Feinstein continues to block necessary water project

cadiz water projectThe Democrats are at it again. They’re pushing back on the Republican controlled Congress, who is attempting to limit earmarks from being added to the omnibus spending bill. This action – known as policy riders – explains specifically what funding cannot be used on.

While Democrats relied on policy riders extensively in the past, especially in the area of “environmental protection,” having a Republican-controlled Congress has left the Democrats squalling at the practice. If the Republicans are going to undermine the Democratic agenda by implementing their own policy riders, the Democrats are completely against the practice all together, even though they have fought this fight for the last 15 years by using policy riders to protect the EPA.

These policy riders have had an absolutely detrimental impact on California, especially during the severe drought. Senator Feinstein has abused her position on the Appropriates Committee to make sure an important water project in Southern California, known as the Cadiz Valley Water Project, would fail to be built.

The Cadiz Valley Water Project is a no brainer for drought-stricken California.

According to the Environmental Impact Report, a requirement under California’s Environmental Quality Act of 1970, around 400,000 people could benefit from the project, which would provide over 16 million gallons of drinking water.

The Cadiz property is located in the Mohave Desert, between the I-10 and I-40 freeways. The plan calls for the construction of a 43-mile pipeline, which would supply water to the Colorado River Aqueduct from the Cadiz property.

When Cadiz attempted to start the project in the early 2000s with their original partner, Metropolitan Water District, Feinstein used policy riders in the fiscal year 2007 spending bill that blocked Cadiz from receiving any funding.

Senator Feinstein, however, has utilized policy riders in the annual federal spending bill in order to force the federal government to interfere with railroad property rights, which directly impacts Cadiz’s partner, the Arizona & California Railroad. She did this to block the Cadiz Valley Water Project’s funding for federal review, should one be required.

This is the definition of government overreach and politics as usual. Seemingly frustrated that the project’s review doesn’t include Washington bureaucrats, Feinstein has tried to sabotage a project that could provide Southern California with a new water supply. And at what cost?

Feinstein went out of her way to target Cadiz and their ultimate goal of supplying Southern California with water. She can’t attempt to argue against her blatant sabotage.

With California in desperate need of water to sustain our way of life – and no, I’m not talking about the fish – this project should have been pushed forward years ago. If it had been, we would have the added benefit to help battle the current drought.


  1. Diane Frankenstein has been plaguing our state for DECADES! When oh when are we to be rid of this old time demo-creep hack? She is systematically destroying the state and the nation!

  2. Watermellon Willy says

    Of course Feinstein will block anything that interferes with the California High Speed Rail, her husband has a lot of construction contracts for the complete prodject.

  3. I’m sure all of this is somehow connected to her husband’s interests in the Mojave Desert…..most everything she does is.

  4. Her supporters are clueless and don’t care as long as they get their EBT, grape pop and skittles.

  5. DR Richard Muccillo says

    Corrupt is what you are–resign now you cronie

  6. The Old Chip says

    Feinstein, (Democrat) or; a corrupt ”0”bama rat); a California wastrel since 1978, has along with her cohort boxer, brown, the sanchez sisters and most of the California legislature, overseen California’s economy plunge from 5th in the world, to 9th. (mexico ironically, 10th)
    Since year 2000, Sacramento corrupt”O”rats have spent $20 BILLION on water projects, probably including the Cadiz project scheduled to start in the early 2000s; and guess what, surprise; no water! The corrupt”O”rats in Sacramento through “Creative” (Devious) accounting, just rolled that water money into the general fund and squandered it along with many $ BILLIONS $ more.
    Feinstein, as a most recent example or her hypocrisy, claimed to be all distraught about the July 2015 shooting death of Kate Steinle by a 5 time deported ILLEGAL alien and wanted an immediate investigation of sanctuary city (now 231) policies; BUT, to show her true colors; feinstein, along with boxer, voted NO on Kate’s law that would actually do something about it.
    What is being done to capture, use and store the water from the record breaking rains that are due this year?? Even with the recent rain storms, how many millions of gallons of water went straight to the ocean?? Dollars for the short term benefits like, diverting storm water into percolating basins to replenish ground water, strategies we desperately need NOW, have actually been cut 35% as part of the pact to payback unions for corrupt”0” rat reelections.
    So feinstein blocking the Cadiz Valley Water Project’s funding; just corrupt”0”rat politics as usual. At least boxer has the decency to say she’s quitting at the end of her term.
    Worthless politicians are elected by good citizens who don’t vote.

    • Good citizens vote – just not for the scum that the dumbocrats in California. I am waiting with bated breath for the day that I cn get out of this corrupt cesspool that is California.

      • The Old Chip says

        Some astute soul observed that, if enough people vote democrat you get California. Then if they vote democrat long enough you get DETROIT – or Philadelphia, New York, New Orleans, Chicago . . .

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