Walters: How long will one-man rule last?

For many weeks I have taken to call Gavin Newsom the Supreme Leader.  Now, it looks like Dan Walters, the renowned political journalist/observer in California is also recognizing the push by Newsom to end legislative action.  In this article Walters claims Newsom is moving our form of government from a representative one, with an elected legislative responsible to the people, to one of a system, where the Prime Minister (Supreme Leader) runs the legislature.

” Legislators are beginning to be annoyed at being left out of the loop.

Last week, in his initial analysis of Newsom’s much-revised 2020-21 budget proposal, the Legislature’s analyst, Gabe Petek, said, “In many cases, we are very troubled by the degree of authority that the administration is requesting that the Legislature delegate.” Petek urged the Legislature “to jealously guard its constitutional role and authority.”

Later, the chairwoman of the Senate Budget Committee, Los Angeles Democrat Holly Mitchell, echoed that position, complaining during a budget hearing that Newsom was bypassing the Legislature.”

Gavin Newsom is a Regressive—he wants to return California to feudal days when the Lords ran the show and the people and their property were owned by the government.  Freedom?  Not even allowed to be taught in government schools.  Instead “social justice” revisionist history, hatred and bigotry, demeaning religion, is what government schools are about.  Add to that, many school district allowed racists into the classroom promoting the killing of babies, 70% are those of color—a eugenics nirvana.. 

How long will one-man rule last?

Dan Walters, CalMatters,  5/24/20 

For the past decade, California has been a case study in one-party rule.

Democrats hold every statewide office and enjoy overwhelming majorities in the congressional delegation and both legislative houses. Republicans, due largely to their own failures, are irrelevant.

With no partisan competition, whatever Democratic leaders decide behind closed doors is quickly written into law, including the massive state budget. Even when hearings are held, committee chairs routinely limit testimony to a couple of brief presentations and require everyone else to just state their names and positions.

As worrisome as those aspects of one-party rule may be, we have now entered still another political phase in California — one-man rule.

On March 4, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency, allowing him to override virtually every law on the books.

The Legislature readily acceded, giving Newsom $1-plus billion to spend as he sees fit and abandoning Sacramento for the next two months. Newsom has issued multiple orders to control personal and economic activity and executed many high-dollar contracts with no public input and only very limited ability of journalists to question their efficacy.

Newsom has also not hesitated to crack down hard on those who don’t obey, an attitude tinged with irony since he first achieved political notoriety as mayor of San Francisco by defying a voter-approved state law prohibiting same-sex marriage.

In effect, we’re accidentally experimenting with how California would be governed were we to turn away from our current structure and adopt, instead, the parliamentary system used in Great Britain, Canada and most European countries.

Our structure, mirroring the federal government, is one of checks and balances — a separately elected chief executive, a two-house legislative branch and a court system to oversee acts of both.

It is, by design, an unwieldy system, requiring policy proposals to clear a series of procedural hurdles before becoming law, albeit truncated by one-party rule.

Under a parliamentary system, the party or coalition that controls the legislative branch also controls the executive. The prime minister, as the head of the legislative majority, can govern by decree as long as he or she holds the majority and does not lose a vote of confidence.

That’s pretty much Newsom’s position now. He can continue to issue decrees with the force of law as long as his emergency declaration is in place.

So, how long will that be? The pandemic could fester for many months, even years. The recession that Newsom’s shutdown orders induced could easily outlast the medical emergency. Would he just continue to exercise emergency powers indefinitely?

Legislators are beginning to be annoyed at being left out of the loop.

Last week, in his initial analysis of Newsom’s much-revised 2020-21 budget proposal, the Legislature’s analyst, Gabe Petek, said, “In many cases, we are very troubled by the degree of authority that the administration is requesting that the Legislature delegate.” Petek urged the Legislature “to jealously guard its constitutional role and authority.”

Later, the chairwoman of the Senate Budget Committee, Los Angeles Democrat Holly Mitchell, echoed that position, complaining during a budget hearing that Newsom was bypassing the Legislature.

The state law allowing Newsom to declare an emergency says he “shall proclaim the termination of a state of emergency at the earliest possible date that conditions warrant,” but also allows the Legislature to end it “by concurrent resolution.”

Republican legislators have introduced such a resolution. Its passage would be analogous to a no-confidence vote in the parliamentary system we now seem to have adopted, as least temporarily.

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  1. Hal Bray says

    Starting as a medical/healthcare crisis, the pandemic quickly, through bad leadership, morphed into a financial/economic crisis, and has now entered its most dangerous period, a political crisis.

    This period will be the most devastating, with Newsom running for President and Democrats trying desperately to “transform” California into their version of a socialist hell with no free and honest elections.

    There is a parallel. In the book “It can’t happen here”, written in 1935 by Sinclair Lewis, the President abolishes the states and creates several large regions of the country (think Newsom’s Western Pact with Washington and Oregon) and rules as a dictator (Newsom’s self image). It does not end well.

    Neither will Newsom’s rule, especially since the alternative, bringing California’s chamber of idiots, back into the picture to actually do their job may be worse than the dictatorship.

  2. Really??? says

    It will exist as long as the idiot Tech Giants continue to fund Communism/Socialism.

    The problem is when they finally figure out the costs of government are no longer worth Calif. they will leave a decimated State with no ability to fight despotic one man rule.

  3. Edward Veek says

    Newsom is the same as Obama, another Socialist Progressive pushing Socialist ideals. He doesn’t care if it is legal of not “just do It” and then see if he can get away with it. He doesn’t care what the collateral damage may be. The actual elected “law makers” don’t want to rock the boat because most of them are getting perks and social money for their districts even though it is bad for the State of America. They don’t care if it is sustainable.

  4. I am not a liberal but I get really tired of the right wing idiots calling anyone in favor of a women’s choice a fan of eugenics. If 70% of abortions are to people of color it is because people of color want the abortions. Eugenics is when one group forces another group to do something because they don’t think the group is as good as they are, in this case get an abortion but I have never seen anyone dragged kicking and screaming into a clinic and forced to get one. If you don’t like abortions then don’t get one but you do not have the right to tell others that they can not have one so stop lying your ass off about them.

  5. Bogiewheel says

    The California voter must now understand that the order by Gavin Newsom for a state of emergency has contributed to eradicating democracy from this State.
    The voter, here and elsewhere, must understand the importance of returning to a democratic form of governmental checks and balances’ which has now been replaced with a complacent collective Oligarchy.

  6. You are all wrong. It is Supreme Leader PRETTY BOY Newsom.

  7. Otis Needleman says

    Nazi Newsom needs to be recalled.

    • At this point Otis, I think it’s more like NAZl Gabby (I’ll bang your wife) Newsolini needs to be dethroned.
      And the whole corrupt democrat adminFEStation needs to go with him!


  8. Richard Wahl says

    Gov. Nuisance is not progressive. He is REGRESSIVE. Consequences of lockdowns:

    Thank you, communist China……
    Virgin fires more than 3,000 people including 600 Pilots.

    – Virgin Australia files for Bankruptcy.
    – Air Mauritius goes into Administration.
    – South African Airways Bankrupt.
    – Finnair returns 12 planes and lays off 2,400 people.
    – YOU grounds 22 planes and fires 4,100 people.
    – Ryanair grounds 113 planes and gets rid of 900 pilots for the moment, 450 more in the coming months.
    – Norwegian completely stops its long-haul activity!!! The 787s are returned to the lessors.
    – SAS returns 14 planes and fires 520 pilots… The Scandinavian states are studying a plan to liquidate Norwegian and SAS to rebuild a new company from their ashes.
    – Ethiad cancels 18 orders for A350, grounds 10 A380 and 10 Boeing 787. Lays off 720 staff.
    – Emirates grounds 38 A380s and cancels all orders for the Boeing 777x (150 aircraft, the largest order for this type). They “invite” all employees over 56 to retire
    – Wizzair returns 32 A320s and lays off 1,200 people, including 200 pilots, another wave of 430 layoffs planned in the coming months. Remaining employees will see their wages reduced by 30%.
    – IAG (British Airways’ parent company) abandons the takeover of Air Europa (and will pay €40 million compensation for that).
    – IAG (Iberia) grounds 56 planes.
    – IAG (British Airways) grounds 34 planes. Everyone over 58 to retire.
    – Luxair reduces its fleet by 50% (and associated redundancies)
    – CSA abolishes its long-haul sector and keeps only 5 medium-haul aircraft.
    – Eurowings goes into Bankruptcy
    – Brussels Airline reduces its fleet by 50% (and associated redundancies).
    – Lufthansa plans to ground 72 aircraft (in 2 instalments).
    – Hop is studying the possibility of reducing fleet and staff by 50%.
    Additional info:
    Currently, 60 new aircraft stored at Airbus with no buyers in sight (order cancellations) including 18 A350s.
    They *forecast a minimum of 8,000 grounded planes by September*. With an average of 5.8 crews per plane (medium and long haul combined), that would make *more than 90,000 unemployed pilots worldwide*
    *The Air Transport Industry is on Life Support !*

  9. I believe that within a year it will be obvious that there were more deaths from the shutdown than the virus. And that the media will suppress those statistics so the public don’t find out about it. They media is currently gleefully reporting that there have been spikes in the virus counts since people started relaxing the standards. They do not mention the coincident increases in testing and do not mention deaths – since deaths have steadily trended downward. The counts of who has the virus are completely irrelevant, since those statistics are so malleable and we have no clue who has the virus among those who are not sick.
    Only hard death counts are factual and those are the only facts that should have been used in determining the reopening of this country.
    By the time Newsom realizes that his voters are turning against him so he’d better let life resume in as close to ‘normal’ as possible, it will be too late to save California from deep depression ( or as A&G call it, the Great Suppression).

  10. Roy Wolford says

    Dan Walters missed a very important part of the “State of Emergency” Government Code. The code has 3 ending points for the state of emergency. See text under section 8627.5 (b) below.

    Newsom’s declaration for State of Emergency began March 4, 2020 and legally ended by law May 3rd. That is 60 days after the state of emergency declaration date.

    The following are sections of the Government Code that Gavin Newsom and the state legislators are ignoring. The full text can be viewed using the URL at the bottom of this message.

    ( Title 2 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )
    DIVISION 1. GENERAL [8000 – 8899.72]
    ( Division 1 enacted by Stats. 1943, Ch. 134. )
    CHAPTER 7. California Emergency Services Act [8550 – 8669.7]
    ( Chapter 7 added by Stats. 1970, Ch. 1454. )
    ARTICLE 13. State of Emergency [8625 – 8629]
    ( Article 13 added by Stats. 1970, Ch. 1454. )

    The Governor is hereby empowered to proclaim a state of emergency in an area affected or likely to be affected thereby when:
    (a) He finds that circumstances described in subdivision (b) of Section 8558 exist; and either
    (b) He is requested to do so (1) in the case of a city by the mayor or chief executive, (2) in the case of a county by the chairman of the board of supervisors or the county administrative officer; or
    (c) He finds that local authority is inadequate to cope with the emergency.
    (Added by Stats. 1970, Ch. 1454.)

    (a) The Governor may make, amend, or rescind orders and regulations during a state of emergency that temporarily suspend any state, county, city, or special district statute, ordinance, regulation, or rule imposing nonsafety related restrictions on the delivery of food products, pharmaceuticals, and other emergency necessities distributed through retail or institutional channels, including, but not limited to, hospitals, jails, restaurants, and schools. The Governor shall cause widespread publicity and notice to be given to all of these orders and regulations, or amendments and rescissions thereof.
    (b) The orders and regulations shall be in writing and take effect immediately on issuance. The temporary suspension of any statute, ordinance, regulation, or rule shall remain in effect until the order or regulation is rescinded by the Governor, the Governor proclaims the termination of the state of emergency, or for a period of 60 days, whichever occurs first.

    (Added by Stats. 1991, Ch. 1186, Sec. 1.)

    California Legislation Information (Full Section):

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