Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 2/6/23 

California Federation of Republican Women Torn Apart by Rogue Nine


In a recent email, the rogue Nine warned that unless you pay your “per capita” your CFRW club will be decharted—and the money you earned and raised will go to them—and to the attorneys who are working to keep the Rogue Nine in power..  From their email blast to CFRW clubs on record:

“Non-payment of dues for the total membership.

In accordance with CFRW Bylaws Article IV. Membership, the CFRW Executive Committee may recommend that a club’s charter be revoked for failure to pay dues. When a club’s charter is revoked all of its assets shall be distributed to the superior body, CFRW. None of the assets shall be distributed to any individual officer or member of the club. The right to use of the name of the club shall revert to its superior body, CFRW.”

 How will this money be used?  To pay attorneys.  Maybe that is why clubs are not paying—they want their money used to defeat Democrats and to build the Republican Party—not to destroy what is left of the CFRW.

Oh, they are also holding a meeting on February 11.  When you read the notice, it takes several clicks to find out that it is by ZOOM—but they are NOT inviting all of the CRP candidates.  Plus, the notice does not say this is an endorsing meeting—but even then, they get it wrong.  By not inviting all the candidates they can claim there is only one candidate for the office, so they can get the endorsement.  Two years ago the Rogue Nine wanted a CFRW endorsement for Jessica Patterson—instead it went to me, Steve Frank.  This time they are taking no chances—they are ignoring Mike Cargile, candidate for CRP Chair—so they can claim Jessica is the only candidate.  No, this is NOT the California Federation of Democrat Women—it purports to be the CFRW.  Any wonder clubs are not paying per capita.

Also note they will take away our money.  As I have watched this, clubs leaving or being forced out of the CFRW are donating their money to other political clubs—so their money is not used for attorneys.  Doubt if the clubs leaving will have a dime left for the CFRW to take.

Worse, the National Federation of Republican Women apparently do not trust checks sent to them by a California club.  They are now insisting on CERTIFIED CHECKS.  Guess they do not want the checks cancelled as more clubs and members realize the CFRW has a legitimately elected President and a Group that claims it is President.  The new group has a new website.  Go to the “new” website” https://californiarepublicanwomenfederated.com/leadership-1  Click on leadership. 

No it does not list the Board or officers.  It does not talk about building the Republican Party in California or defeating Democrats.  Instead it talks about how they are the “real” Women’s Fed.—and they do not note the use of per capita to hire attorneys to fight Republicans—instead of fighting Democrats.  In the end, they will have ended the great tradition, and history of the CFRW.  In its place, clubs will go to other organizations, go independent and cause thousands to leave politics. We are already seeing that.

  1. Several months ago, the County Chairman’s Association removed Dwight Williams as its Interim Chairman.  One of the reasons was his lack of actions or activities while in office.  Similar to how he runs the San Joaquin Central Committee—few meetings with any programs or actions.  Yet the California Republican Party, leadership built on proxies, not people, refuses to recognize the vote of the Chairs, still recognize Williams as Interim Chair.

Just to make sure he doesn’t do anything, he CANCELLED the remaining County Chairs meetings—at a time when they need to be unified in building. Toward the March, 2024 Primary.

He has decided that he no longer wants to do nothing as Chair—so he is running for First Vice Chair, and do nothing from that post.  But, he is supporting someone for Chair who has done LESS then he has—San Francisco Chair, John Dennis—arguably the least effective Chair in the State.  You have to go back at least 30 years to find an elected Republican from San Fran—and the number of Republicans on Commissions?  You need a microscope to find.  Voter Registration?  As of the November, 2022 Secretary of State report—6.74%–yet the committee has NO voter registration program, no get out the vote program (they may have “written” programs”, but they have never been implemented).  Dennis himself runs for Congress, a lot—just because there is no one else willing to do so in this non-existent GOP County.

2.  The Los Angeles Times has decided being against Jews and Israel is a qualifier to be on a House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee.  That could explain why they have no problem with the Biden Crime Family and its relationship to China—anti-Americanism is a good thing to the Times.

Abcarian: What got Rep. Ilhan Omar kicked off that House committee? Payback and prejudice, not antisemitism — The idea that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who has essentially given aid and comfort to those who supported an insurrection against the United States government, would accuse anyone of being un-American is as rich as it is Orwellian. Robin Abcarian in the Los Angeles Times$ — 2/5/23

3.  We have a drought—but the lack of water is due to government, not the climate.  This is another story about how the whack jobs make water a scarce commodity.

San Francisco’s Hetch Hetchy water system is almost full for the first time in years. Is that a good thing? — San Francisco’s brimming reservoirs are a boon for the city and its suburbs after three years of drought. But they’re a concern for environmentalists who want to see more water left in rivers for fish. Kurtis Alexander in the San Francisco Chronicle$ — 2/5/23

4.  What are they smoking at the L.A. Times—they approve of hating Jews and Israel.  Now they believe that jobs are degrading our environment.  The only jobs that do that are at the Times itself.  We need jobs.  Period.  The Times wants to ship jobs to Nevada and Arizona.  Without real people there are not enough drug using, elitists to buy the Times—or buy products advertised in the Times.  Here is another story—NOT SATIRE.

Warehouse boom transformed Inland Empire. Are jobs worth the environmental degradation? — As toxic emissions from diesel traffic choke the air, activists are calling for a moratorium on new warehouses and for the governor to declare a state of emergency. Rachel Uranga in the Los Angeles Times$ — 2/5/23

(Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “TomTom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. West Walker says

    San Joaquin County Republican Party, under Dwight Williams leadership (and Jessica Patterson’s Consultant control)— has not only drastically declined in activism, but has failed to obtain a simple quorum since the summer. Meeting after meeting, no quorum. Officers were somehow chosen without said quorum as well.

    This post is only meant to share a state of affairs— reporting what is, and not meant to do harm.

  2. Ok, I’m confused. I know the CAGOP is corrupt. Have to admit I’ve never heard of the California federation…I hadn’t been aware there’s another group, or splinters, or whatever. Don’t read every email. Don’t go to every meeting available. Don’t live politics, though I’m involved as much as I can. This is all so ridiculous…and confusing. Might take a while for me to catch up.

    So, wouldn’t it be a good thing for this federation to just dwindle into nonexistence? Also, for these other groups that think they’re all that, and funds are required, requested and are met with the same sucking sound as our tax dollars are. Is there no possibility for legitimate Constitutional conservative civic minded groups to spring up and take their place?

    Somehow, as I was sure would happen with the tea party, and it did, little slime creatures will try to infiltrate, but they can be prepared for in advance, exposed, walled off, isolated, like the body does to a cancer and not be allowed in. Or is CA just doomed, as if all the good is bound, collected and kept in some glass jar and epoxy poured over it all to seal it in and be an object, observed as a “specimen” of failure to be sly enough to defeat the arrogance and failure in the future?

    I know the left cheats, it schemes, its corruption has spread and goes deep, but it seems to me that those who could affect change for the good have no clue how to break free of their slavery. They have attorneys, but nobody seems bright enough to counter and defeat the left.

    • The California Federation of Republican Women (CFRW) has been active for 97 years and put in about a million hours a year of Republican political activism and community service in California. We had about 10,000 members and 130 clubs in 2022. The duly elected president lost her husband in mid 2022, and although she worked all year and performed well, the rogue group used the 2022 election period to go after her office. The majority of the clubs in CFRW are loyal to the president, so this is splitting up the Federation into a large group and a smaller group. Sometimes controversy can be a good thing, if you’re able to get the poison out of your group.

  3. Whatever Ms Janet Price did or didn’t do, it can’t be on a par to what the Rogue Nine are doing to destroy the California Federation of Republican Women. This last email demanding dues when there are basically TWO presidents running the organization seems to be a sign of desperation from the Rogue Nine and CFRW. Several people I know are not renewing their membership but will attend their (former) club’s meetings when there is a speaker they want to hear. They are going to get more involved in an independent club. I asked one why and she said there is so much s–t going on nationally and statewide that she doesn’t want to deal with it in an organization. Can anyone blame her?

    If we are going to talk about the importance of election integrity, it relates to the Rogue Nine overturning the October 2021 votes of hundreds of members to force out President Janet Price.

    • Thanks Eleanor. Well said!! Team Janet has maintained throughout this ordeal that the Clubs should either keep their Dues or send them to National, until this was settled legally. The rogue 9 on the other hand has been insistent that all the Dues be sent immediately to “them”.

    • Hear, hear!

    • Josie Myers says

      Well stated Eleanor! The Rogues are destroying CFRW and they have no shame. I stand with President Janet Price!

  4. Once again, thank you Steve for further exposing this mess.. This also explains why I recently resigned as President of a local CFRW Club and refused to go along with this sham, created solely by the rogue 9 and their supporters.

    • Hi Ronni, I’m a member of SRWF. Would you be open to sharing your story and any advice you might have from a President’s perspective?
      _Carol McDonald

    • Jennifer McCarthy says

      Our club plans to vote to begin the process of going independent, pending the resolution of the court case to renew Janet Price’s position as CFRW president. If that is not the outcome, and my club were to be unwilling to continue as an independent Republican Women’s organization, I, too, would resign. I will not in any way support this Rogue 9 group, nor do we intend to send them the dues they are so obviously desperate for. This is very sad, because the Women’s Federated does so much to support and assist candidates. Perhaps that is exactly why the Rogue 9 chose to try to destroy it.

  5. When will you name the “ROGUE NINE??”

  6. Josie Myers says

    RWF clubs are leaving every month. We all joined to support and elect Republicans and not get involved with this chaos. You probably have peace in your life now. My term ended in 2022 and I am moving on. No more CFRW in my life!

  7. My RWF club is discussing leaving now. Many are upset about the self-inflicted chaos by the Rogue Nine that is destroying CFRW. We will talk this month and vote in March or April.

  8. Dear Mr. Stephen Frank,
    Thank you very much for covering the collapse of CFRW and the truly destructive behavior of the “Rogue Nine” as you put it. As a millennial, life-long conservative, California resident, and member of Sacramento Republican Women Federated since 2018, I have put in more hours than I can count volunteering on behalf of RWF and our local GOP office while working full-time and being a full-time caregiver as well. This corrupt behavior, exhibited by those in the highest positions of RWF leadership, is one of the many reasons my generation and Gen Z have taken steps to break away from all such establishment groups that sadly have become little more than controlled opposition.
    Out of curiosity, do you accept speaking engagement requests? If yes, how would one submit such a request and what are your terms?
    Again, thank you for your honest reporting. I’ve archived all of your articles on this matter and look forward to sharing them with as many people as possible.

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