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On Saturday the California Republican Party County Chairs Association held a meeting.

They have their own by-laws, separate from the CRP.  Based on the by-laws:

A notice went out eleven days prior to the meeting—the by-laws require a ten day or more notice.

The by-laws say that any ten county Chairs can call a meeting, even without the Chair calling it.  They had 23 sign a letter calling for the meeting

The County chairs by-laws say that 21 is a quorum—they had 23 attend the meeting.


An election was held to fill the position of Chair of Chairs—Michelle Guerra of Solano County won the election.

Section 1.03 of the California Republican Party by-laws notes that the County Chairs have their own by-laws and rules.

“The Committee works together with the local Republican county and district

central committees, which are provided for in the California Elections Code and operate under their own bylaws and direction with respect to local election campaigns.”

It should be noted that the CRP has no right to approve, amend or accept the by-laws of the County Chairs Association—they are completely separate from the Board of Directors of the California Republican Party.

I am sure the Chair Guerra is excited about attending her first CRP Board meeting as a voting member.

As a side note, for many years the CRP has provided door hangers to the Counties, with the names of the endorsed candidates on the card.  The Counties distribute them to the voters.  Over the past 14 years or more, that has been the responsibility of the Chair of Chairs—this time, NO door hangers were provided, and NO notice that they would not be.  Some counties did it on their own, knowing the CRP has been cutting back on activities and basic political services—like door hangers, voter registration, financial assistance to the counties and more.  As best as can be told, the CRP, though it raised money for HQ’s, did not open a single HQ in the State.  Those that were opened in OC and a few other places were either financed by the National Republican Congressional Committee or the local County Committee without any assistance from the CRP.

Congrats to Michelle Guerra—looks like the Counties are again going to be working in unity to elect Republicans to office. 


  1.  Noncitizen Bill Makes Aliens and Diplomats D.C. Voters

gives the franchise to any adult 30-day district resident.

Hard as it is to believe, the mayor of Washington, D.C., might soon be elected with votes from illegal immigrants or the staff at the Chinese embassy.

  •  Another reason that college is no longer needed to succeed in America—Corporations are realizing that a college degree is not valuable, since a degree shows little education value.

Employers Rethink Need for College Degrees in Tight Labor Market

Google, Delta Air Lines and IBM have reduced requirements for some positions

  •  More proof that government “solutions” to the self created homelessness cries is failing the homeless—by the non profits and Homeless Industrial Complex is making out like bandits—with your money.  The more government spends, the worse the problem gets—proof:

Report: twice as many people became homeless than housed in October — The San Diego Regional Task Force on Homelessness began releasing a monthly census in October. The latest report shows about 1,400 people in San Diego County became homeless last month. Gary Warth in the San Diego Union-Tribune$ — 11/26/22

  • The COVID Industrial Complex is trying to make you believe that if you breath or are still alive, YOU HAVE COVID—AND MUST TAKE DEADLY VACCINES AND BOOSTERS.  This scam has to stop.  We need to laugh at Fauci and his corrupt cronies and tell them to get a real job, like filling taco shells, instead of using their positions and government to scare us into taking harmful vaccines.

These are now the most common COVID symptoms — depending on your vaccination status — Don’t shrug off that sneeze or scratch at the back of your throat. As coronavirus variants continue to evolve and become more difficult to detect, so do COVID symptoms, allowing more people to spread the virus without realizing it. Aidin Vaziri in the San Francisco Chronicle$ — 11/25/22

(Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to

keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my

mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the

“Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. Rico Lagattuta says

    The CRP needs to stop all the infighting or they will continue to be nothing more than letterhead on paper.

  2. Mary M. Cunningham says

    The CRP is worthless. As A life long Republican who donates to candidates I refuse to send a dine to this organization. It needs a full fiscal audit and to present a list of he goals it pursues and what it has actually done before I would even consider sending a dime. Thankyou County Chairs Association for your work.

  3. The United States is hard wired into a two-party system. An important part of preserving the principles and values that make this Nation great is being involved with a political party. I know, it is cruel and inhumane punishment, but freedom is not free. Show up, learn the process and engage effectively.

  4. Mahealani Urquiza says

    Good Morning

    After receiving information regarding my past position as Chair of Chairs I will address this once. It’s disappointing to me that people cannot remember that a full board was nominated and elected when I became Chair according to our bylaws. I was grateful for the support and votes I received. I focused on building our committees and worked with the staff at the CRP. I wanted change and a new direction.

    Let me be clear that the CRP always listened to what I had to say and wanted to do and I in return did the same. My goal and campaign promise was to Communicate, Support and Educate. Krista Pittman and Brian Watkins knew this and we were on the same page.

    As for never having a Second Vice Chair that is untrue. Dr. Richard Sherman was our second Vice Chair. There were 14 area Chairs selected and I worked with Danielle Cullum to secure those positions. That is also documented.

    As for making some kind of promise to have a balanced board well that was every single Chairs decision and they made that choice. Not someone on the Board of Directors. You nominated and voted for your board members just like you voted for me and I have the minutes for anyone who would like to see them. So does your Secretary Karen Sanders.

    If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me I can now speak although I have one more surgery on my throat next year to remove this trach.

    I wish you a blessed Holiday and let’s get ready for 2024!

    Mahealani Kane Urquiza
    Former Chair of Chairs

  5. What is the best way for a newcomer to learn the process and nuts and bolts of how the California Republican Party works and functions?

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