Sayet: “The Woke of Supremacy”

Evan Sayet started as a comedian.  Today he is a political philosopher, with humor.  Similar to Will Rogers.  In both cases that can take a current event and reduce it to the real enemy: in most cases it is either government or those that believe government is smarter than the rest of us.

Is there a difference between Hitler’s National Socialism, Castro Communism and Bernie Sander “Democratic” Socialism?

“If only they could recreate Hitler’s many Socialist welfare policies –his nutritional subsidies, his environmental programs, his anti-poverty crusades and so on –but this time without his Nationalist fervor, they argue, the Socialist system will finally work and the utopia it has promised since Karl Marx first described his “workers’ paradise” will finally and forevermore reign. It is very much the same argument Bernie Sanders made about another Socialist regime during the 2020 Democratic Party Presidential debates when he repeatedly called for the recreation of Fidel Castro’s literacy programs, only this time without all of that

murder and oppression that that third “different kind” of Socialism brought. The problem is that, while there are vast ideological differences between National Socialism and Democratic Socialism, there is simply no systemic difference between the two. The modifiers the Left uses to try and obscure this fact do not in any way alter the system they both equally”

If you write letters to the editors, participate in political debate, concerned about our future, this is a book that is mandatory to read.  It gives you the thought process and ammunition you need to successfully promote the cause of Freedom.

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Sayet:  “The Woke of Supremacy”

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views., 10/24/20

This book by Evan Sayet explain, in humor, logic and real life, how we are moving to the decisive day.  The choice between freedom and socialism (slavery).  Government uber alles or freedom of thought and action by the population.  We will be able to either have civil discussion and debates.  Or we will be jailed for having “wrong” thoughts and language.

From his book:

In the end, as with that other Globalist/Socialist/Supremacist movement that sought to homogenize the world and create the perfect society of their imagination, Democratic Socialism must either be totally defeated or we will live in a Cancel Culture where not even as good a Warrior for the Cause as Matt Taibbi is any more than but one infraction away from being cancelled themselves. This Culture War is just the latest, and perhaps last, battle in the war between two diametrically opposed and mutually exclusive systems of governance. What life on earth will be like for the next hundred years and well beyond that will be as much determined by which side wins as it was when Nationalism fought Socialism in every one of its previous incarnation.”

The cancel society, the bullying on campus, the concept that if you are white you are a racist—but if you are a person of color you can n ot be racist, these are radical concepts promoted in one form or another by totalitarian societies in the past.  Now in the United States, we have introduced totalitarianism, bigotry and racism into the normal of every day.  Even a benign magazine like Junior Scholastic, distributed to millions of middle school and high school students each month is now running articles praising the violent BLM and noting that if you are white, that make you a racist, due to your DNA.

This is not a book of fiction or non fiction.  It is a textbook for those involved in public policy and concerned about the direction of our country—from the classroom to the White House.  Go back to school and read this textbook.  You can get it from Amazon by going to:  

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  1. Thanks for this article. Sayet’s book joins a long line of warnings, going back to Hayek’s Road to Serfdom and Russo’s Freedom to Fascism. Now Sayet brings up the newest threat : concerted censorship. Even bumper stickers are a no-no, so nobody has them. Thankfully, there is still, at least for now, the voting booth.

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