California Has an Outmigration Problem

Recent Census Bureau data tell a story that surprises no one who keeps up with current events in California: The state is losing residents like few others. According to economist Mark J. Perry, only four other states – New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Louisiana – had a greater net outflow in 2019.

Using Census numbers, Perry ranked the top 10 inbound and outbound states, and then looked at how each “compared on a variety of measures of business climate, individual and corporate tax burdens, state fiscal health, electricity and housing costs, economic performance, and labor market dynamism.” What he found will, again, surprise no one. The top 10 outbound states have higher taxes, poor business climates, more expensive housing and energy costs, and lower economic and job growth. And they are, with the exception of Louisiana, blue states.

Here’s a quick California-centric overview:

  • Only four states in the outbound category have a higher state-local tax burden as a percentage of income than California’s. This state has the highest individual income tax rate (at 13.3%, no one is even close) and third-highest corporate tax rate (8.84%).
  • Even though most Californians live in temperate zones, only Connecticut has higher electricity costs, and the difference isn’t worth debating – 18.47 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 18.46 cents).
  • Homes are by far more expensive in California, with the 2020 median price at $586,659. Massachusetts is next at $457,192.
  • Only Louisiana and New Mexico have higher 2019 jobless rates than California’s 4.1%.
  • At 1.5%, the rate of job growth in California is second in terms of success only to New Mexico’s 1.6%, but it nevertheless lags every top 10 inbound state in job growth but Oklahoma, which has a rate of 0.8%. The average for the 10 inbound states, nine of which are right-to-work states, is 2.1%.

Perry didn’t include economic freedom when compiling his list, but it is not without significance. California lands at 47th in the Fraser Institute’s 2020 rankings of economic freedom in North America. New York is dead last. Other states from Perry’s outbound list found in the bottom half of the Fraser list include Louisiana, Michigan, New Jersey, Illinois, and New Mexico. This is not a coincidence.

While the wealthy continue to live well in California – more billionaires, 165, call this state home than any other – the middle class sees better opportunities elsewhere. And flees. As do businesses.

The heavy outmigration is likely to result in the loss of a congressional seat (and an Electoral College vote), probably from the Los Angeles region, reducing the state’s House delegation to 52. It would be the first time in California’s history that it dropped a congressional seat. Several other top 10 outbound states – Illinois, Michigan, New York – will probably lose House seats, as well.

Meanwhile, Texas, which has no state income or corporate taxes, lightly regulates commerce, and welcomes businesses, might gain three.

The official line out of Sacramento and most city halls and county board rooms, adopted by much of the media and repeated by supporters of the blue state model, says there’s nothing to see here, California is doing just fine. But the many residents and businesses that have left, and those that realize they will eventually have to as well, recognize this is true only for the extraordinarily wealthy and the bulk of the political class, which seems as if it’s going to be the last to know that it’s created an enormous problem.

Kerry Jackson is a fellow with the Center for California Reform at the Pacific Research Institute.

This article was originally published by the Pacific Research Institute.


  1. Brenda Torres says

    Liberals leaving Blue States because the Cost to live there and Taxes are Much Higher and going to Red States because their Economy is more favorable…Then they continue to Vote Blue!!! How long will it take to for those States to turn Blue….Well, it didn’t take long by the looks of this last election….

    • Jesus Beltran says

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  2. Shane Conway says

    I made the move 5 years ago and haven’t looked back. Not only was I able to buy a nicer, bigger home, but I save an average of $30 per gas station visit while my electric bill averages around $52 per month. Additionally, people here speak English and are much more friendly.

    California turned into a third-world country years ago. Now, I’m home!


  4. The more affluent have no financial problems with the regressive energy policies that have serious consequences for working families. With California already having among the highest costs for electricity and fuels in the country, the affluent can continue to easily absorb those costs into their budgets. On the other hand, for those that can least afford expensive energy, the homeless and poverty populations continue to grow in the Golden state, and our Governor is doing everything possible to further INCREASE the costs for electricity and fuels. Go figure….

  5. We left Kommiefornia three years ago. Sold our properties, closed all our accounts with local banks, and took everything of value to us out of the state.

    We have a much nicer house, a lot three times as big, our property taxes are half, gasoline and electricity are much less expensive, food is less expensive, and you rarely see any of the permanent “entitled victim-class” people.

  6. I understand the desire to leave California. One of the problems with this is that some of those leaving are Liberals who move to an Idaho (or a similar state) and vote like they did here in California thus “infecting” their new home state.
    I have come to the realization that California is a lost cause. I know this pains many of us, but it is time we understand that our ideas have lost. In addition, we will never have the votes to turn it around. However, I grew up here and I will stay. It is no longer about winning elections, it is about finding ways to live your life without letting our government destroy us.

  7. Start by recalling The Supreme Commander, Pretty Boy Newsom.

    • Easier said than done. communist democrats rig elections, cheat and, lie. Its who they are.

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  8. After being lifetime residents we ripped off the bandaid and left CA and it wasn’t due to having enough money to live there. Part of what makes a place great to live are the people and culture both of which the leaders have worked hard to ruin. People are people but the leaders of CA have made residents edgy and rightly so given those leaders keep shifting the ground residents live on. We worked hard for our money and the leaders take it (I should say steal it) with little or nothing to show for it. It is like giving a dollar to the nephew you love but he then he spends it on drugs and has nothing to show and then gives a lot of promises for next time. I say any stop of a loss is a gain and that not only applies to your money but also your soul both of which CA is willing to waste. CA is somewhat ghetto everywhere now. Think far outside of the financial component of leaving CA and look at the other gains (ie a much improved public square). It was hard to leave but now that we are on the other side we moved up our quality of life in all aspects and only wish we had done it sooner. The leaders are masters of keeping just enough feeling for residents to be alive but not thrive.

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