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Democrats are to defeat Republicans.  Republicans are to defeat Democrats. 

On Saturday, by a 12-3 vote, the California Republican Party Board of Directors voted to end due process as a guiding principle of Republicans in California.  Instead they voted to act like CNN, Biden, Schiff and Schumer. Do not tell Republicans the charge and allow for time to create a defense. Instead of giving GOP nominees the charges BEFORE the hearing, Chair Patterson did not allow the candidates to be unendorsed to know what they were being charged with UNTIL the hearing.  Just a few weeks ago the same Board, in the same manner, unendorsed three GOP nominees for Assembly.  In total now, there are six races the Democrats do not have to worry about—add that to the 22% of the legislative races the Republicans do not have a candidate on the November ballot—and the Democrats are doing great, thanks to the “leadership” of the Republican Party.  Think the Democrats will thank the CRP Board for their help? 

But CRP staff is helping an eight time Obama donor/member of Republicans for Harris in 2016. raise money for an Assembly race—and did not attempt to unendorse a congressional candidate sued by the County of San Diego for being a deadbeat DAD, four kids with three different women.

California Republican Party Chair Jessica Patterson has been working hard.  She has been working hard, getting $250,000 a year of other peoples money for herself.  Her record is consistent with someone trying to close down the Party in California

  1.  She has refused to register voters
  2. She refused to get candidates for every office
  3. She refused to allow conservatives on CRP Committees, except for a token here or there.
  4. In 2020 she told the L.A. Times that she is telling GOP candidates not to mention President Trump, head of the Republican Party.
  5. Did not allow a Fall convention to promote our Statewide candidates, like State Senator Dahle, Jack Guerro or Robert Howell.
  6. In 2020 she forced the Board to unendorsed several GOP NOMINEES—then sent out press releases smearing them—while continuing the endorsement of a congressional candidate who was being sued by the County of San Diego for being a deadbeat Dad—not paying for four children!
  7. A few weeks ago, without telling them the reason prior to a hearing—so they were unprepared to defend themselves—she got the Board of Directors to unendorse  three GOP nominees for Assembly.
  8. Now the grossest action she has ever taken:  A few days ago she sent out a notice to CRP delegates that the Board in five days, August 13, will vote to unendorse five GOP nominees—for a total—so far—of eight!  But she is allowing delegates to make comments-by Aug.11


What do you think happens to activists who see this?  Could this be the reason so many have left the Party?


The only way a nominee can get CRP money is if they are endorsed by the Party.

In the 71st Assembly district (Riverside/Orange County) the November election will see a race between kate Sanchez—endorsed by the Orange County GOP Central Committee—and who received more than 50% of the vote from the Riverside Central Central.

She is running against Matt Rahn—an eight time Obama for President donor.  A member in 2016 of “Republicans for Harris for Senate””.  He is a registered Republican.

Based on the by-laws and the fact CRP staff is NOT suppose to raise money for non endorsed candidates, you would think Chair Patterson would obey the RULES.  Instead a few week ago she announced that CRP Staff had bundled $400,000 for seven candidates—including Matt Rahn.  Then on August 10, she sent out a FUND RAIISNG EMAIL to raise money for Matt Rahn, based on the fact she was a candidate of California Trailblazers—now owned and controlled by the California Republican Party.  This is the group known for weeding out conservatives in primaries and running candidates against them.  One of her earliest supports for Chair was Chad Mayes!

If she is trying to fund unendorsed candidates—why isn’t she raising money for all of our endorsed candidate FIRST?  When you donate to the CRP ask where your money is going.  Make sure it is by the books—not an anti-GOP political agenda.  Ask members of the Board of Directors if they approve the use of staff and assets to raise money for unendorsed candidates who were Obama donors and Harris supporters?

P.S.  This is the same Jessica Patterson that used her proxies—which control voting in the CRP to help Lanhee Chan, anti-pro-lfe, Nathan Hochman anti-pro-life—and both are openly anti-Trump.  For years she has been trying to get the pro-life plank out of our Platform—and has REFUSED to send out a press release celebrating that the Supreme Court ended Roe v. Wade.  So when she supports a candidate, unendorsed and uses staff to raise money for them—you have to question the candidate as to his views.  If he claims to be pro-life, why hasn’t he stood up to her?


  1. For years President Newsom has opposed the building of any new dams or storage facilities.  He even opposed President Trumps’ offer to expand the Shasta Dam by 100 feet, with the Feds willing to pay the full cost.  Now that he is running for President he realizes his views on water will kill him with farmers and city folk across the nation.  Now he wants more water.

Newsom calls for boosting water supply projects to curb California drought, climate change — Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday said California must do more to expand its water supplies by building new reservoirs, desalination plants and recycled water facilities to address worsening droughts and water shortages from climate change. Paul Rogers in the San Jose MercuryIan James in the Los Angeles Times$ — 8/11/22

  • Unions have destroyed government education and many California industries.  Now even the L.A. Times realizes unions are old news and this is a new day.

Labor unions are hot, but their moment may not last — Experts acknowledge the newfound excitement around labor but caution that unions, which have suffered decades of declining membership, are unlikely to turn the tide. Noah Bierman, Don Lee in the Los Angeles Times$ — 8/11/22

  • California is the killing fields of the world.  We save the lives of murderers—but kill babies—even have a program to import women from other States, so we can kill them.  Shortly you will be able to go to morning class at UCLA, get a free abortion on campus, then go to class in the afternoon.  Drugs deaths are soaring in the State—and the Democrats are about to pass a bill to use government to give deadly drugs to addicts, to kill them!

Supervised drug injection sites could soon pop up in California. How will they work? — A handful of California cities and counties would operate supervised injection sites if Gov. Gavin Newsom signs the legislation. The details of how the centers operate will be largely up to local officials. Ana B. Ibarra CalMatters — 8/11/22

(Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to

keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my

mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the

“Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. Great article on all points! I feel so betrayed by her actions and inactions.What and how do we ‘fire’ Jessica Patterson?? Until the GOP gets rid of the enemy within; the one who is working against the purposes of the GOP, then there will be NO GOP left. Maybe that is what she wants but like a question asked often these days, who is she really working for?

  2. Anybody who donates to, or becomes a member of, the CAGOP is wasting their money. The only money I send to the CAGOP is for Delegate dues. It is much more productive to donate funds to your local Republican County Central Committee. At least then you can be assured that the money will be used locally for local candidates and issues.

    What is needed is an effective counter organization representing ALL of the counties and conservative organization to rebel against the CAGOP and its management. Each county is an individual member of the CAGOP and could resign their membership and join the counter organization. Yes, it would take time to provide equivalent event insurance coverage and voter registration access but it surely beats the current corrupt CAGOP management.

  3. This is all very confusing and schizophrenic. Perhaps the way it’s written and the fact it’s news to me. Must be some way to take out the leadership of the GOP in CA. Better happen asap. These people aren’t republicans. They’re working for the other side.

    President Newsom? Freudian slip? Given what Mike Lindell has uncovered, ‘absolute proof’, Dinesh D Sousa, ‘2000 mules’, with the massive fraud in 2020 which SHOULD NOT STAND, it’s entirely possible in ANY state that will keep people in power like CA has, and party leadership, and will not clean up voter rolls, get rid of ballot harvesting, electronic machines, drop boxes, no ID, etc. It’s completely possible that fool will get close to the white house without being popular enough to be voted in.

    It’s the mentally ill in the democrat party, and I suppose some republicans that allow it, the last few governors who flush football fields of water into the ocean every day (but oh, isn’t that gonna make the sea levels rise al gore ??? 🙂 yet they say it’s a great idea) ( it’s agenda 21, 2030, 2050 and intended to hurt the population) then say we need to get more water? What a crock. When are the voters going to snap out of it and get tired of having their brains and emotions bent into a pretzel.

    I don’t understand, if the gop leadership in CA won’t sign up republicans, what’s stopping others from doing it? The obfuscation of republican leadership, from the senate on down, these last 20-30 years has been proof enough and has brought on the new crowd that’s in there to do something about it. Time residents of CA get with it too.

    Labor unions were born out of violence and blood shed. Many of us have had occasion to run into their shady and seedy tactics in later years. Still violent, still despicable in many cases. Those that have their hands on the throats of our grocery stores, driving up the cost of things, even inserting themselves into our health care, again driving up the costs and not necessarily the quality of care.

    And we’ve ALL seen the teachers unions in action the last couple of years, stumping for teachers to stay home, yet get compensated, paid more, more benes for less work. It’s despicable. I’ve lost much of my respect for them. THEN, THEN some of these teachers are quitting, complaining and whining the kids are having it rough. BECAUSE THEY WEREN’T IN SCHOOL. So THEY are getting out??? OH MY GOSH! When it was THEY, not in danger of catching covid from the kids, the kids were NOT spreaders, the kids, in GREAT PART DID NOT SUFFER FROM COVID, even as much as a cold or the flu, YET these cowards (or were the, perhaps they were just fakers) wouldn’t go to school. Even making the kids shroud their faces. Even with those suffocation devices they wouldn’t be in the same room. But they could go on vacations, golf, etc. maskless and be just fine. Now, I thought wearing a mask was the end all to prevent covid spread? Weren’t we told that early on. So, if you are wearing yours, who cares if a kid wears theirs? You’re supposed to be protected. Right? And the jab, thought that was the savior…so why are so many jabbed getting covid? Again and again. Because it was all a lie. You can only bury a lie for so long. And, really, it was a blessing from God that things were tossed up a bit and parents could see behind that iron curtain of education and were made privy to what their kids were being indoctrinated in. Back to the shots…. Why the sudden adult death syndrome? Didn’t exist prior to the shot. And the leaky vaccine, the shedding. Perhaps we need protection against them! Why are some nursing babies having horrible pain, screaming in pain, strange symptoms and death a couple of days after their mothers take an experimental shot? Some miscarriages when mommy gets it. I’m disgusted that parents who are charged with protecting their children are rushing proudly to shoot up their little ones. Stupid people. NO advise and consent. They can’t tell you what’s in it, because the dr doesn’t know. Any business or school needs to be sued that coerces this thing. I heard a great idea, not sure how to legally enforce it, but if an employer demands someone do this, you hand them a paper and make them sign it, accepting full responsibility, financial and otherwise should you be harmed in any way. For far too long, people have just laid down, taken all this, believed in it, in those who foolishly promoted it. What will it take? Will the true believers ever be healed/convinced.

  4. Richard Wahl says

    Bypass the CAGOP. Work locally.

    Regarding the shots – The UK has documented that 91% of all virus deaths this year are to triple and quadruple vaccintated people. Death rates in America for those under 40 are now measurably higher than normal, and the increase is traced back to when the shots started. Weird white fibers in blood streams. I have that. Enbalmers are finding 6″ to 3′ long clots, something never seen before and they only appeared after the shots started.

    • I am one of those. I am 68 years old. I had a pulmonary embolism. I had three doctors tell me I should be dead. Typically, and almost always these arise from a DVT. I was never diagnosed with a DVT nor was I ever tested because I didn’t have the symptoms. One of the nurses in ICU told me I was a hospital legend. Thank the Lord and the Angels and Saints. If you haven’t already, I recommend you watch the spotlight interview with Dr. Zelenko on the X22 Report. Pretty scary.

  5. Diana Mullins says

    She was a loss when she was voted in and nothing has changed. I only contribute directly to local candidates.

  6. A late post.

    Chaney is a symptom of if these types are not stopped we get 4 more years of failure in the name of Socialist/Communist politics.

    “We can work with these people” is a false and misleading point of view. Capitalism works, a free society works, the alternative does not work.

    The other deceptive comment is “It will work, we just need better people and we now know where we failed.” Guess that means the thousands of years of failure and the road to dictatorship are all a mistake.

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