Historically RACIST Senate Democrats Vote to DISCRIMINATE Against Asians—No Surprise

To remind folks of history that is no longer allowed to be taught in school.  The Democrat Party is the historic racist Party in America,

Democrats defended slavery

Democrats created Jim Crow laws

Democrats suppressed the vote of black people.

Democrats support the genocide of the black race via Planned Parenthood, which in 2019 murdered 117,646 black babies.

Democrats created the Great Society which decimated the black family

Democrats created segregated schools.

Now when given a chance to break their racist history, by supporting the RIGHT of Asians to go to schools based on qualifications and merit, instead of skin color, the current crop of Booker, Schumer, Warren , Padilla and Feinstein continue the racism of the Democrats by opposing Asians going to college.

In 2020 California Democrats tried to pass Prop. 16 to make it a law to limit the number of Asians going to college—the good news is that we are not a racist State.  Voters said no to the systemic racism of the Democrats.

Senate Democrats vote down amendment protecting Asians from discrimination

By Eric Utter, American Thinker,  5/11/21

Senate Democrats recently voted down an amendment to a hate crimes bill that would have barred “federal funding for any institution of higher education that discriminates against Asian Americans in recruitment, applicant review, or admissions.”  The amendment was sponsored by Ted Cruz, John Kennedy, and Bill Haggerty.  Cruz stated: “This amendment is straightforward. it targets the ongoing discrimination that is being directed against Asian-Americans by colleges and universities across the country.”  He noted that many universities have been unjustly “denying admission to qualified Asian-American applicants in favor of underrepresented minority groups” and added that the Department of Justice had recently sued these universities until President Joe Biden put a stop to the lawsuits.

This isn’t the first time Democrats have treated Asian-Americans like second-class citizens…or worse.  Think Franklin Roosevelt and the internment of roughly 120,000 Japanese-Americans in World War II, most of whom were actually American citizens.

Louisiana senator John Kennedy said, “We have major universities in this country that are discriminating in admissions against Asian-Americans.  Discrimination is discrimination.”  He added, “This is wrong, it is contemptible, it is odious.”

Cruz put up the amendment as part of a vote on Senate legislation called the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” that would require “expedited review of hate crimes” by the Department of Justice.  The “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” was proposed by Hawaii Democratic senator Mazie Hirono and would “establish online reporting of hate crimes or incidents” and “expand public education campaigns aimed at raising awareness of hate crimes and reaching victims.”

Ironically, Hirono voted against the amendment targeting discrimination perpetrated against Asians by so-called institutions of higher learning, calling it a “cynical attack” on universities that seek to “increase diversity.”  (Hirono’s legislation is awaiting a vote in the U.S. House of Representatives.)

To recap, Democrats are in effect saying, “We have to protect the structural ability to discriminate against Asians (and white people) if we are to finally eliminate systemic racism in this country.  Anyone with a brain knows that not discriminating against Asians (and white people) is raaacist!”

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  1. Once again, the democRATS show they are nothing but a bunch of racist, hateful loonies .. WHY does the left/liberal media continue to ignore it…. This nightmare of an administration and the cult of radical democRATS are racially dividing this country… God help us all as this country is being torn apart…

  2. Mark Davis says

    Democrats are discriminating against Asians because Asians will not fall in line with their Socialist agenda. They know that it is bad for America. The only Asians who go along with the Democrats are the ones who have family that has been America for generation. AKA those who were educated in our liberal K-12 school system since the 1970’s.

  3. Meritocracy is a key component of every successful Democracy. Historically it has made America smarter and more productive than everybody else. The democrats and their union mind set are so bent on socialized sameness that they actually fear over achievement. Their success in dumbing down America is very evident in our third world public school performance and our purposefully misinformed electorate.
    We are truly “On the road to serfdom”.

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