ObamaCare and Covered California Promoted Bait and Switch Health Care Plans

Under the terms of ObamaCare and Covered California insurance companies must list the names of the doctors and hospitals that a patient may use to be in the “network”. Nowhere did it say they had to be honest. Hence, tens of thousands of people are now finding out they were rooked by Blue Shield (and many other insurance companies around the nation. “They sued on behalf of a class of people who had purchased so-called “preferred provider organization” plans from the insurer only to realize that the doctor and hospital networks for their plans were limited.”

If a private firm did this, without the government protection, they would be closed down and executives criminally charged for fraud and theft. My guess is Obama will give the people at Blue Shield a medal.

Every day we find more fraud and corruption in ObamaCare. Wonder if voters will rebel in November?

Mega Millions Obamacare

California consumers say duped by Blue Shield’s limited Obamacare plans

By Terry Baynes, Reuters, 5/15/14


Harrington bought a so-called silver plan on California’s online exchange while Talon bought a platinum plan through the insurer’s website. They said they made their choices based on Blue Shield’s alleged representations that their doctors would be covered.

The lawsuit accuses Blue Shield of advertising “one of the largest networks in the state” – with more than 60,000 physicians and 351 hospitals – and of failing to disclose that the networks for certain plans were substantially smaller.

After receiving medical treatment numerous times between January and March, Harrington and Talon later discovered that their providers were not covered, forcing them to pay the charges out-of-pocket, the complaint said.

The lawsuit alleged claims of false advertising, unfair business practices and breach of contract under California law.


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  1. Ca Loser says

    Is that all? Obama and CA one in the same

  2. Treva Bennett says

    Talk about criminals! Anyone that votes for a Democrat would be slashing their own throat. It is way past time to throw the criminal bums out of office.

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