Steve Frank: Looting is LEGAL in California—Praying is NOT

Yesterday, President Trump told the nations’ governors that they need to arrest the rioters and looters.  Sadly, in California looting is LEGAL.  Under the law, if you steal under $950 worth of goods at worst you get a ticket—and if you refuse to show up to pay a fine, the cops will not track you down and enforce the law.  In California, we now have crime, capture, booking and immediate release—no cash bail.  In Fresno 12.5% of those arrested recommit a crime within a week of the first crime.  In Orange County, the Regressive Guv Newsom ordered SEVEN sexual predators released from jail—within a week one raped again.

California is a lawless State, protected by the Governor and the Democrat legislature.  Over the past few days we have seen Mayors and law enforcement literally watch, feet away, as criminals break into stores and steal.  They watch as police cars and Amazon Prime delivery trucks are torched and burned,

Ready for a Recall of Gavin Newsom?  He is still demanding people not go to church, while refusing to stop riots and looting.  Sick.  Feel safe?  If so, you are reading this from some place other than California.

Looting is LEGAL in California—Praying is NOT

Stephen Frank, Exclusive to the California Political News and Views,  6/2/20

To me it looks like Gavin Newsom has read “1984” once too often.  That is the book where “war is peace, freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength ”.  That is California in 2020.  Criminals are good/innocent honest citizens are bad.  Sadly, that is his Administration.  Do not listen to his words, look at his actions.

In California if you are arrested, you immediately get released, without the need to post bail.

In California the Governor had sent 3500 State prisoners home and forcing local jails to be emptied as well.  The Regressive Governor is proposing in his new budget to close down three prisons and close all juvenile facilities—putting criminal teens automatically back on the streets, to be mentored by those he let out of prison.

Thanks to State law, Prop. 47 and 57, rape of a woman under the influence of drugs or alcohol is NOT a violate crime.  Many felonies have been turned into misdemeanors and misdemeanors have become an incident, with tickets being given for assaults, theft of items worth under $950 are routinely ignored by police—why waste the time of filling out the paperwork if no charges are going to be pressed?

If, under the law a jury finds you guilty of murder and you are sentenced to the death penalty, Guv Newsom has over ridden the law and the courts by putting a moratorium on the death penalty.

We are talking about the looting of the last few days.  But grocery stores have been looted, massively for the last couple of years—with NO punishment by the “justice” system.  In part from an article, “Michelin said she’s seen footage from member retailers that she described as “completely insane.”

“They will go into a grocery store, steal alcohol and walk out the front door with it. They know no one is going to prosecute them.”

— Rachel Michelin, president of California Retailers Association “

 California law, approved by the voters or legislature protects criminals.  On the other hand, the REPEAL of the Constitution has been done by only one person, the Supreme Leader, the Regressive Guv Newsom. 

Newsom has outlawed protests with American flags if they have more than 100 people.  Have you noticed the dozens of protest/riots around the State with 500 to 1,000 people—not using social distancing—he has yet to denounce that or threaten people with arrest.  Yet he sent in State agencies to salon, bars, restaurants, barbershops and more threatening the loss of their licenses if they opened for business.  No, for many of them that is no longer an issue, rioters allowed by Newsom have looted and burned down their businesses.  Where is the outrage against the Governor for his double standard—rioters/yes, jobs/no?

Then you have the foul mouthed protesters, shoulder to shoulder cursing police officers and the news media.  At the same time, Newsom is threatening churches for allowing “too many” people in church to pray.  This shows his values—obscenities, not prayers.  Violence, not peace.  Anarchy, not freedom.

The Governor had a chain link fence put around the Capitol to stop Americans from going on that public property—at the same time cops were watching people loot and burn private property.  The governor and Mayor of Sacramento closed down numerous government owned/publicly used parking facilities.  None of that in Oakland, L.A. or Santa Ana.  Sacramento Mayor Steinberg closed down whole streets to stop citizens from using their right to assembly and petition government.  Where are the extraordinary actions taken by Steinberg or Newsom to stop the rioting and looting?

In Simi Valley, threatened with a riot for next Saturday, one homeowners association has taken responsibility for their community.  They have already set up guards at the entrances to the community, working on three hour shifts.  Now the only way to get into that HOA is via horseback.  How many rioters have horses or will Antifa rent horses?  Maybe Antifa could rent a couple hundred horses?

Since Guv Newsom gave $75 million in tax dollars to bail out illegal aliens, will he give more to the business owners, who expecting police protection got little of that?  Where is his bail out for the victims of the looters and rioters that burned vehicles and buildings?  Why does Newsom have compassion for criminals and none for their victims?

I would suggest that Newsom go to Church and pray, then confess his sins.  But, he can’t, he closed down the churches.  Maybe he could get a Priest on Zoom to take his confession?  But due to hackers, that would become public—think the Chinese or Antifa wouldn’t do it?

At the end of the day, California no longer has a legislature, the State is run by a Supreme Leader, who acts like the head of North Korea. 

We can wait till November 2020 to get an honest Governor.  In a few days Recall petitions will be hitting the streets.  Sign it, pass it around and get others to sign.  This is no longer a political action.  It is a matter of survival.

Go to to sign up and help save California and your future—if not remember, criminal are good/praying is bad.

About Stephen Frank

Stephen Frank is the publisher and editor of California Political News and Views. He speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows. He is a fulltime political consultant.


  1. The silence from Newsom on rioting and looting has been “deafening”!

    • Cycleman says

      It’s because the riots are exactly what Gavin Newsom wants. If you remember Obama said he needed personal soldiers to implement his change, these are his soldiers that are rioting. In the sick Democrat mind, this is the only way they can win.

      Once these protesters go into residential areas all hell will break loose because homeowners are heavily armed. I know that most my neighbors and myself will not let our homes be looted. If you want proof of the sick mind of the Democrat try to watch CNN for five minutes where Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper says these are peaceful protests.

      • First of all, Mr Frank, when the governor helped the seven “gentlemen “ out of prison, SIX of those as of last Monday were back exhibiting their mindset type of behavior and are back in jail. So, we are less than 20% with those Also, when the REI was looted on Sunday, the one in Long Beach, it was a flash gang that was outside the door,…… ONE TIME I saw a Caucasian or Hispanic female standing in front of the store with arms extended trying to save the store. An African American gentleman grabbed her, picked her up, ALL WITH ONE HAND, and threw her back into the crowd and finished the job opening the store to loot with all his helpers. WHY ISN’T that on TV? It should be. Last I know, it is a crime, at least assault, to cause bodily injury to someone, especially a helpless female

      • You are so right. I agree with you 100%.

  2. Rosalie Olson says

    So true but so sad. Things will change. Save our beautiful state Almighty God and the voters of CA!

  3. Cycleman says

    I know there’s nothing good about these riots but it’s ironic that in most cases, the business owners voted for the politicians that justify the looters and rioters that are destroying their businesses.


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