California To Mandate Student Covid Vaccines Once FDA Gives Full Approval

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced Friday that California will mandate student vaccines for Covid-19 once federal officials fully approve the immunizations, becoming the first state to declare that requirement, though it likely will not take effect until next school year.

Under the plan, California will add Covid-19 vaccines to its list of immunizations required for school attendance in the first academic term after the Food and Drug Administration approves the shots for students in a given age band, split between grades 7-12 and K-6. The governor’s office estimates that middle- and high-schoolers will need to get vaccinated before the 2022-23 school year starts.

California would likewise issue a hard mandate that all education staff be vaccinated at that time, eliminating an option for non-vaccinated employees to show a negative test in lieu of getting the shot. …

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  1. You parents who voted NOT to recall this a$$hole now get the results!!

  2. Senator Johnson is on record saying there is no approved vaccine.

    If true Newsom is breaking the law at worst, at best he is damaging the future of this country’s with lies and attacks on children’s health.

    The safety-ism and hypochondria of the left and, well, the neurotic are playing into the authoritarians’ hands.

  3. Rottweiler says

    Do the brown coats come to mind? Like Anziani says “you get what you voted for”. We need to make a new law that says Loser progressive, liberal Democratic voters are forbidden to enter a RED STATE. Why muck up a place that everyone loves? Go live in your progressive nuclear mess! Hot bed of cesspool crap that only the Democratic party can take credit for, after all we have been under their rule for decades.

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