Judge Blocks Suit To Shut Down OC District Attorney’s DNA Database

An Orange County Superior Court judge on Wednesday, June 2, rejected a lawsuit by professors and students at UCI Law School seeking to shut down the district attorney’s one-of-a-kind DNA collection program.

Judge William D. Claster dismissed the suit for technical reasons and gave the plaintiffs until June 28 to amend and resubmit it. Paul Hoffman, a professor at the law school, said the suit would be refiled.

“We are hopeful that when the court receives the additional information it will allow the case to proceed so that these very serious constitutional objections to the district attorney’s DNA collection program are decided on the merits,” Hoffman said.

Not authorized by state law

The suit alleges the controversial DNA database — the only genetic collection program run by prosecutors in the nation — is not authorized by state law, is a waste of taxpayer money and disproportionately affects poor people.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer said the judge’s ruling vindicates the program and demanded an apology from the civil rights clinic at the law school.

“I certainly hope UCI Law School does a better job educating students to become lawyers than it does teaching them (to waste) public resources to attack lawful programs just because they don’t agree with them,” Spitzer said in a prepared statement. …

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