Black Lives Matter Protest Turns Violent in San Diego

black-lives-matterA Black Lives Matter protest turned violent on Thursday night in El Cajon, near San Diego, as demonstrators attacked cars and at least one motorcycle while protesting the death of 38-year-old Ugandan refugee Alfred Olango earlier this week.

It was the second straight night of violence at the protest, after a mob chased and beat a man who came to a community vigil on Wednesday evening wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat supporting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Olango was killed in a confrontation with police when he pointed an object at officers that looked like a gun but which later turned out to be a vape smoking device. Police had arrived on the scene after being called by Olango’s sister, who said that he had been acting strangely. A widely-circulated image of the confrontation, which looks like an armed standoff, suggests that one police officer was black and the other was white. One officer reportedly fired a Taser but the other fired live ammunition.

On Thursday evening, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports, “about 50 to 75 people — a smaller crowd than previous nights — took over the intersection of Broadway and Mollison Avenue” and “stopped passing vehicles and broke several of their windows” at about 8 p.m., according to police. There was also a confrontation with a motorcyclist who lost control of his vehicle, and police made two arrests, firing pepper balls to disperse the crowd after people began throwing glass bottles.

The Los Angeles Times reports that Olango was supposed to have been deported from the United States twice, after separate federal convictions, first on drug charges in 2002 and second on weapons charges in 2009. He could not be deported because the Ugandan government failed to provide travel documents, and he was released under supervision by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Friends told the Times that Olango had been dealing with a personal crisis when he was shot.

This piece was originally published by Breitbart California


  1. These are paid for Soros agitators who really have nothing better to do then be the mob paid to incite the hardworking police. Unfortunately no one wants to do an expose on losers who are defending someone who has an extensive police record (criminal) and who did not COMPLY. It is so simple when someone says put your arms on the dash and or put down “whatever could be thought or presumed to be a weapon” there is a good chance you will not be harmed unless you do not follow law enforcement instructions. Pretty soon all police will take a couple of weeks off and then we will see how hateful people are towards all police. When there is chaos and lawlessness like “the purge” that is what you can expect. Police lives matter too!

  2. Why is it the president don’t take note of these actions.only one reason it could be and that is because he condone the tugs.I understand when many American think he was not born here.

  3. Don’t point anything at the police when confronted, or you may not appreciate their response.

  4. America this is a well rehearsed and practiced Stance/Position by a Mentally Ill person! Who taught this Mentally ill Person to PRACTICE this STANCE! Family member called the Police then the LAWYER in Speed Dial! Family members rolling the DICE for a PAYDAY?
    Unless you ever had a GUN pointed at you whether Fake or REAL, just STFU and deal with reality in the REAL WORLD!
    In that split second NO ONE is WILLING to BET his LIFE that something Shiny, Cell Phone, BB/PELLET gun I WILL BE GOING HOME AT END OF MY SHIFT REGARDLESS!

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