Disneyland, Stadiums Get Green Light to Start Reopening April 1

Californians holding out hope for spring baseball games, summer trips to Disneyland and outdoor concerts in the park are in luck. State officials today announced that outdoor sports and live performance venues, as well as amusement parks, will be allowed to begin reopening on April 1 — with restrictions. 

That is, if counties proceed through the state’s four-stage, color-coded reopening tiers as hoped with increasing vaccination rates and declining COVID-19 infections. And if would-be outdoor audience members are quick on the draw, since strict capacity limits and reservation requirements will be in effect.

“We feel like this is a good time to begin to provide additional visibility into how we can move forward opening parts of the economy,” said Dee Dee Myers, Gov. Gavin Newsom’s top economic adviser, during a press conference. “This gives some of those bigger employers a chance to ramp up, to get ready for April 1.”

For Disneyland and other amusement parks to start reopening next month, they’ll need to make it into the state’s second-most-restrictive red tier. As it stands, Disney’s home, Orange County, just barely remains in the strictest purple tier. The state made that leap slightly easier to achieve this week, when it eased requirements for counties to advance out of the strictest purple tier after vaccinations in low-income neighborhoods hit levels the state is expected to reach in about two weeks.

With the new changes announced today, outdoor events will be limited to 100 people or less in the purple tier, 20% capacity with reserved seating and no concessions in the red tier, 33% capacity in the orange tier and 67% capacity in the yellow tier. Amusement parks will be permitted to operate at 15% capacity in the red tier, 25% in orange and 35% in yellow. Attendance at these expanded outdoor activities will be limited to in-state visitors. …

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  1. Rottweiler says

    Disneyland has sunk to new lows and would probably like to advertise conservatives not welcome. I will never go back to this cave into the cancel culture non-themed park. They must have forgotten Walt was a conservative Republican and would have controlled his business the way he saw fit not the way the cancel culture leftist progressives demand and bully those to meet their creepy and anti-American rules. I say cancel the cancel culture and resist the resistors. They suck and they don’t need my buck.

    • A friend and I celebrated our birthdays there for over 40 years, stopped about 6 years ago. Once Walt was gone, the deterioration started and just kept going, from useless employees to serious price gouging. I miss Walt’s Disneyland but not what it’s become.

      • You are right, RBank! Walt Disney was a wonderful, caring, God loving, conservative man who would be appalled at what his dream has become.

        I grew up on Disney. I lived in Anaheim most of my life. On hot summers nights you would find our entire neighborhood, young and old, gathering at a corner of our street to watch the fireworks that Disneyland put on every night. And every night during those lazy summers, the sky would light up with beautiful sparkling colors and amaze and amuse us.

        That is the dream of Walt Disney…to make young and old alike smile, laugh and giggle with glee and awe at his creations. He wanted only to make people happy and he did!

        This “new” Disney wants only to make people miserable – just like our governor. The evil is palpable.

        California has become unrecognizable. Where once stood beautiful orange groves dotted with cozy blots of neighborhoods, now there is poverty, crime, filth and over-crowding…and those are just the houses. The people are much worse.

  2. Will citizens ever overcome the fear psyop that the Big Pharma/NWO has perpetrated in order to control the financial reset by keeping the reset out of White Hats hands? Was this about a virus or the election? Biden is not President as Military will not allow foreign invasion, digital election fraud, to overthrow our country and Constitution.

  3. Disgusted in California says

    Distracting the citizens from his failures – and trying to stop the recall!!!!! Don’t believe him – not one word!!!!!!

  4. JimNorCal says

    I ate indoors at a restaurant last night, here in Silicon Valley.
    It was a great feeling.
    Previously I ate indoors when visiting Ohio last July

    I wonder if Ohio is depopulated now that they’ve been open for so long?

  5. Really??? says

    Sign me up for the no Disney ever more. We grew up wanting to go, and it was a thrill…no longer

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