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“A people that wants to remain ignorant and free … wants what never has been and never will be” ~ Thomas Jefferson.”


The Big Story

California Republican Party Cancels Convention till Next February—BUT By-laws MANDATE Convention This Year

Allow me to give an update on the status of the California Republican Party—by the numbers

  1.  They sent out two surveys asking the delegates if they wanted the convention postponed, canceled or held.  The reason they sent the survey twice?  Because they found the list being used to contact delegates was not complete—numerous legislators, delegates, BOARD members and County Chairs were never sent the original survey.  (per a key staffer of the CRP)

Also note that the California Republican Party has not published the results of the survey.  Did delegates WANT to cancel, postpone or hold it? 

  • No voter registration effort by the CRP since March, 2013   They did a one month effort in September, 2019.  Current registration figures are 44% Democrat, 27% NPP and 23% GOP
  • The November, 2020 ballot will NOT have Republican on the ballot for:

19 Assembly Seats

9 out of twenty State Senate seats

8 congressional seats

  •  Salaries

The Chair of the California Democrat Party:  $127,500

Former Chair Jim Brulte, paid at the rate of $180,000

Chair Jessica Patterson   $250,000 per her conversation with the L.A. Times

Based on the above, in an email blast she sent on March 27, to delegates, “The March 3rd California Primary brought significant success for the California Republican Party.”  The SAME email claiming “significant success” was sent on March 29. Must still be having problems with the email list.

  •  Now, the Board of Directors have determined not to have a convention till February, 2021.  Guess none of them read the by-laws:

Section 2.02.01 (B) Frequency of Meetings. Regular conventions and meetings of the Committee shall be held no less than once each calendar year so that the proper business and important activities of the Committee can be carried out. Meetings in even-numbered years shall rotate between North and South as designated by Section 2.02.01(A).

Here is the status that is publicly known:  No voter registration, though promised.  Many races without GOP candidates—so the Party atrophies in those districts, the Board STILL has not endorsed or recommended President Trump for re-election (thought the CRP voter guide notes he was “endorsed”, no one is coming forward saying the Board, with authority, made that decision.

Finally, We are going to have the Executive Committee decide the position of the California Republican Party for the ballot measures on the November ballot.  Check the by-laws—ONE person appoints the majority of the Executive Committee—the Chair.  Yet we are unable to ask why the Board did not even discuss the March 3 Prop. 13—the $26 billion education bond, which the people defeated by about 600,000 votes.

In 2018 and 2019 I said that the 2020 elections will be the last election where the Republican Party in California is relevant…read the above.  Do you see us as being aggressive, promoting candidates in every part of the States, asking people to join our Party.  Heck, in violation of the by-laws, we will not even allow a meeting the CRP delegates.  What do you think the answer can be?

Some are saying, “well, we will hold TWO conventions in 2021”.  Yes, that is what we have done for decades—two conventions a year, until it was decided to try to close down delegate participation in the Party.  Since 1960, as far back as I can find, the CRP has always held two conventions in the year after a General Election.  Nothing to brag about by doing what is responsible.

Oh, the Party could have held a convention in July, August or September, 2020.  The Board can still  hold another vote, a vote to uphold the by-laws.  If this section of the by-laws can be ignored, what other parts will be ignored?  This sets the precedent that by-laws do not need to be enforced.


  1.  Petition to delay April 10 property tax
  1.  The IRS and State government have delayed payment of the April 15 income taxes.  But, counties have not delayed payment of the April 10 property taxes.  There is a petition promoting the delay.  Please sign it and send the URL to our complete.

Go here:  https://www.change.org/DelayPropertyCaliforniaTaxes

 This would be a great project for County committees and political clubs.  Since we are at home we could push for online signatures.  Maybe the CRP will join in this effort for families and communities?


 (Periodically the California Political News and Views will publish tidbits of political news, to keep you in the loop of what the pooh bahs know.  The phrase “tom/tom’s” comes from my mentor, Lorelei Kinder who never passed a rumor, just called to tell me what she heard on the “Tom/Tom’s”.  This column is named in her honor.)

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  1. No voter outreach since 2013…not organized enough to run candidates in dozens of State and Federal elections…can’t even send out a proper house-keeping email…all that and the leadership get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in salary. What a nice retired-in-place gig! No wonder there’s no GOP presence in California worth mentioning, the leadership are just scooping up paychecks for minimal effort!

  2. Charlie Schaupp says

    Steve, left out that without a 2020 convention the next convention will be a re-organization convention…so the current electors can run without having the bylaws changes on proxies even considered. Since it has been estimated that 40% of Ms Patterson’s votes were proxy vote when she was elected Chair…She, and her team, can run again and never have the Proxy bylaw proposals (to clean it up) even considered. Dirty politics at its worst!

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