California’s Big Reopening: What Changes On June 15?

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California’s grand reopening day is almost here, but it comes with a few asterisks. 

If all goes as expected and promised, on June 15 our 15-month-long ordeal of public health restrictions, mandates, bans and color-coded tiers to stem the COVID-19 pandemicwill finally come to an end. As Gov. Gavin Newsom said in April and reaffirmed in May, next Tuesday is when “we can start to open up…business as usual.”

But as that much-touted date approaches, the governor’s promise of a sudden milestone is colliding with the loophole-ridden gradualism of California labor law, local control and the imperatives of fighting a diminishing — but not defeated — virus that has killed 62,500 Californians and counting.

Some mixed messages along the way have added to the confusion. So what will — and won’t — actually happen on Tuesday? Many of your questions, answered.

Will I be able to sit inside a bar, work out at a gym or go to the movies?


The average Californian can expect things to look fairly back-to-normal in most of the ways that matter. 

Moving “beyond the blueprint,” to use the state’s branding, and instead using federal health guidance for public places means that most businesses can dispense with social distancing requirements, capacity limits and forced closures. 

But there’s a difference between “can” and “must.” 

Counties will still be free to impose their own public health restrictions if they choose to — but only if they’re stricter than what the state is requiring. So far, no counties have said that they’ll part ways with the state’s rules, though a few, like San Francisco, say they’re still mulling over their options.

Even so, businesses aren’t taking any chances. On Tuesday, more than 35 business groups sent a letter to county governments across the state begging them to stick to the statewide rules.

Though business groups, who don’t relish the idea of getting sued, are hoping for consistent, cheap and easy-to-follow standards, your favorite restaurant, movie theater or hair salon is also free to impose its own public health restrictions. 

That means you shouldn’t be surprised if you still spot a few “No Mask, No Service” signs after June 15.

Can I go to a concert?

Depends. Are we talking open mic at the local bar or Beyonce at an arena?

The state has said it will impose additional restrictions on “mega events.” That’s defined as anything that draws more than 5,000 people indoors or 10,000 outside. (Sorry, nameless dude playing a melodica into a loop pedal, you are not a mega event).

According to the most recent state guidance, concerts, conventions and other indoor mega events will only be open to people who can prove that they’ve either been vaccinated (by showing a vaccination card, a photo of the card, or documentation from a doctor) or that they tested negative for the coronavirus in the last 72 hours. That kind of proof won’t necessarily be required at outdoor events such as baseball games, but the state is recommending that stadiums either impose such a rule or require masking.

Once I’m inside the bar, gym or movie theater, can I finally take this mask off?

Yes, if you’re vaccinated.

California’s public health officials confirmed Wednesday that along with relaxed social distancing, the state will also drop its mask mandate on June 15 and instead adopt the recommendations of the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

That means vaccinated adults should feel free to go mask-less in most public spaces. There are still exceptions for venues where the potential for many vulnerable people congregating in a confined place is high: hospitals and other health care settings, school classrooms, prisons and jails, public transit and nursing homes.

If you’re unvaccinated, you’ll still be required to wear a mask indoors in most public places, though it’s not entirely clear if or how that will be enforced. On Wednesday, health and human services secretary Mark Ghaly said that businesses can require masks of all customers, implement a vaccination verification system or simply go with the honor system

“We are not requiring businesses to, for example, have somebody at the door checking for vaccine status as a way to comply with this,” he said. …

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  1. Daniel Wright says

    This could be a good idea if the virus were at least as deadly as the seasonal flu. (it isn’t.) It could be a good idea if a mask could actually stop viruses from exiting or entering through them. (they can’t) [just as a screen door can’t block dust particles]. It could be a good idea if there were an actual FDA approved covid19 vaccine. (there isn’t one) [All the shots are experimental DNA therapies approved for emergency use only that have no dead or weakened viruses in them]. This could be a good idea if there weren’t such a high rate of side effects including over 4,000 deaths from the shots so far. Knowing these facts can anyone actually think that being forced to take the death shot in order to live a free life is a good idea?

    • Disgusted in California says

      In other words – raping and pillaging the California taxpayer will still be the norm!!! We are in charge – you do as you’re told and no one will be hurt.
      BULL SH!T as usual!!!!!

  2. JimNorCal says

    Prediction: the assh*les in charge of Santa Clara County will (already have) go beyond CAs rules.

  3. It’s hard to believe that you will have to prove your vaccination status to have any rights….welcome to the Covidian Cult~~

    • Philip Gallanders says

      There is no law that allows a citizen to demand from another citizen, their medical history or conditions.

      The most they can do, is request adherence to the recommendation posted on their building.

  4. People willingly gave their freedoms away, they will take anything government says, the devil is running the world now, other countries shut the shots down over a few deaths from vaccine the USA did not the more deaths the better it seemed.
    Their depopulation plan proves people are ok with dying, as they keep flocking for the shot.

  5. Death rate in California from the virus is 0.17%, was never worth the lockdowns or the harsh closings of businesses. But employers need only one employee to say “I’m afraid, you need to keep everyone in masks” to impose the masking and social distancing rules. Before you know it, there will be another virus and another idiotic over-reaction. We’re going to have to recognize that life will just never be returning to “normal.”

  6. CaDreamer says

    We’re deceiving ourselves if we think things are ever going to be ‘normal’ again. This whole lockdown was about CONTROL, and they’re never going to relinquish that. They’re going to let the lemmings plead for vaccine passports, because how else are we going to know who’s vaxxed and who’s not??? And they’ll gladly comply. We gave up our freedom last year for ‘two weeks’ for the greater good without a shot being fired. We’ll never get it back the same way!

  7. This article quoted a fake statistic. 62,500 Californians HAVE NOT died from Covid. Across the country they have been fraudulently attributing a large chunk of deaths to Covid deaths. How did they do this? First the CDC fraudulently changed the death certificate process to downgrade comorbidiities and labeled all deaths a Covid death that had a positive test hit. It gets even more fraudulent when the PCR test CAN NOT identify an active infection and it’s false positive rate goes through the roof once the cycle count is ramped up above 25. Most labs have cycle counts above 40 which resulted in a false positive rate of up to 97%. Tens of thousands of deaths attributed to Covid didn’t even involve a PCR Test. Doctors were encouraged to put down Covid even if no test was administered. Couple that with the lack of autopsies and the true Covid death count is a small fraction of what has been reported. The average age of death from Covid is over the average age of death from all causes at like 82 years of age. The corruption surrounding this plandemic has been outrageous! Masks don’t work! Social distancing doesn’t work! Lockdowns didn’t work! PCR tests are misused. The genetic manipulation kill shots which are NOT vaccines are killing more people than Covid yet the sheeple masses stay asleep!

  8. Chris Renner says

    Californians will always be afraid to DIE while those that flee the Tarnished State as well as citizens of 75% of other states want to LIVE. There is a difference and a main reason why California is the most unfriendly state in the union. If you want to live, you must get out! I did and boy have I lived for the last twelve months. Hiking, biking, kayaking, shopping, skiing and eating out all without a mask and a much lower death rate than California!

  9. We have a governor who is not smart enough to emulate the states that had no shut downs and no economic disasters. His desire to micro manage the state was too great, even if it proved his incompetence. He richly deserves his upcoming boot in the ass.

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