Awful SF City College Gets “Double-Secret Probation”

City College of San Francisco, the largest public school in California with 80,000 students, was so poorly managed and lacked such basic financial controls that its unionized teachers were routinely receiving pay for classes they didn’t teach, and keeping the money.  That problem in fiscal mismanagement was just one of the reasons why the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges, after a very long review process, found 24 or so different areas where San Francisco City short-changed its students on a wide range of issues, and would not make progress in fixing them, including poor academic standards, and de-accredited the institution as a full-fledged Community College.  The elected Board of Trustees was then thrown out of office in favor of an appointed trustee administrator.  But when SF City was on the verge of absolute final de-accreditation, the teachers’ union and liberal Democratic politicians in the Bay Area including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi swung into action to restore degree-giving by the failed College.  They did it, not by improving the academics at San Francisco City, not by fixing the the finances, but by threatening and suing the Accrediting Commission, saying they didn’t handle the years long review and de-accreditiation process quite properly enough.  It was a form of the ancient ruse known as “killing the messenger.”

It does not take a rocket-scientist to understand that there is something terribly wrong with the internal controls of a public school in paying teachers for classes they never taught.  While the San Francisco Chronicle and the liberal media has widely reported on alleged failings of the Accrediting Commission, they have hardly pierced the veil of the evidence the Commission had before it justifying defrocking SF City’s degree giving rights.  Public disclosure of all those facts would be quite instructive about what exactly was wrong at SF City but this observer senses there is a willing cover-up by the media to protect the faulty teachers and teacher administrators – who get off without consequences for their failures.  But facing a lawsuit and with heavy political pressure, the Accrediting Commission recently announced it is “revising its rules” and will give the College another two years to fix itself, but the Commission has not yet revealed exactly what those rule changes are.  So now, SF City College is on what amounts to “double-secret probation”.  That would mean that the College would have had five years to figure out how to improve itself, and that is outrageous, not only toGetContent the taxpayers being drained in the process, but to the students dependent on the college who are getting a worthless education.


  1. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    Well, in the same milleau, ” ROAD – TRIP! ” (across the border, no return!)

  2. The City: A model for effective government that should be emulated everywhere.


  3. This is your third warning! Don’t make give you a fourth warning or you’ll be sorry, because I will give you a fifth really harsh warning. Isn’t education wonderful?.

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