Kamala Harris Starting To Worry Biden Will Fully Destroy America Before She Even Gets A Chance

In just four moths, the mentally challenged Joe Biden has created higher taxes, inflation, a war in the Middle East, dependence on terrorist nations to provide us with fuel—hence using U.S. dollars to fight a war and try to kill off Israel.  But Biden is smart enough not to trust the vaccine—which he took—yet still wears a mask, even when 100 feet from the nearest person—who also took the vaccine.

If Joe waits about 2-3 months before admitting what we all know, he is in the early stages of dementia and memory loss (at a recent Texas event after he spoke he asked an aide where was he and why was he here?) there may be nothing left for Kamala Harris to destroy when she is sworn in as President.

While this was written as satire, it is a serious question raised—give Biden four more months and what will be left of our nation—he took G-d out of the National Day or Prayer and support for the military out of Memorial Day.  Will he declare July 4th as flag burning day?

Kamala Harris Starting To Worry Biden Will Fully Destroy America Before She Even Gets A Chance


BabylonBee.com, 5/13/21 

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Vice President Kamala Harris has expressed her concern that she will never get a chance to destroy America, as Biden has lived much longer than expected and will ruin the entire country before she gets a crack at it.

“He’s lived through his first hundred days and already destroyed most of our institutions — there won’t be anything left for me to ruin,” said a nervous-looking Harris as she put her feet up on the Oval Office desk, as Biden was taking a nap. “I don’t know how much longer I can wait. Every time he destroys another industry, devalues the U.S. dollar, causes hyperinflation, or ruins the job economy, a little part of me dies inside — that little girl who wanted to be president and destroy everything — her dreams die.”

“Maybe we can pass some more constitutional amendments so I can destroy those? I don’t know. Whatever we need to do to ensure I still have things to break when he finally kicks the bucket.”

At publishing time, Harris had taken matters into her own hands and rubbed some barbecue sauce on Biden’s sleeping neck in hopes that Major Biden would take care of her little problem.

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  1. GOD HELP US. Our country is in so much trouble and WHAT can we do? These people in Washington seem to think they have no limit as to how to destroy us. Same old democrat theory, higher taxes, open borders, destroy common sense, hate your neighbor, give government money like it doesn’t matter so you can buy the people. Total government independent, no work, just free stuff. Soon we will be like Venezuela.

  2. While upgrading her personal opinion of herself the other night in front of the mirror, Mala discovered her legs don’t go all the way up. It has been researched time and again and discovered that the very best treatment for this malady is super glue. Mala hasn’t been in office long enough to be affording too much danm super glue, so’s if y’all could be a dear and just send Mala a tube of it % Joe Biden General Delivery White House Washington, D.C., I’m sure lots n’ lots of good things will soon be coming your way.

  3. America has become a rapidly growing powder keg. A harris president would be a spark not seen since 1861.

  4. Senile, Predatory, Corrupt and Incompetent Joe relies upon his advisors to do the work of governing. Joe only need read the teleprompter and let his handlers deal with everything else.

    It appears Shamala has been given all the behind the scenes work of contacting foreign leaders and making arrangements with Congress so Joe can take the maximum amount of nap time. Shamala may not be senile, but she hasn’t a clue how to be President, as all of her previous jobs were train wrecks in terms of what she didn’t do.

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