Biden Team Fears Rocky Transition

Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

Joe Biden’s transition team had no illusions about the chaos they were inheriting from President Donald Trump. They expected a disorganized government and mismanaged agencies, many of them hollowed out and ignored over the past four years.

Hours before they assume office, however, there is a fear among Biden’s team that the roadblocks they encountered during the chaotic transition shielded them from understanding the full scope of the problems at various agencies, and that the state of the executive branch is far worse than they understood — “the tip of the iceberg” as one senior transition aide put it.

At the National Security Council, Trump officials were reluctant to share information about who was even on the staff, and at the Department of Defense, requests for information were either ignored or only partially answered. At the Office of Management and Budget, the practice of making career officials available for the incoming administration to craft their budget was disregarded, leaving Biden officials frustrated that their budget will likely be delayed. And at the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the lack of interest in assisting the Biden transition was stated plainly.

“Transition is not a priority for USTR,” Robert Lighthizer’s chief of staff told a Biden official, according to a person briefed on the conversation.

A spokesperson for USTR did not respond to a request for comment. Officials at the Defense Department and OMB, meanwhile, have vocally defended their transition cooperation. “Our DOD political and career officials have been working with the utmost professionalism to support transition activities in a compressed time schedule,” Acting Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller said in a Dec. 28. statement.

Complicating matters even more was the massive SolarWinds hack discovered late last year, which left open the possibility that suspected Russian operatives are still lurking inside federal computers, impacting virtually everything that Biden’s team tries to do. …

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  1. I expect more from CA Political Review than vomiting garbage from Politico. Is this the best you can do?

  2. All I can say is what a load of BS.

  3. I’m disappointed that CA Political Review would regurgitate Democrat rhetoric. I expect better from you.

  4. I think you’ve been hacked by the CCP writing such sh** like this

  5. Who OK’ed this BS?? Have the leftists gotten to you too???

  6. Traitor Joe has been feeding off the bottom for more than forty years – what’s with the excusemaking. piss on politico.

  7. Why do you need four pens to ink out Politico lies?

  8. Biden and his voters fear everything. No news here.

  9. Biden*, of course, has it lucky compared to the Trump transition in 2016.
    No comparison.

    • The Captive says

      Absolutely ! Biden and his nasty liberal fools deserve nothing- all they gave President Trump was hell day after day. They felt it was ok to lie repeatEDLY and NOT TELL THE TRUTH,
      There is nothing to respect from Biden and his corrupt-criminal son as well. NO THE left-progressive sobs deserve nothing from the right!

  10. Daniel Wright says

    Did the Newsom administration hire a new editor for this site?

  11. Kathy Farmer says

    And so the left will continue to blame everything on Trump like they have for the past 4 plus years. Whine Whine Whine like little cry babies. I am sick of hearing about it and can not believe you put this article for us to read.

  12. Stan Sexton says

    The Cry Baby Clinton Crime Family and George Soros were so hurt by the Trump Victory in 2016 that they plotted revenge from Day1. All the phony Russian plots and then the Swamp went full on to preserve their power. The New World Order, The Davos and Bilderberg Group, The Great Reset, The Rothschilds, all so disappointed to be delayed 4 years. Even got the Chinese upset until they could get their boys back in power. Four lost years of Progress. Four lost years of Utopia. Four years of not applying the Chinese Economic Model which is not Communism but Wild Capitalism. Now we get High Tech and the Elites to control our information. Tear down the Wall and let George Soros’ have his Wet Dream of Disruption and Unlimited Immigration. Make America the Land of Light Brown People. Buy out all the Politicians who stand in the way. More Gascons. Free the People and Defund Law Enforcement. Let Bill Gates keep all his new Farmland while the serfs lose their property. Praise the New King. Let George Soros and the Elite rule the World.


  14. Jesus Beltran says

    Have you ever wanted to puke,
    At the sight of a racist, rapist pig
    Because he controls all the nukes
    And you know he is a brainless twig
    Now…You should feel safe and sound
    The orange orangutan moron clown
    Is no longer around.

    The racist, rapist, lazy pussy grabber is history stupid racist scum.

    • President Trump is none of those things and, you know it. You will be happy to know President Trump is still very much “around” along with a hundred million supporters. A new dawn is coming despite the best efforts of the communist democrats to stifle We The People despite the dem’s cheating and fraud.

  15. Lies, lies, lies and more damned lies. More of this tripe and you will be cancelled too!

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