“Jerry Brown vs. Donald Trump!” – Trevor Carey and Jim Lacy on Fresno Radio

Here is a link to a radio broadcast discussion on 1/25/17 on Jerry Brown’s “State of the State Address” and “California vs. Donald Trump” on the Trevor Carey Show on Power Talk FM 96.7, Fresno.  California Political Review publisher Jim Lacy starts a long segment with Trevor at the 21 minute mark.  Enjoy!





  1. At the least, of my actions, you will never be gov. Again! Next I will make ever effort I can to get a Rep government est in Calif. you have, like Obama cost us too much, with the illegal aliens, and welfare!

  2. Jerry:
    Your a bone headed communista.
    Our familey went to the capitol to admire the building. Does anyone know the portriat of Jerry is a cartoon on the wall of the capitol.
    No I really mean it’s a cartoon of Jerry, as aproved by Moonbeam. What an ass. he is mounted next to great men and this condesending picture should be destroyed. Instead it has a guard.

    Be warry of Alejo to run from Watsonville Mexifiornia.

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