California’s Political Hypocrisy

California politicians must be bent on emulating Roman history. At the same time we have “Nero fiddling while Rome burns,” it’s also “bread and circuses for all.”

In Rome, the fat-cat elitist politicians knew that the people could riot and overthrow their aristocratic lives. To be able to maintain their comfortable lives required keeping the people fed well enough and distracted with grand entertainment – gladiator battles and chariot races. This appeased the people of Rome for periods of relative calm.

Events recently in California have demonstrated once again that too many politicians forget they are elected by the people, to represent the people. While it is evident that far too many of California’s elected politicians feel they are aristocracy, their bread and circuses only last so long, and appease so much.

Gov. Gavin Newsom was caught in recent weeks dining in Napa Valley at a large dinner party at the swanky French Laundry restaurant, violating his own COVID stay-at-home orders. Monday at his press briefing, he issued a duplicitous apology, arguing that Napa was in the orange, less restrictive of his lockdown tiers, and the party was outside… as if that minimized his personal breach.

Newsom smiled and smirked and even lied during his apology to the people, claiming the dinner party was outside. Photos taken by another guest dining at the French Laundry show that his large group was indeed indoors.

Within days of Newsom’s blatant violation of his own statewide lockdown orders, many state lawmakers headed to Maui for an annual conference hosted by the Independent Voter Project. We still aren’t sure how they bypassed the Hawaii 14-day quarantine all other travelers are ordered to follow.

By Friday, Gov. Newsom ordered 41 California counties back into the most restrictive of lockdowns, and a 30-day statewide 10:00PM curfew.

A political friend offered his own plan: “At 10:01 PM on Saturday, November 21, I’ll be going outside, waiving our Gadsden Flag, ringing a cowbell, and telling Governor French Laundry Newsom to stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.”

He suggested we start a state wide movement to do the same.  Everyone goes outside at 10:01 PM Saturday night Nov. 21st and tell the Governor “Covid This!”

We also learned this week that the RecallGavin2020 has a head of steam with 800,000 signatures gathered, and solid funders.

Many thought that the 4-5 month silence from the recall campaign meant it was stalled.

Au contraire… the recall busy bees had been quite productive, continuing to gather signatures. Top fundraisers joined the movement and secured important funding.

Just as with the 2003 recall of Gov. Gray Davis, the ground game is as important as the big name backers and funders. It’s good to see both factions working together, as both are equally important.

Many think Gov. Newsom and his people were caught off-guard and totally flat-footed. The last governor who mocked recall attempts found himself on the receiving end of being tossed out of office and replaced by a Hollywood star.

This article was originally published by the California Globe.


  1. Who paid for the French Laundry dinner ?
    Most likely Governor Gavin Greusome on his tax payer supported expense account !
    Where are my truffles Gavin ?


  2. The states’ climate policies have driven up the cost of electricity and fuels to be are among the highest in the country, which have driven up the prices of virtually everything used in our daily lives. California’s climate policies disproportionately harm its poorest and disadvantaged residents and contributes to the state having the highest homeless and poverty rates in America.

    Energy is at the forefront of everything that touches our lives and California Governor Newsom is doing everything possible to continually INCREASE the cost of electricity and fuels to its residents.

    • If you think CA’s climate policies are bad, president-pretender Biden just announce his “Climate Czar” – John Kerry. God help the United Socialist States of America!!!


  4. Chris Renner says

    I urge everyone to go maskless to prove you won’t be dictated to by government. Masks have proven to be every bit as effective as no masks in preventing virus spread so take the mask off. It’s very liberating to walk around a store without a mask, especially in California where everyone thinks they will die if they contract it. If someone asks you about your mask, just state that Governor Newsome doesn’t need it, members of the California Medical Association don’t need it and since the Governor and those physicians explicitly state that the mask is senseless, you will abide by their wisdom and direction.

  5. Ego is OK if you can really earn the imagined adoration that comes with it. Trump yes, Newsom no. Our governor is not smart enough to downplay his perceived wonderfulness at a time when his minions are truly suffering and looking for real answers. And not the bunch of really stupid edicts that even he ignores.
    All he had to do was stand up and say:
    “We are all fuctioning human beings here in California. We have all been exposed to to a series of best recommendations for survival since the start of the pandemic. You know or should know what actions to take to best survive. Adjust your life style and or your business as you deem necessary to succeed. Avoid people who are careless or just plain stupid. Darwin’s law will take care of them. Good luck and please do not recall me”.

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