He Shot My Arm Off!

Armed robber flees in panic when Norco liquor store owner blasts shotgun: ‘He shot my arm off!’

Dramatic surveillance video captured the moment a Norco liquor store owner used his shotgun to shoot a would-be robber who was armed with a rifle.

Footage shows the armed suspect burst into the business and the owner immediately shoot a single blast from his firearm.

Cameras outside captured the suspect frantically screaming, “He shot my arm off! He shot my arm off!”

Multiple suspects then quickly take off in a dark-colored SUV and almost leave a person behind, the footage shows.

Authorities say the incident happened at Norco Market & Liquor in the 800 block of Sixth Street around 2:47 a.m. Sunday. Four suspects armed with long guns were involved in the attempted robbery and were wearing facial coverings, according to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department.

Four suspects were later found at a hospital, including one who was suffering from a gunshot wound consistent with a shotgun blast, authorities say. The three other suspects were found inside the suspect vehicle, which authorities say was reported stolen.

The suspects were identified as 22-year-old Inglewood resident Justin Johnson, 27-year-old Los Angeles resident Jamar Williams and 24-year-old Las Vegas resident Davon Broadus.

The wounded suspect’s name has not been released. The 23-year-old remains hospitalized in critical, but stable condition.

Several stolen firearms were allegedly found in the BMW SUV the suspects used.

Workers and customers are praising the business owner, Craig, for his quick action.

“What if he wouldn’t have been as quick as it was. It could’ve been him,” customer Julie Fensel told Eyewitness News.

Craig, 80, is recovering from a heart attack after the shocking incident.

“The sheriff’s warned us that this had been going on in the area recently and to just be on your toes, you know, so he was on his toes. Thank God,” employee Marnie Tapia said.

Employees say the owner saw what was happening in the monitors: the suspects’ SUV back in and the armed men step out.

“He just prepared himself. He’s always prepared as far as weapons go,” Tapia said about the owner.

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  1. Gee, crooks with stolen guns? Who would ever thought that anyone would ignore the CP mandated gun control laws?

  2. Really??? says

    Two barrels are always better then one…..

    Let’s hear if for the 2nd amendment…….

  3. He’s damned lucky it was only his arm. I would’ve gone for his head.

  4. More of that kind of response and there will be a significant reduction in crimes like this. We have the right to protect our property on our property.

  5. Kathy Farmer says

    I’ve always said the criminals will get weapons, so don’t take them away from the law abiding CITIZENS.

  6. Laws are made for the criminals NOT for a descent civilian! Government is not law abiding nor are the criminal!.

  7. LOL. Reading this was hilarious. The only thing funnier would have been if the shop owner had shot the robber in the butt and him running away shouting “He shot my a$$ off!” With any amount of luck the docs will have to amputate the robber’s arm as a permanent reminder of his experience.

    But don’t be surprised if DA Gascon let’s all four of them out of jail at the earliest opportunity.

    Somehow I think robbers will steer clear of robbing this store in the future.

  8. Long live the American Citizen’s rights granted by our Constitution and not the evil politicians who are inch by inch eliminating that Right.

  9. We laughed, oh my, how we laughed. One Twittered comment, robber disarmed.
    Good job as a first responder, Mr. Craig.
    I do not want to hear this guy is back on the street, no bail, even though we understand “society” made him appropriate someone else’s guns and goods without paying money. I wonder if the taxpayers will be footing his medical bills.

    This is bound to show up in every “Good Guys With Guns” story all over the country. We can only hope the bad guys with guns all see it. The brave One-Armed Bandit will never live it down. We hope he is publicly identified, complete with mugshot, so his bro’s can laugh and point.

    I wonder if this transformative moment will encourage him and his accomplices to straighten up and fly right.

    Note: security cameras and monitors work.

  10. GOOD!!! One less left-wing, embicile, maggot on our streets!!

  11. Hal schwartz says

    who says there isnt any good news!!!!!

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