead the unions are going to use this as a way to force workers to pay bribes to work.

Want to know how much your colleagues make? California might crack open companies’ books — A state lawmaker’s proposal would publicize the pay scales at thousands of companies and temp agencies nationwide, requiring large businesses to report breakdowns by gender, race and ethnicity — data the state would then post online. Alexander Nieves Politico — 7/24/22

  •  Yup, homelessness is a serious problem in California.  Now a Federral judge has made it worse.  No amount of money can stop stupidity.

Gov. Newsom reacts after federal judge says Caltrans cannot clear Bay Area homeless camp — Governor Gavin Newsom criticized a Friday federal court ruling that temporarily stopped the California Department of Transportation from clearing a homeless encampment in Oakland. Amelia Davidson in the Sacramento Bee$ — 7/23/22

 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. Totallyfedup says

    The greatest threat to the future of the United States is the democrat party.

  2. JimNorCal says

    Second biggest is the Repub Party …

  3. JLSeagull says

    Question #2 on the mail-in ballot DOES give the delegates the opportunity to reject the Initiative Committee’s Report recommendation of “Neutral” on Prop 28. In Question #2 the delegate can check the Prop 28 “Reject” block and choose instead to either “Support” or “Oppose” Prop 28. I voted to “Oppose”.

    I do agree with you however that it is incongruous to accept the Initiative Committee Report with a simple majority vote but require a 2/3 vote to change a specific recommendation. It should be simple majority.

    • LEE J DE MEO says

      Well, JLSeagull, welcome to the one-sided California Republican Bylaws that make it easy for “them” (those in control of the Party) to ddo and get what they want and maked is hard for the Delegates to get what the Delegaates want.

  4. Easy fix. Put a requirement in the bill that says the money will be used for the teaching of music by music teachers and no other subject. Subject to penalty and fines.

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