How to Save a Comatose CA GOP:  Memo To California Republican Party Chair Jessica Patterson

If you are going to save yourself, you need to admit you have a problem.  I am feeling like the California the Republican Party is like Joe Biden—blame everybody else for your troubles, but not take responsibility.

It is not the Democrats that have caused the California Republican Party to stop a real voter registration effort since March, 2013—no they did it to themselves.  It is not the Democrats that caused such a weak CA GOP that the November ballot will not have a Republican running for one Board of Equalization seat, possibly a Statewide office, 7 congressional, 6, State Senate and 20 Assembly seats—we did it to ourselves.

How to Save a Comatose CA GOP:  Memo To California Republican Party Chair Jessica Patterson

Editorial by Stephen Frank, California Political News and Views, 6/20/22

King Gavin is running hard for office—no, not Governor, he is running for President.  At last count he had more than $20 million in his governors re-election account.  The Lt. Governor—can anybody name this person who had her father BUY the seat four years ago—is in hiding, worse than Biden during the 2020 election.  The AG candidate is going to win big by accusing his opponent of being a Trumper—when in fact he is a No Trumper.  Do you think the GOP is going to do anything serious, other than endorse, our candidate for Treasurer—while promoting and raising money for our Controller candidate, as if he was the only GOP’er on the statewide ballot.

The best asset of the California Republican Party is JOE BIDEN.  He is the only one who can save the CA GOP.

This is a story that can only be told in California.  In the 30th Congressional District the LAGOP and the California Republican Party endorsed Rhonda Baldwin Kennedy to run against Adam Schiff, the hoaxer from Glendale.  The winner of the race was Maebe A. Girl (his legal name)—he is not transgender but a self-proclaimed drag queen.  See his website here:

How bad is the GOP in California?  Someone who spent only $500 almost beat out a GOP’er for Superintendent of Public Instruction:  “—”This San Francisco math teacher’s longshot campaign to lead California’s public schools is still alive ,” by the East Bay Times’ Kayla Jimenez: “[Ainye Long’s] run for office was so grassroots that she said she spent just over $500 and campaigned by carpooling with a former sorority sister. In a tumultuous time for the California public school system, largely incited by the COVID-19 pandemic, Long’s surprise showing has stirred up a once-sleepy re-election campaign for California’s superintendent of schools Tony Thurmond.”

Worse, Politicio tells the truth about California politics:  “From Politico California Playbook, 6/13/22:

In one-party California, Democratic differentiation has eclipsed partisan affiliation. Interest groups spend millions of dollars to paint Sacramento a particular shade of blue, and dozens of open seats have intensified a scramble to shape a decade of governance. Several races for open Democratic seats effectively ended last week as voters elevated a Democrat and a Republican, all but ensuring the Democrat wins in November. A few others will proceed to money-soaked Dem-on-Dem matchups.”

We have another nominee that is being sued for being a deadbeat DAD, escorted out of the Nixon Library for trying to start a fight, marched with the BLM and proudly informed the public he has an AK-47.  This person was also endorsed by LAGOP and the4 CRP.

One last GOP nominee:  This person is running against Maxine Waters—after spending six months in jail for stalking and contempt of court.

At the same time the CRP Board “unendorsed” three people—who NEVER asked to be endorsed==for the dime of being conservative and not backing down.

Until the California Republican Party runs candidates, registrars voters, stop endorsing people who should be shunned, we will continue to be as Congressman Tom McClintock calls it, “the stupid” Party.


  1.  Stop attacking conservatives.
  2. Stop running candidates against conservatives, just bvecuase they are conservative.
  3. Create a real voter registration effort.  This is the best time to do it, because Joe Biden is on our side—creating inflation, hih gas and food prices, supporting bigotry and racism, weak foreign policy, allowing the drug cratels to run our borders and supporting criminals, lootings and riots.  Folks are fed up with Biden and his totalitarian Soviet style Democrats.  As the race in Texas #$ for Congress proved, even in an 84% Hispanic district a Republican can win (while in CA a +4 GOP district is going to have a Democrat State Senator, thanks to $50,000 from the GOP Senate Leader)
  4. Vitalize the volunteer base.  Work to expand it, have it lead the voter registration effort, let it lead the way to victories on school boards and city councils.  Train them to speak out at forums, council and board meetings, calling talk radio shows and challenging Democrats at townhall meets.
  5. To win in November, we need to remind folks that California Democrats are helping Biden destroy the nation.  Why haven’t the Dems spoken out against the reel cause of inflation, high gas and food prices and rising crime? Go after the Biden/Pelosi led Democrat Party.  Not just with press releases.
  6. Strengthen the County Committees—make sure they welcome visitors and non members to meetings, not kick them out. Have them provide a Political Plan and monthly audits of the progress.  If needed, provide them with a Plan.  The strength of the Party is not in a high rise office building in Sacramento, but in the communities of the State.
  7. Spend time in the churches—especially the Hispanic and Asian churches.  Voter registration, political information—show how the Democrats are anti-religion, anti-family and harm job creation.  Of course discuss how unsafe the streets are due to Democrats wanting to unfund the police and put criminals on the streets like Boudin, Gascon and Biden (he wants illegal alien criminals on the streets).
  8. Start recruiting, vetting and building candidates for the 2024 election.  Get real.  Except for a couple of congressional seats, we know how November will turn out.  Now is the time to rebuild the foundation of the Party, create positions on a few issues and pound away at them.  At the same time look for those who are articulate, have a real community background, train them in policy and issues.  Start developing candidates for city council to Congress for 2024, now.
  9. Open up the Party to all who want to participate.  Stop using proxies to keep control of the CRP.  It appears you would rather big a BIG fish in a SMALL pond, than a small fish in a large pond.  Being Chair of a Party is no big deal if all you are doing is watching the Party get smaller in number of voters, vis a vis the Democrats and losing legislative seats.  You should be the commander of a warship, not the titanic.

As always, I and others are willing to keep rebuild the Party.  You have our phone numbers.  With or without you, we will rebuild the California Republican Party—with values, principles and winning candidates.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. probablyavoter says

    Maebe A. Girl does identify as transgender. It’s in their Twitter bio. Of course rightwing media cant manage even the most basic due diligence.

  2. Rico Lagattuta says

    Steve, you are totally mistaken. The California GOP is not comotose. The California GOP is dead! Most republican voters just became “non Parthy voters”

  3. The Little Coach says

    Right on the money . . .

  4. Rudy Melendez says


    As an ex- officio in la county and ca state party delegate it is embarrassing to say I have personally witnessed action items 1 & 2 occur.
    Like many others that want to see our county and state party be successful I am still waiting to see action items 3 through 9 be implemented.

    Thanks for telling the hard truth,

    Rudy Melendez

  5. rich eber says

    Thank you, Steve, for these comments and everything else you do. It is an honor to work with you as a writer for the blog.

    • Your message is on target—but who is your proofreader? The astonishing number of errors diminishes the strength of your opinions.

  6. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    Accept that you live in a Socialist State, that is a ONE party state. There aren’t enough Republicans winning office to field a baseball team, there won’t be in your lifetime. Remember the song “Once there was a little old ant, who thought he’d lift a rubber tree plant” California’s primary’s are a Socialists dream come true. Move to a RED State, your vote will count and you will enjoy life even more.

  7. Casual Observer says

    Steve,thanks for your brutally honest observations and suggestions.

  8. Eleanor Howard says

    The CA GOP is a useless organization, headed by the very useless Jessica Patterson. The organizations that can save California from its Marxist leadership are independent clubs that are not beholden to organizations and federations that are overly focused on failing issues and bylaws.

  9. Treva Bennett says

    Now if Biden keeps at it you still have a slim chance. The mind set must change from the top down. Where are the hustlers with the will to win. As ever Steve you hit the nail on the head. Too bad there aren’t more if you.

  10. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    Stephen, I am going to link this in Monday’s PATRIOT NEIGHBORS newsletter. Excellent analysis!

  11. Sheryl Hamlin says

    CA GOP spend much time and effort on recalling Gavin Newson, which was never a possibility due to the simple number of registered Democrats versus Republicans.

    An effort that might have merit and at least educate the voters would be a repeal of Prop 14, the top two primary, passed in 2010.

    The supporters promised more “moderates”. Has this happened? Has CA government become more “moderate”?

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