Other than Ashley Swearengin, the start of an “absentee” political campaign month for statewide Republicans

My wife and I received our absentee ballots this week, on Wednesday, surrounded by the fewest pieces of campaign mail and the most deftly absent television and radio advertising for statewide GOP candidates that we have ever seen in the critical first week of an election campaign.  Typically absentee ballots are mailed to “permanent” early voters by mail, like us, four weeks before an election.  Catching early voters with direct-mail and other advertising before they return their ballots, which could be completed and returned right now and not on election day, is important in smart election campaigns because candidates and measures can rack up votes “in the bank” before any uncertainties may emerge in the subsequent four weeks of campaigning.

We are Republicans with a good voting history, so usually our house is flooded with campaign mail during absentee ballot week.    But not this week.  We received two different mailings from the California GOP, one entirely dedicated to opposing Proposition 45, and another entirely dedicated to opposing Proposition 46.  Neither of the mailings listed “Neel Kashkari for Governor” or any statewide or local GOP candidate.  We received just one slate mailer during the whole week, that featured Republican Ashley Swearengin for Controller but did not include any advertising for Neel Kashkari for Governor or any other statewide GOP candidate.  (It was a mailer produced by a company we own.)  We did receive two different mailers from Dana Point City Council candidates, but that was it.  We didn’t receive any dedicated mail from Kashkari or any other Republican  statewide candidate, no other slate mail, and we did not hear or see one radio or television advertisement for Kashkari or any other statewide GOP candidate.  The only advertising we saw during absentee voter week was the one slate mailer mentioned above, that featured advertising just from Republican Ashley Swearengin for Controller.

On the Democratic side, we did see television advertisements featuring Governor Jerry Brown, who is running for re-election, but it was about supporting Propositions 1 and 2, regarding the state water bond and establishing a state “rainy day fund” to even out financial ups and downs for the state.  Brown appears so confident of victory, that he is using his political capital to promote ballot initiatives rather than a “direct ask” of voters for his re-election.

There are many conclusions to be drawn from the first week of the last four weeks of this election campaign, but top among them is that other than Swearengin, the statewide GOP candidates are placing an awesome amount of trust and confidence in regular GOP voters to simply turn out and vote for them, because they are not spending any money to communicate with these voters at all during this critical stage.  I think that is a huge mistake for those GOP candidates, especially Peter Peterson running for Secretary of State, who thinks he has a chance to win, but hasn’t raised or put up the money for advertising to do so.  If a candidate does not make any real effort other than an email campaign to whip up the GOP base to vote for them, and are otherwise totally silent to them, even GOP base voters will not have a compelling reason to vote for the candidate of their own party when the ballot is in their hands.  My takeaway is that, win or lose, Ashley Swearengin will surely be the leading candidate in the GOP field of statewide offices this election, because she is actually making an effort and running a campaign during the absentee voting period, unlike Kashkari and the others.  My view is that the votes for each of the rest of the GOP team on election night, as I see the election right now, will be dismal in comparison to Swearengin, who has also gleaned dozens of major newspaper endorsements and can be seen to be working really hard to try to win her race.  In a recent interview on Fox Business News, Swearengin came out strongly for tax cuts and regulatory reform, unlike her opponent.  She was stronger on these important issues than anything I have heard from Kashkari.

Jerry Brown is a very popular Governor.  It is good that Kashkari stepped forward to offer an opposing view on the November ballot.  But his campaign and the campaigns of all the other GOP candidates are shaping up to be depressingly weak and unworthy, almost insulting, of the precious time, support and capital of the rest of us GOP activists who want to see Republican candidates and causes victorious.  Just getting on the ballot and then doing no advertising or true voter outreach other than sending out some emails, does not help us rebuild California’s Republican Party.  We need some success in gaining votes and changing voter attitudes about the GOP, and to my mind Swearengin, in making the only real effort to win this election, is where Republicans should be returning the favor of their maximum ASMainPortraitTealsupport.


  1. All elections in Kalifornia are like a plugged toilet, no matter how much you flush, the same old turds (recycled democrat politicians) keep floating up to the top!! Nothing changes except the top view! It is more of the same..and most corrupt! I don’t even know why we bother to have elections anymore here! It is a total given, this is a single party liberal demo-creep dictatorship, and until we turn off the welfare spout it isn’t gonna change!

    California, is now the place of ignorant fools, mentally deranged liberal voters, and a retarded socialist democrat regime of spineless liberal democrat lemmings! Way to go you out-of-touch idiot morons!

 We have lost faith in the country BECAUSE of barry insane ebola, but the low & no info people-they who vote for a living, ( — you know, the ones with arms out-stretched and palms UP for free stuff), they haven’t lost faith in HIM.. this is DANGEROUS!

    • Amen! I still vote, but I often wonder why, because, “coincidentally”, the results (same old turds) the state wants are usually the results of the elections.

    • Wow I could not have said it better. This democratic wanna be leaders surround themselves with utter sycophants spouting and parsing their gobelty gook to those ’emotional ‘ media sucking fools. How else could they ever be elected? Ever see a welfare fool ‘THINK” . That is a dichotomy of our real English language,, grrr.

  2. I am also surprised at the disappearance of the Republican Party in CA, however we have seen just how this administration treats opponents. I think many think the entire system is rigged and so they may not bother to vote. I usually look to see who endorses a prop/measure and who is against it. Anything that costs $ I say no, since they will never quit asking for more $. I met Tony Amador today and seems genuine and good candidate, nice website but no Facebook profile. None of the Candidates in CA get $ from the party. Though it is very sad if you need $ to win or even run for office.

  3. 1- Brown is popular only because no Republican (and virtually no one else) has come forward over the last four year s and vottr in his face telling him – and the voters – what a lousy job he’s been doing and how destructive his policies and actions have been for the state.
    2- Ashley actually had to campaign intensly just to get where she is.
    3- The GOP Establishment in CA has all the competence of Zombies in a brain-desert.

    • Well this is the last time I’ll try to leave a comment from my phone – too easy to make errors and too difficult to self-edit.

  4. I totally agree with PLFF. Taxifornia is the typical of the most corrupt deep blue State where any one can vote included illegals, felonies, dead folks and can vote many time in different names & addresses in every where just by mail in ballot, early voting so you can vote many times because same day register, online register, corner streets register, no ID required, get pay to vote, free lunch, free cigarett & free bus load to travel many precints. Anyone with address can vote. Illegals had ID to apply for foodstamp, money, school, housing, hospital but when go to the poll they don’t have ID or they lost it. So do not blame GOP, they do not have money from commie Union and it’s hard to have fund raising money because more than 25% Unemployment, a lot Middle-Class became homeless, high gas & food prices plus commie demo-RAT government keep steal money from Americans by passed a ton of bills called taxes & fees in the names of school & children. Of course tax proof illegal free loaders will vote for anything that benefit for their multi children free school, free lunch. American citizen barely survive how they could afford to give money to all candidates even $5 or $10 each without tax deduct? No tax payers want to raise their taxes. With Ebola, virus D68, TB, criminals, terrorist illegal invaders brought in by Obama & guv. Brown invited them to CA. No matter what their political view, 99% Americans said CLOSE BORDERS & NO to Amnesty. This Nov. 4 democrap party will pay a big price in nation wide. Democrat politicians can only win by rampant CHEAT & FRAUD

  5. I always vote as soon as i get my ballot one month before election time so nothing in the mail yet ??? I may have to find my voting place but i will vote on Nov 4.

  6. roger omidn says

    need to vote for scott walker for president who considers all naturalized citizen migrated from middle east are terrorits who should be made homeless, imprisoned, injured, robed and killed in us soil after their 1980departure from iran, lebanon government overthrown of shah of iran

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