At What Point Will We Say Politics Is Out of Control?

It’s no secret people are not excited over President Trump, and tensions are high among supporters and dissidents alike about the current situation in Washington. Debates over the health care bill (in every iteration), social issues and gun rights have lost all logical merit, and we are starting to see similar tendencies in state governments, who are clinging to as much agency as possible in these interesting times.

But now we’ve reached the point of violence; violence that could have been prevented with less partisanship and better discourse. Political gamesmanship has gotten out of control, for both politicians and fervent supporters. This seems to be a known fact, but when we will finally accept it? When will we finally accept politics are out of control?

Politics Over Policy, Party Over Country

How many representatives vote against their own party? Outside of Democrats in more conservative districts and Republicans fearing backlash in districts without a strong base, barely any, and when someone does break ranks, it is for sure-to-pass bills or when the risk of a scandal is just too high. While political parties were formed in part to organize ideas and provide a united front to defend them (much to the chagrin of some of the founding fathers), the fact that representatives have little individual voice is concerning, most of all to constituents from districts that stand to be most affected by legislation.

Is party loyalty not turning into a great cost to America? What bipartisan efforts have we seen coming from Congress? The only things of note this writer could find were a mental health bill passed last year and a budget that’s necessary for the government to run in the first place. Business as usual has become no business at all, and conservative ideas won’t fly if they come from a liberal, and vice versa. Policy has become about the person, not the benefit to society.

Legal Corruption and Rigging the Game

Gerrymandering is doing nothing to improve democracy, both at the state level and federally. It encourages pandering exclusively to a party base, silencing moderate and centrist voices that keep radicals out of office and limit partisanship.

On top of that, the concept of a judge as a political appointment has escalated, with court appointments and resignations playing out like a chess board, and some appointment periods growing far longer than the constitution intended. These types of actions extend beyond terms and are clear efforts to entrench policy and power. It removes the American people’s ability to react to changes and political gestures.

People Are Afraid

People are doing everything they can to stay safe from real and perceived threats, but without organization or an acknowledgment of reality, what can they do? They can stay private from snooping and attempt to make an impact on the local level, but there is an entrenched attitude in Washington that is toxic and is only spreading fear.

Now people are afraid of their own government, with some talking of it as a police state or a country ruled by a tyrant. The narrative being spun by both sides of the media is that we’re headed towards disaster and that every action is taking us one step closer. It seems like we’ve been in a constant state of disaster or emergency for the last 15 years. People have either acclimated and stopped caring, which is bad if there’s a real disaster, or have lived in a state of panic, which makes them easily controlled.

Is it time to say enough’s enough?

There is a growing trend in this country towards the irrational and towards an utter breakdown of political discourse. Some people (likely justifiably) think that politics is completely out of control and that America needs to focus its efforts on finding a new, healthier political norm. Yet that isn’t going to happen until the voting public comes together and makes their voice heard at every level.

What do you plan on doing to raise the standard? Do you think that the current political situation is out of control? Please leave a comment below and tell us your thoughts.

Sandra is a writer and blogger who focuses on political topics and technological issues. Having lived in California for several years, she is seeing more division than ever within the state’s borders.


  1. “Do you think that the current political situation is out of control?” Surely you jest!!! The state is virtually a single party dictatorship now. We are precariously next to bankruptcy and all the far left brainless twits can worry about is FREE healthcare for all! No matter where we get the estimated $400 BILLION to pay for it, and that is YEARLY cost estimate!! Now that governor moonbat and his corrupt liberal democreep regime is destroying small business with unnecessary & unneeded business killing regulations and taxes! Where the money will come from is anyone’s guess at this point!!

    • THE CAPTIVE says

      CA is controlled by left-lib. Dems, who are thinking they will not be harmed when the islam0nazis in the state decide to take over what they can and start eliminating the infidels. Only thing is that the left-libs will be delt with just as harshly as any and all infidels. Who let these savages into the state in -mass? Those in control -THE DEMS. WHO are still into deep denial as things worsen. Look to the EU and UK already under a moslem mayor in London. Yep it is getting worse-and not likely to lessen either. This is just one of the big problems that Jerry Brown’s state has and there are educational,business, city and county and state-wide problems . The irresponsibility of not building DAMS AND RESERVOIRS – Not thinking out the problems caused by tunnels to funnel our much needed water in the north to the south. This is as bad as the taking the waters out of Owens Valley. Now reflect on the dim-wit-into denial DEMS . who control and cause these horrible problems.

  2. We’re saying it. The problem is, no one is doing anything about it. We have begged our president for help and gotten none. We’re awash in a sea of illegals and drowning. Our votes count for nothing and the politicians laugh at us. So what’s your suggestion, Sandra?

  3. Paul Greven Jr. says

    It is funny to hear people say that President Trump is not accomplishing anything. First he is just one man. Second he is accomplishing a great deal, for one he is exposing the one party system we have. The more he tries to shake things up the more both sides resist him, they do not want change they want the status quo. We need to change the people who represent us with people who like Trump say what they mean and mean what they say. Why isn’t the Obamacare repeal bill on Trump’s desk to sign? If it was good enough to send to Obama why isn’t it good enough now? It is because they didn’t mean what they said they were playing politics and pandering to constituents they needed to win reelection, nothing more. When the people keep sending rinos like McCain back to the Senate nothing will change. One of those states I don’t understand, they send 2 Democrats to the Senate, excuse me rinos but elect a real Republican Governor to rule the state. With all the election fraud that is being found in Colorado right now how much of that is going on in Arizona? We need to fix our election rolls and get rid of all the liars in the Senate and House. Want to end gerrymandering? Every state takes the census and starts in the NW corner of the state and a computer expands the square until the population in the square matches the population it needs to hit to make a district until it hits the border going east, continue until all the districts are created, 10 years later start in the SE corner, 10 years start in the NE corner, next 10 years the SW corner then start over. No one will know who will be in these districts until they are drawn. I bet these will be competitive and people will have to figure out a way to get along. Some will have majorities one way or the other but the rest will be dog fights and it will be nearly impossible to figure out how the districts will end up the next time around. The current politician will have no way of knowing in 10 years if his district will even exist. Until we get rid of the lying bums it will never change.

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