San Diego will lift travel threat if Indiana law changes

As reported by the San Diego Union-Tribune:

Mayor Kevin Faulconer does not anticipate enacting his threatened ban on city employee travel to Indiana in light of Gov. Mike Pence’s pledge to amend a law that critics say allows discrimination against gays and lesbians, a spokesman said Tuesday.

On Monday, Faulconer told city officials to restrict publicly funded city travel to the Hoosier State if the law was not changed by next week.

“We appreciate that Governor Pence is stating clearly that discrimination wasn’t the law’s intention and his call for an amendment is the right thing to do,” Matt Awbrey, Faulconer’s spokesman, said in an email early Tuesday. “… Assuming Indiana follows through with Governor Pence’s amendment that makes it clear that this law does not give businesses a right to deny services to anyone, there will be no changes to the travel policy.”

Awbrey said it could not immediately be determined if city employees had any plans to travel to Indiana …

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