Glendale Third-Grade Teacher Showed Gay Pride Videos. A Year Later, Furious Debate Erupts

A Glendale third-grade teacher who nearly a year ago showed videos celebrating gay pride to her students has been involuntarily transferred from her classroom for safety reasons after receiving threats — alocal chapter in the nation’s furious debate over what should be taught in schools about gender identity.

The conflict in the Glendale Unified School District, a suburban L.A. County school system of about 25,000 students, centers on four short videos the teacher prepared to show her class. Three of the videos explain gay pride with songs and animation. One features a song called, “Love Is Love,” with the message that parents and families come in many configurations and what matters most is the love between a guardian and a child. In another, “Queer Kids Stuff,” a cheerful young narrator celebrates pride.

The video that has spurred the most objection — and one that some parents said crossed the line of age appropriateness — is “Talking to Kids about Pride Month.” It shows an enthusiastic roundtable discussion with young children led by Canadian TV personality Jessi Cruickshank.

In the nearly three-minute video, Cruickshank uses the terms “sexual diversity” and “coming out of the closet” and notes that, as a youth, her admiration for actress Jodie Foster made her question her own sexuality, especially after seeing Foster naked in a film, which she said she watched several times. The children joyfully explain the possible advantages of having two parents of the same gender or becoming a “gay icon.”

While it’s not clear which videos were shown in class, parents, teachers, students, activists and community members have packed recent school board meetings — at times shouting or jeering — to express profoundly held views on whether, when and how gender identity lessons are appropriate. At one point a school board member, who supports such lessons, walked out during the public comments.

Some speakers expressed measured concern specifically over the Cruickshank video. Others said parents have a right to remove their child from these lessons or that such discussions should take place only within the family, not at school.

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  1. Linda Diehl says

    Watch the Cruikshank video, folks! It’s mind control for third graders narrated by a very charming, personable, pretty woman who could be selling ANYthing to 8-year-olds with her personality! (Candy, crack, any philosophies, anything!) The fact that it’s a “round-table” (meaning there are 6-8 other children agreeing with her every word)…. As I said, it’s straight psychological mind-control. Watch it! And be engaged with the lives of your children — and the children of this great nation! And then ask yourselves — why aren’t they teaching a REAL curricula? And WHO is promoting this kind of “training”?? It would be so easy for her to help these children be stronger, smarter, brighter, faster happier. This is SICK!!

    Why don’t schools simply have parents fill out a simple of survey of what they would-without-reservation, would-with-approval or would-never allow certain subjects to be covered by teachers.

  2. Not to worry. If this keeps happening the Chinese will be in charge of our country in no time.

  3. Really??? says

    I have run a summer program to this age group.

    I have taught this age group for years in physical education.

    To give propaganda for this junk is terrible. The job is to teach the subject, encourage kids to excel, and support them…..NOT to teach this C#@%.

    There better be a dramatic change or the Democrats will fast find they have no party.

    Representing no more then 10% is not rational…..

  4. Rottweiler says

    Thus, homeschooling is making a comeback!

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