Over 3 Million Page Views! Thanks to You!

California Political Review hit a milestone in January when our Page views by readers hit 3 million and growing.  Since our founding online in late 2011, CPR has also published over 25,000 reader comments, and our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/CaPoliticalReview) is robust and has over 20,000 friends.

Our readers have come to rely on the Top Stories we publish and republish that give insight into California policy, usually from a well-considered conservative perspective.  We send out two daily newsletters that summarize our daily content, to a combined email list of about 30,000 people.  In this regard, we have really appreciated our partnership with Steve Frank’s California Political News and Views, which is incorporated into CPR with its own daily newsletter and webpage.   Steve generates terrific original commentary on the news and it is great to work with him.

CPR keeps its doors open through dedicated sponsor advertising including a partnership with Google.  Though we are focused and dedicated to California issues, we have recently signed an agreement with the well-known national news source Newsmax and are now including links to Newsmax advertising content on our “right rail.” Please click away!

Thank you, our readers, for your continued interest in California Political Review!


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