Current One-Party System is Bad for California

californiaTechnically speaking, California’s political system is a “two party system,” but that is largely in name only in most places in the state.

California has become a “one party state” controlled by the California Democratic Party and California Democrat politicians.
Two key drivers was the decline of the Republican Party in the wake of Pete Wilson’s Prop. 187, and the redistricting deal in the early 2000s that helped Congressional Republicans and Republican incumbents by making most of California’s districts solidly Democrat or solidly Republican, according to a conversation with the late Allan Hoffenblum, legendary GOP strategist and former publisher of the California Target Book.

Republicans are not competitive in the vast majority of districts, and once the 2016 election is over it has been reported by David Crane, Stanford University, that there will be no open Assembly seats in the state until 2024. Campaign consultants are already sulking over the lack of potential competitive elections in the years following 2016.

This lack of party competition will primarily hurt California working families and the declining middle-class and help powerful special interests. The reason is that the lack of a viable political opposition in the vast majority of districts allows politicians to pander to their “core constituencies” and ignore the vast majority of voters including independents and the political center.
The one bright spot is the passage of the “top two primary system” as the result of a back door budget deal which has enabled the rise of the “moderate democrat” in California politics which tend to be less tied to the Democratic pro-labor base and more sensible on business and independent voter issues (i.e. taxes, government regulation).

Republican challengers, and their backers, tend to be the ones who can challenge California Democrat politicians on their weakest policy stances including taxes, out of control government spending, and onerous and costly government regulation.
But in most legislative races in California the Democrat establishment candidates do not have a viable Republican challenger. The result is that many of the key issues facing California are not even debated in the campaign. This is bad for the state’s political system and its voters.

Most competitive legislative races in California are characterized as a race between a far-left “progressive, pro-labor” Democrat, and a more moderate “pro-business” Democrat. This trend is the result of the state’s relatively new “top two primary system” and is surely better than having no competition but does not provide the same benefits as a true two party system.
Most “moderate Democrats” are still pro-labor, just not as far left as the organized labor establishment–backed Democrat candidates. And most “moderate Democrats” stick to the California Democratic Party platform on most economic and social issues. They are essentially Democrats, with a pro-business slant, which is good for the state and its political debate, but does not tend to challenge the Democratic status quo on most important issues in the state.

For example, take the example of Senator Bill Dodd (D), running as a moderate Democrat in the Sacramento valley in 2016. He is selling himself as a reasonable centrist Democrat who can work with both Democrats and Republicans to get things done. But he is still “pro-labor” and tied to the Democrat labor base on most issues including environmental regulation and state spending issues–perhaps the state’s two most important current policy issues.

Perhaps most alarming, is that after 2016 many of the “moderate Democrats” may not even have the threat of a viable moderate pro-business challenger, which makes it likely that they could sway back to the left, even the far-left, staked out organized labor and California Democratic Party.

In conclusion, there are really two potential paths to bringing back electoral competition to California politics.
First, the Republican Party and its candidates could move closer to the political center to better challenge Democrat candidates. This is unlikely to happen because the state’s Republican candidates are simply a reflection of the state’s Republican voters who tend to be very conservative.

Second, the more likely scenario is that you will see an increasing split in the California Democrat Party between its “pro-labor” base and “moderate Democrats.” This split has increased dramatically in the last year, and likely to continue.
If one considers voting data, one finds that the political center is huge, larger than either party, and there is really a lot of room for new varieties of Democrat candidates to stake out a more centrist positions that appeal to independent voters who tend to be more fiscally conservative than the Democratic base yet still pro-environment. These voters tend to be more reasonable on regulatory issues and other common sense policy positions, such as keeping a lid on the state’s rising tax burden and expansion of the welfare state.

Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain, the state’s current one-party system is bad for California and the average voter, particularly independents, who in many cases do not even have the option to vote for a candidate that fits their political and policy preferences.

Kersten Institute for Governance and Public Policy

This piece was originally published by Fox and Hounds Daily


  1. askeptic says

    So, we will see a battle within the Progressive-Democrat Party between the Bolsheviks, and the Mensheviks.
    Who will be conducting the “Show Trials”?

  2. This voting process was signed into law by non other than Jerry Brown.

  3. Randy Townsend says

    With the exception of Asians, minorities vote liberal – that’s Democrat. Minorites are the dominant group in CA and will be from now on – whites are the decreasing population. Result? CA is a liberal state for good. When the Dims overreach, get greedy, and their corruption becomes apparent, it won’t matter since the voters will never elect a conservative. Best advice to thse that can? Leave, because this place is finished. Votw all you want – Orange County still pays the liberal tax rates, lives by the leftist laws, and has no say in what happens, CA is lost.

    • Do you mean between the Stalinists and the Troskyites? Or is it like in China between Mao ZeDong and the Gang of Four, which resulted in the Cultural Revolution and years of violence and blood shed.
      It was a power struggle between factions of the Chinese Communist Party, a power struggle based on eliminating totally any ideas about democracy and absolute authority by the state, perhaps between a militaristic Revolutionary Communist Party, in which the Revolution never ends and a pervasive police state, The police state has won out with the rise of digital surveillance making social scoring possible with individuals movements, spending patterns, relationships, employment all being instantly available to the authorities, along with the more traditional spies and informers.
      I imagine we will be seeing show trials, although we have already seen some of them.
      Adam Schiff’s hearings, the Trump impeachment, the Mueller investigation, and also the Senate Judiciary Committe Kavanaugh hearings were certainly show trials, and the media was there supporting and publicizing them. Due process will certainly be the earliest casualty of the new one party system.

    • Probably the first to go will be the police. They will be lucky to escape with their lives.
      There is a war on police and it’s turned into a no prisoners conflict, defunding or essentially getting rid of the police.
      If the police are gone, fire protection soon follows.
      When that happens, get out fast, even if it means leaving everything behind, otherwise, it will be too late.
      Government will not help you, and in fact you will be seen as the problem, not the solution.

  4. California is going to become Venezuela.


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