Election Integrity Still Matters

This is neither a column about “Stop the Steal” or “there was no fraud.” At this point, whether there was a sufficient level of fraud to affect the outcome of the 2020 presidential election is a moot point. Nonetheless there were, and continue to be, legitimate concerns about election integrity in the United States.

If this nation is to survive as a constitutional republic, those concerns must be addressed. The problem is that our nation is currently so divided that there exists little trust in any remedy that may be proposed by one side or the other. Just how deep is that mistrust? Consider this.

In a Politico/Morning Consult poll taken shortly after November’s election, 70 percent of Republicans rejected the notion that it was conducted in a “free and fair” manner. Before the election, just 35 percent of Republicans held that belief. The shift was opposite among Democrats, where 95 percent believed the election was free and fair afterward, compared with 52 percent who said the same before the election.

Despite this divide, there is a workable template for election reform that was the product of a bipartisan commission. Several of its recommendations are worthy of consideration.

After the 2000 election debacle culminating in the Supreme Court case of Bush v. Gore, a Commission on Federal Election Reform was formed. It was a continuation of a previous commission created by former President Jimmy Carter. Co-chairing the new commission was James A. Baker III, who served as Treasury Secretary in the Reagan administration and Secretary of State under President George H.W. Bush. The commission’s twenty-one members were a who’s who of political heavyweights and academics from across the political spectrum.

In a 91-page report, the commission put forth 87 recommendations to secure fair elections. Key among these proposals was the recognition that voter ID laws are important to preserve election integrity. Granted, with the Covid-19 pandemic, there was a perceived need to rely heavily on mail-in voting last year, but that does not mean that we should ignore this important recommendation for future elections.

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  1. Disgusted in California says

    I’ve been working the poll in CA for the last 15 years or so. The rule has been, if you want to vote in person and you received a mail in ballot, you always had to surrender your mail in ballot or vote provisional. They didn’t follow that rule – told people to just destroy their ballot. They never even asked me, I still ahve my mail in ballot.

  2. Being a California Citizen since 1943 my trust in government has eroded dramatically over this last decade. I believe that is because, even with a strong Red center, California’s “left” coast and her two major welfare cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles, have consistently elected the self-serving candidates as their choice for state senator, representative, and governors. This being the reason for the unsustainable debt, worthless and expensive projects that provide no civic or cultural value, but political – yes! Democrats and the left never work for the People, their goal is to increase political power and their financial bottom line – at the expense of the Citizens.
    Mail-in voting, including Absentee voting ( which has gotten to lenient over the years) are the front door and back door to fraud. People need to vote in-person, with an identification, on one day – one day only. Absentee by specific excuse predetermined and verified.
    California currently is led by a tyrannical government! A despotic governor who is incompetent as the legislature is. Tax and spend! Not if it is right or wrong, but does it work! Tyranny is government by a few – i.e., one party rule and that is where we are.

  3. The only way to even come close to an hones election is to vote on one day only with ID on paper ballots with very limited mail in ballots only with a good reason. being to damn lazy to go to the polls is not a good reason. The state must have enough open polling places

  4. To think that American technology can not come up with a fool proof election system is ridiculous.
    Politicians want control of the system and today they have it. Unfortunately the G.O.P. rolled over and played dead. We are now a one party system with radicals in charge. It may take yet another revolution to get rid of this one. Socialism here we come.

  5. Seriously?

    The Democrats are so lazy they cannot take a couple of hours to vote in person?

    This is a comment on the integrity and backbone of that side of the political spectrum.

    Now with AI assisted cars making travel even safer what will their excuse be? Oh I know we cannot remember exactly when election day is…..(yea right)

  6. Gotta Gedada Displace says

    If There WAS NO FRAUD then the Election can (and SHOULD)

    SURVIVE Scrutiny not AVOID Scrutiny not DEFAME Scrutiny not OUTLAW Scrutiny

    Everyone with eyes and a brain can reach the OBVIOUS CONCLUSION –

    See how USA is percieved abroad (first 5 minutes – I know its LO(NG )


  7. Jesus Beltran says

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  8. Jesus Beltran says

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