The Wiz, Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland Stops Driving

According to a report in the Oakland Tribune, Oakland Mayor Jean Quan has decided to stop driving.  In what amounts to a voluntary surrender of her driver’s license after a fender bender in her illegally unregistered city-owned and self-insured Lexus SUV (Oakland is near bankrupt according to USA Today), and after numerous digitally recorded images of her surfaced illegally using her cell phone while driving her own Toyota Prius.

Quan is seeking re-election as Oakland’s Mayor.  Oakland is the seventh largest city in California with a port that is more active than San Francisco’s.  In recent years it has also been identified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation as one of the most dangerous cities in the nation to live in, with a high murder rate, and as many as 600 people a year being victims of violent crime in a city of 600,000.  Quan’s boosters say the stats are getting better under her reign and Jean Quan Wizardsince Jerry Brown was the Mayor, but Mayor Quan’s own flirtations with law breaking probably don’t help the statistics much.

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