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Great news for bi-partisanship.  The California Republican Party has joined the California Democrat Party on one issue—BOTH agree there is NO election corruption or fraud in California.  At best, there “may” be some errors.

Last week Ashley Titus, the legal counsel to the California Republican Party—you pay her invoices via your donations to the Party—announced on a conference call to the County Chairs that California has no election fraud.  In other words, sending 440,000 live ballots to dead people and those that have moved is merely an error.

If so, then why hasn’t the California Republican Party filed suit to stop that from happening in the upcoming Recall election, demanded an investigation on how that happened or demanded an end to fraudulent absentee ballot voting?.

In effect, Ashley Titus and the California Republican Party have NORMALIZED the dead “voting”.  They have normalized folks that moved to Texas five years ago voting in current California elections.

No need for GOP county chairs to demand audits of County voting systems.  The Election Integrity Project CA needs to withdraw it lawsuit against 13 counties—the CRP sees no fraud or corruption.  No need to spend time, effort and money on observers at the polling places or at the ROV vote count center—Titus and the CRP have declared no problem.

But just to make you feel good, Chair Patterson has set up a committee on voter integrity.  Not that it is doing anything, other than holding meetings—but you feel like they are doing something.  But were they wanting to file a lawsuit to stop 440,000 corrupt ballots to go out—the answer would be NO—we have a fine system with no fraud or corruption.

What do you see?  Do you think we have a bit of fraud in our elections?  Think the votes are honestly counted (why are counting fighting to stop audits if the counts are honest?).

Now you know why we need groups to fight the corruption of the voting system, use independent groups to get and run candidates for office—and have individuals and groups speak out for Republican values and principles.  Challenge to the California Republican Party.  File suit to stop dad people and those living out of State from getting ballots.  Until that is done, it is just a worthless committee and a bunch of hot air.


  1. Remember last week Dr. Anthony (I lie) Fauci announced that even if he is vaccinated and everybody in vaccinated he still considers eating inside a restaurant as RISKY.  Now we find you are being advised not to eat or drink on an airplane—even if vaccinated.  So far over 6,000 vaccinated people got COVID, 104 reported miscarriages and 2249 DEATHS—all after taking the vaccine.  Looking more like the “vaccine” is a placebo” and not worth much as a preventative.

Vaccinated travelers should still avoid eating and drinking on planes, experts say

Health experts feel fairly safe flying. That changes when eating and drinking are introduced.

Robert M. Wachter, chair of the department of medicine at the University of California at San Francisco 

“When (planes) turn into a flying restaurant, the dynamics of spread become very different. 

“I would not eat at an indoor restaurant at this point, even being fully vaccinated, and so the time during which the plane is, in fact, an indoor restaurant is a time when it is somewhat less safe.”

  • The FRAUJD of open schools in California.  LAUSD is allowing students in the classroom—and the teachers working from their kitchen tables.  Now, San Fran is admitting open schools is a fraud in that town as wel—in both cases, the unions refuse to abide by their contracts.
  • San Francisco students face ‘Zoom in a room’ after 500 educators granted medical exemptions. // San Francisco Chronicle
  •  L.A. dodgers using “vaccines” to gouge game attendees.  How many poor or middle class will now be able to attend the games?  If this “works”, the Dodgers will expand the program, possibly to the whole stadium.  N OTE THE PRICES FOR A SINGLE TICKET\

“Fans 16 and older who show proof that two weeks have passed since a final vaccination dosecan purchase tickets ($124 to $154) to sit in two “fully vaccinated sections” at the Dodgers-Padres game on Saturday, the L.A. Times reports (subscription).

 From Scott Lays “Nooner” newsletter: Here are the candidates I currently have for Bonta’s AD18:

  • James Aguilar (Democratic) – San Leandro school board member
  • Mia Bonta (Democratic) – Alameda school board member
  • Janani Ramachandran (Democratic) – Attorney
  • Malia Vella (Democratic) – Alameda City Councilmember

In the 54th AD, in Los Angeles, the GOP is not running a candidate.  Is this going to be another District the California Republican party has abandoned?  If so, why?  In San Diego, the GOP proudly and strongly ran a candidate in that Special Election—raised money, walked precincts.  Looks like the CRP is no longer a statewide organization. But there is still time to get a Republican candidate in the race!!


 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. This is why I quit the CA GOP and stopped all donations and active support (including having once been elected to a County Central Committee). There is a political Establishment class milking Republicans in this State for donations and access, who have no principles other than cash and access. They want their piece of the pie and have decided a good way to do that is to simply become a lucrative permanent “reasonable” minority party that doesn’t fight for principles, doesn’t rock the boat and provides a patina of “bipartisanship” to legitimize actions by the Democrats.

  2. California Conservative says

    1. The CDC experts that don’t feel comforatble eating on a plane should stay home until they do.
    2. The Republican central committees in AD 18 and 54 should find a good candidate for these races, and if they can’t or won’t, then the adjacent county central committees should.

  3. Robin Itzler says

    The CA GOP, headed by Never Trumper Jessica Patterson, is a JOKE! Most every Republican I know won’t donate a penny to this elitist organization. IMO, Republicans who support CA GOP and Patterson are a big part of the problem. Patterson and Friends mingle at the same events but are clueless as to what the base believes and supports. Many in the Recall Newsom movement told me that Patterson didn’t do much to help until it became obvious the recall would reach its petition signature goal. Then she jumped in to go on TV and radio shows. If you are a Trump supporter, you should NEVER donate a penny to CA GOP as long as Jessica Patterson is the chairman.

    • I have been on our county Central Committee since 2010 and have never donated a dime to CAGOP yet have donated several hundred dollars in-kind and cash to our county Central Committee. The reason is that virtually all CAGOP donations are spent in SoCal and little in NorCal, except for event insurance coverage and PDI (that has recently dropped the CAGOP from its services).

    • I don’t donate to CA GOP no matter who is chairman. I told them that when they call, begging for money. I tell them to clean up their act.

  4. Disgusted voter in California says

    I call BULL on the no corruption or fraud in CA elections. I’ve worked the polls – and here’s what I’ve seen in the last few years:
    1 – people coming to vote who are unable to ask IN ENGLISH for a ballot – it is STILL a requirement to speak basic English to become a citizen!! Therefore – they are NOT citizens!
    2 – this last election violated their own laws. I STILL have my mail in ballot on my desk. Law requires that to be turned in to vote in-person. I voted in-person, was not asked to turn it in. I should’ve been forced to vote provisionally.
    3 – with NO picture ID, anyone can vote as anyone else.
    4 – there are still MANY deceased voters on the rolls, and some are still voting.
    5 – there are people listed to vote with home addresses – and it’s a vacant lot or even NON-existent address.
    6 – people are listed more than once as voters, and are voting more than once.

    SO – idiots – tell me how there is NO fraud or corruption???? AND – that’s just what I’ve seen at one small polling place!!!!!!!

    • Thank you for speaking out, and do let Judicial Watch know about the non-compliance, in a lawsuit they won, to clean up our vote rolls. Not even simplest requirements to vote are honored. Never understood to absolute necessity of the Ten Commandments and biblical values as a standard once accepted as GOOD, for our country. The vast majority of people, on the Democratic side especially, do NOT have honor, integrity, ethics, or decency. Or they would not support all they do to INCREASE criminal behavior and the flouting of the law as though it doesn’t exist. All equality and fairness is gone, even as an expectation. How sad for our children.
      Would it be possible for a Republican group to work as volunteers to clean up the rolls on behalf of Judicial Watch, or whomever is responsible for getting that done?

  5. Although the state claims some 20 million Californians have been at least partially vaccinated, assuming 10 million have been totally vaccinated, the fact that only 6,000 later got COVID is remarkable. With Pfizer at 95% and Moderna at 94.5% effective, 10,000,000 X .055 = 550,000 would possibly get COVID after vaccination so only 6,000 getting COVID is phenominal.

  6. Oh WOW. Thanks to all for this timely info. I always guessed they were duds but now it is validated and they just mailed me another request to pay for a 2021 sustaining membership which I already paid in March 2021.
    What sacks of deceit.
    So I printed this article & sent to them with my scathing response of $0.

  7. Steven Spatola says

    I guess those GOP morons know nothing of the Tom Fitton of Judicial Watch lawsuit against California that identified the voter role fraud. LA county as expected was the worst.. Like another commenter, I refuse to give money to the GOP too. I support a candidate, not the money machine.

  8. “Fauci announced that even if he is vaccinated and everybody in vaccinated he still considers eating inside a restaurant as RISKY.”

    So, yeah, he should stay away.
    I visited Ohio last July. People were eating in restaurants even back then. Here in CA we only just started to eat inside restaurants. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that Ohio did not depopulate. How come anyone is left alive in Ohio after all these months?

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