MEMO to California Republican Party Chair Jessica Patterson.

Your current policy of ignoring voter registration is not working.  The raw registration margin between Democrats and Republicans continue to grow.  Your opposition to President Trump is causing more to leave the Party and become NPP.  Maybe a new strategy is needed?

Looks like the folks in Nevada are on the right track—they actually have a policy and action to register Republican—and it is working.  How about calling the Nevada GOP Chair and ask what they are doing?  I have spoken the Nevada GOP State Party members, and they actual believe in voter registration and do it.

Maybe making peace with the majority of the Republicans in California and do a real voter registration effort.

Jessica, here is one idea, others have told you about, but you have refused to implement these or other ideas.  Send volunteers to gas stations with two sign.  One, “Thank you Joe Biden and Gavin Newson for the price of gas”.  The second gas station sign tells folks to voter Republican HERE. The second, send volunteers to grocery stores with signs that say, “Thank you Biden and Newson for inflation and high food prices”—a second sign says register Republican here.

Lots more ideas—you have my phone number. And we live only a couple of miles from each other.

Mass Exodus: Nevada Dems Are Fleeing Their Party For The GOP

CARL DEMARCO, Daily Caller,  6/13/22

Thousands of Nevada Democrats have left their party and re-registered as Republicans and independents, turning a blue-leaning state increasingly red, according to The Nevada Independent.

Approximately 2,300 Democrats have left the party and re-registered as Republicans, while an additional 5,000 non-partisan voters also joined the GOP over the last three months, The Nevada Independent reported. Since January 2022, the gap between the number of Democrats and the number of Republicans decreased by almost 15,000 registered voters to roughly 50,000, according to the Office of Nevada’s Secretary of State.

Thank you .@DonaldJTrumpJr for coming to Nevada to help us flip this state RED. Election Day is Tuesday, June 14th and there are great #AmericaFirst candidates on your ballot. Vote Carolina For Congress NV01 and let’s send Dina Titus packing in November 🇺🇸

— Carolina Serrano (@Carolina4NV) June 11, 2022

President Joe Biden won Nevada during the 2020 presidential election by roughly 33,000 votes; however, President Trump was able to increase the number of votes he received in the state’s most populous counties when compared to the 2016 election results, according to Politico. If the trend continues in the GOP’s favor, Biden’s lead would be cut in half and Nevada would be a toss-up for the first time since 2004.

In October 2020, the gap between registered Republicans and Democrats was nearly 90,000 voters, according to statistics from Nevada’s secretary of state. As of May 2022, the gap is less than 60,000 voters and falling fast as more Nevadans unregister from the Democratic Party.

The Rio Grande valley in Texas is experiencing a similar phenomenon as Republicans have increased turnout and registration, according to 

The upcoming special election in Texas’ 34th Congressional District, located near the Rio Grande River, has seen Republican candidate Mayra Flores gain momentum and support in a traditionally solid blue district. The strong support for Flores’ campaign comes from what the GOP sees as a real opportunity to “turn the entire Rio Grande Valley red in the midterms,” according to Politico.

The trends in Nevada and Texas come as many political pundits predict an imminent “red wave” in November’s elections, according to Politico. Both the House and the Senate are expected to fall into the GOP’s hands.

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Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. Perhaps, registration is down ( and the cagop leadership could care less) is because voters are aware of the corruption or just get the vibe of a raw disconnect and wouldnt register repub anyway. Ive gotten the impression for quite some time that republicans who wont act like republicans but mirror the dems is because they like it this way. It financially and through power benefits them. They dont fight against/for what we send them there to do because theyve got a sweet gig and wont mess that up.
    When republicans arent there to bring back sanity and constitutional conservatism to politics GET RID OF THEM/REFUSE TO VOTE FOR THEM. Fire them.

  2. People in CA don’t trust either party.

  3. Dr. Trent Saxton says

    Dear Jessica ,
    Don’t worry about the Republican Party in California, they are registering with their feet. There is nothing you can do to change we Trumpers. You haven’t any candidate “proven” to be a better winner and…the voting in California is “Fixed” for the democrats anyway. You have the title of California Republican Party Chairwoman, that and $6.00, will get you either a cup of coffee or a gallon of gas. Use that gas to leave California, like the rest of us did. You are in a very deep hole, throw away your shovel.

  4. Trump won.

    • Celeste Greig says

      Of course he did, only idiots won’t admit it.
      And it won’t help anyone who continues denying that President Trump’s re-election was
      stolen, to get elected or re-elected.

  5. Denice S. Adams - Montecito says

    Jessica is the wrong person to lead the CAGOP. She has failed just like double speaking, self-serving, worthless Kevin McCarthy. They’re uni-party: ‘can’t beat them, join them’. Both need to pack up. New CA leadership is needed to message and register the millions of overwhelmed, burdened workers, business owners and students seeking predictability, stability, sane policies, and tax reductions but who are ignorant about politics. The CAGOP does nothing. We NPP are the Patriots fighting the globalist take over in both political parties. We re-register GOP to vote MAFA Trump, DeSantis, and other like-minded in Presidential election years. Step down Jessica.

  6. The Little Coach says

    In 2 county-wide races in Ventura County, NPP candidates crushed CRP and CRA-endorsed candidates. The Republican party looks weak and ineffectual.

    • Dear little coach you aren’t correct. None on the VC races, State races or BOS races did any NPP candidates win or obtain more votes then any GOP or VCRA of Democrat candidate. If I’m wrong send me your data


  7. Jeffrey M Elfont says


    California is a Pete Wilson state, never will be a Trump or pro-life state, it’s time for you to wake up.

    Former Candidate for CRP Treasurer

  8. West Walker says

    Local and statewide campaigns are seeing many democrats supporting a R candidate due to the issues at hand. If gas prices and cost of goods matter, or crime rates, housing, water, and school choice and safety- you vote Republican. While most of the nation is cleansing itself from “establishment” GOP to the “outsider, grassroots” branch— CA seems to not be having that focus/need. Bush Republicans still are part of CA leadership. When CAGOP has such high overhead- we are not seeing much outreach: including registration drives or voter guides. Over and over so many voters asked “who do Vote for- where is my voter guide?” A lot could be improved to reach the voters by cutting salaries: how can a much smaller party party be spending more on overhead than Dems!?

  9. Kittyfour says

    What about Republican RINOs like Assemblyman Heath Flora, Sheriff Jeff Dirkse, and Supervisor Vito Chiesa who all endorsed a Democrat for Congress in CA 13 when we are trying to flip the House and when three Republicans were running in that district?

    I think the person may be right when he said some Republicans may want things this way.

  10. Ronni Redmond says

    Wow! Thank you Steve. There’s a reason this post has received so much attention and it’s not because California Republicans are content with the direction the CA-GOP has taken us. West Walkers’ complaints above relating to the salary of the CA-GOP are fair. How can we justify paying our Chair more than the National Chair makes? We can’t.

    Also I’m not sure what good a voter’s guide would have done, when several of those endorsed by the CA-GOP were not necessarily the best candidate running for the office. My opinion of course but it makes one wonder what criteria was being used.

  11. Really??? says

    Gas Station signs yes.

    Gas Station register yes

    Hammer Democrats for refusing to honor their promise to suspend the gas tax yes

    Compare Carter failure and gas lines to Newsom and Biden yes….then register them.

  12. Frank Chavez says

    Jessica Patterson has got to go period.
    Don’t donate to the CAGOP until she resigns. Instead donate your money to the Candidates of your choice and use your organizations to register more republicans. They are there but nobody is asking them.
    God Bless America.

  13. Well done Steve, This issue, challenging the CAGOP at every step, is front and center for the survival of the Republican Party in CA. The CAGOP has done everything in their power to silence Republicans and make our party irrelevant in CA politics. The conventions and endorsement processes are run un-democratically and the will of the Republican County Chairs is totally ignored.

    Please continue writing about the Chairs inaction and shortcomings as we must build a strong case and consensus on replacing CAGOP leadership and staff or continue to die, this slow miserable death, we are enduring. . .

  14. What Ed Langen said! I stopped donating to the CAGOP when, to my shock and horror Jessica Patterson got re-elected; it didn’t smell right and fell in line with the well established DEM “bate and switch”. I wonder how the funds are used by the CAGOP since there is no evidence of them being used for the purpose they were intended. I wonder how the whole group can be booted out to start over.Maybe it is time for an accounting i.e. an audit of the spending.

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