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Very interesting Tweet by Senator Melendez: 

Senator Melissa Melendez

I have known


for a very long time. There is no one who will work harder and no one more fierce in the fight than Harmeet. The question is, is the party tired of losing yet? It’s time for new leadership. #thestatusquohastogo

The question now is, are California Republicans ready for new California Republican Party leadership?  In the November 8 election we lost two, possibly three Assembly seats—Wallis is still ahead by about 39, he wins, we lose only 2—but down to 17—without him down to 16, out of 80.  In the Senate we lost at least one seat, and a Democrat is ahead in a Republican seat, by 12 votes  In Congress we started with eleven members, now we get 12—with the redistricting that gave us Kevin Kiley.  While Chair Patterson is saying we “flipped” a Dem seat, as expected she is misrepresenting the facts—this was the Nunes seat, that Connie Conway holds—and the GOP’er won by about 450 votes, when Nunes had previously won by thousands.

Want to win?  IMPLEMENT a voter registration program, to start.  The CRP has not had one since March, 2013.  Melendez asks the right question—are we tired of losing?  If so, get new Republican leadership.  What do you think?

I have been told that Harmeet has a consultant—Matt Shupe.  Matt was Harmeets ED when she was Chair of the San Fran Central Committee—paid I am told $10,000 a month—but the money came from Charles Munger Jr.  Currently Shupe is the Chair of the Contra Costa Central that is known for refusing to endorse conservative candidates for office—even if they are nominees.  Some have reported that he asks them to hire him—and if they don’t, no endorsement.  He was also the communications person for Nathan Hochman the GOP nominee for Attorney General who was anti-Trump and pro-abortion—only he wanted till after the primary to tell us that.  Before the primary he refused to answer those questions.  Oh and Shupe was paid $7500, in the primary, to help Sen. Brian Dahle.


  1.  The Los angeles GOP is holding an organizinbg meeting this Saturday.  Tim O’Reilly has been quietly telling people he will get rid of Andy and his gang, once the election is over and it will be a new Committee.  Yet, he still refuses to tell the members how much the Executive Director is paid—and he refuses to abide byt the Satte Election Code and refusing to allow voting memebrs of the LAGOP to vote in the organizational meeting.  But it gets worse.

At the bottom of an email he sent out earlier this week, whining about a possible lawsuit due to his refusal to obey the State Election Code are the icons for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  If you click on Twitter, this is what you get:



디엠주시면 본계 알려드림

Translated from Korean by

DM me and I’ll let you know

tweetdelete.net/delete_tweets/Joined August 2020

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When you click on Instagram, this is what you get: “Sorry, this page isn’t available.”

The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed. Go back to Instagram.

When you click on Facebook, you get a Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/LosAngeles.GOP

You get an article telling you to vote in the June 7th primary—and another article from Bakersfield in March of 2022.

All this time O’Reilly has been either Chair or Vice Chair and said nothing about lack of money, how they spend money, lack of candidates for legislative office in L.A. County or the lack of voter registration programs.  Isn’t it time for the LAGOP to get republican leadership, not just another Andy and gang gavel holder closing down the GOP in L.A. County?

  • The next large club leaving the Rogue Nine and the California Federation of Women is the Temecula RWF.  They are sending in the papers to disassociate from an organization that does not follow its own bylaws and Rogue people call meetings and remove a State President without telling them the charges or inviting them to the meeting.
  • As we say in the card game Bridge, let me review the bidding:

The California Republican Party does nto believe in voter registration and promotes candidates NOT endorsed, like Matt Rahn for Assembly, but unendorses nominees, without telling them until a meeting what the charges are as they step to the microphone to answer the charges, given only THREE minutes to respond—unable to call witnesses or present documents.

We lost at least 2 Assembly seats, lost two more State Senate seat—and gained one congressional seat via redistricting.

County committee like Contra Costa, Alameda and L.A. either do not run candidates for office or refuse to endorse GOP nominees who are conservative.

The California Federation of Republican Women hold Board meetings to remove a State President—though the bylaws say only a statewide general meeting can do that.  This is the organization where in the October, 2021 State conference club presidents wanted to discuss a divisive issue, had their microphones shut off and told by the President at the time, Sue Blair to stop discussing this, IT IS A DONE DEAL.  Now due to the actions of the Rogue Nine numerous clubs are in the process of disassociating with the CFRW—to go independent or just close down. 

California Republican Party is no longer irrelevant in Sacramento–it has become the punchline to a joke. Thanks Jessica!!!

As Senator Melendez said, are we tired of losing—let’s get new leadership.

  •  What the article fails to mention that along with fewer prisons and fewer prisoners we get MORE crime and MORE victims.  Yet, we continue to vote for those that want to harm us and our families.

More housing, fewer prisons: California outlines game plan — Hanging over the heads of California’s newly sworn-in state lawmakers — and likely to be top of mind when they return to Sacramento next month — are the state’s intertwined housing and homelessness crises. Emily Hoeven CalMatters — 12/7/22

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  1. Steve,

    This is all your fault. When so many in the party were anti-Pete Wilson or Arnold, the state of California was lost. California is a pro-choice state, conservatives can only win in small rural districts, never statewide.

    Jeffrey M. Elfont
    Former Candidate for CRP Treasurer
    Former AIPAC Board Member

  2. It’s not Steve’s fault that the CAGOP hasn’t had a voter registration campaign. Nor is it his fault that the schism between conservatives and moderates has widened. Both are ready to cast off the other, and already have.
    As a conservative, I am done with establishment republicans that are no different than democrats.

  3. Jeffrey, When people make choices based on emotions rather than reality, facts and logic they end up with consequences that they do not want to be responsible for. That is the current status of the Democratic/liberal party. America is going down the drain in every possible way for the issues of management. The biggest factor is LACK OF RESPONSIBILITY. The border, printing of money that has driven inflation beyond our means of sustainability, criminal treatment, relations with the rest of nations around the earth are only a few of the hundreds of edicts coming out of Washington D.C. California, with it’s bazaar governor, is leading the pack down a path of huge thorns that will likely tears us completely apart.

  4. I head a non profit that works for rational planning.

    I have recently contacted 3 different County taxpayer associations and said it is time to network.

    All in locations that should have a strong Capitalist base.

    The response?

    Not even a thank you let’s talk.

    The train is leaving the station and if we do not band together it will not return.

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