Recall Chesa Boudin Campaign Reaches Fundraising Milestone, Adds Recall Campaign Experts

The Recall of Chesa Boudin, the son of convicted murderers and terrorists who serves as Da in San Fran, thanks to millions spent by George Soros, is real.  Anne Dunsmore will be leading the fund raising and Dave Guilliard will be doing the strategy—they just finished the successful Newsom Recall,   Dunsmore raised north of $2.5 million for that effort.

This is going to be a national and local effort to return law enforcement to the DA’s office in San Fran.  When Recalled, it will show that even in the tolerant San Fran, openly selling of drugs, women, murder and other crimes will not be tolerated.

The California Political News and Views will report on this effort on a regular basis.  While it is a local story, in reality it is a statewide and national story.

Recall Chesa Boudin Campaign Reaches Fundraising Milestone, Adds Recall Campaign Experts

Recall Chesa Boudin, 4/19/21 

San Francisco, CA (Monday, April 19) – The committee undertaking the recall of San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin has raised nearly $170,000 – more than half their projected total budget. With over 7,000 signatures already gathered, today the committee announced that they have retained Anne Hyde Dunsmore of Capital Campaigns and Dave Gilliard of Gilliard Blanning & Associates Inc., campaign professionals with vast experience in recall campaigns.

“What we are hearing from residents loud and clear is that they are frustrated with the rising crime and lack of accountability and eager for a new District Attorney who will protect us from hate crimes, violent assaults, robberies and break-ins,” said Recall proponent and committee chairman Richie Greenberg. “We need to get our streets and neighborhoods back.”

The Committee Supporting the Recall of DA Chesa Boudin, administering the collection of petition signatures, has until August 11 to gather 51,325 valid signatures, representing 10 percent of the number of registered voters in the City and County. Once the number of signatures is verified, an election would be held giving voters the opportunity to retain Boudin, or replace him.

The committee’s effort is about to enter the next phase, contacting every voter in the City and County and giving them the opportunity to sign the official recall petition, which can be downloaded at

Anne Hyde Dunsmore’s 40-year career in politics and fundraising. The company she founded, Capital Campaigns, Inc. has consulted to over 500 candidates, initiatives, referendums, businesses and charities including Muhammad Ali Center for Peace Making and Conflict Resolution , UCLA School of Medicine, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, UCI School of Medicine, the House Ear Institute, the UCLA Department of Neurosurgery, Los Angeles, BioMedical Institute at Harbor-UCLA and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. She currently serves as Campaign Manager and Finance Director for Rescue California.

Dave Gilliard’s experience includes 35 years in candidate and issue campaign management and consulting for successful campaigns at all levels of government and politics. In 1992, he formed Dave Gilliard & Associates, now Gilliard, Blanning & Associates (GBA). A leader in their industry, GBA Inc. serves political, business and association clients across the nation from their offices near Sacramento, CA and St. Paul, MN.  In April of 2003, Gilliard formed Rescue California, the group that led the successful recall election against Governor Gray Davis. He currently serves as Lead Strategist for Rescue California.

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  1. I was warned as a young man never to trust anyone with a front-tooth-gap. This dope and Abrams of Georgia are just two that come to mind.

    If this is going to be a national effort to get rid of this fool Soros installed as San Francisco DA, I wish they would come after Schmidt, the Multnomah County DA here in Porland, Oregon. Same situation, just as bad, possibly worse.

    Soros installed these sub-human, disgusting cretins all over the US.

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