Trump Up +2 in Rasmussen Poll, 50% disapprove Obama

The polls this season have been as much a seesaw as the Presidential campaign itself.  Of course – because the polls reflect the changing dynamics of voter attitudes; and the polls are showing Donald Trump is trending back into the lead of the race right now.  On Friday July 8, the highly respected Rasmussen Reports released their new poll showing Trump at 40% nationwide, followed by Clinton at 38% and the third-party candidate, Johnson at 9%.   While the poll has a margin of error of 3%, it suggests Trump is trending back towards the first place position in the race and that Clinton’s prior weeks’ leads have been erased, perhaps because of negative reaction to the recent disclosures of mishandling of sensitive national security information regarding her email scandal.

Rasmussen also reported a decline in President Obama’s job approval, with 50% of the public now disapproving his actions as President and 49% approving.  Polling occurred July 5-7 and before the tragic police shootings in Dallas so public opinion of Obama on that is not reflected in the latest Rasmussen Report, but the disapproval rate on Obama is consistent with an Economist poll taken July 2-4 showing Obama had a 51% job disapproval rate and a 45% approval rate.4_p063016ps-0515