Oakland Mayor Jean Quan is the Wiz!

Jean Quan WizardIn what major city in America can the Mayor run a redlight, slam into a fellow citizen’s car, fail to offer proof of insurance, and get away with it?  Oakland of course!  Our nation’s third most dangerous city according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s violent crime statistics.

Yes in early June, according to her nurse’s assistant victim, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan rammed her city-owned Lexus SUV into the nurse’s assistant’s car while the Mayor was running a red light and yapping into her cell phone.  After the accident, Quan failed to provide proof of insurance, as required by state law, saying the Lexus was “self-insured” by the near bankrupt city (near bankruptcy, according to USA Today).  The upscale wheels also had a delinquent state registration, which expired in March, when Quan’s crack staff back at city hall failed to renew it.

In the meantime, the victim’s little Nissan is sitting in the body shop, awaiting word on how the city intends to pay for its repair,  and the victim sits home on doctor’s orders with mounting unpaid medical bills.  Her attorney says Quan is “foot-dragging” on taking responsibility, and she remains unticketed for running the red light, too.  Is Quan  worried?  Nah!  She’s the Wiz!