NeverTrump – Doing Nothing in the Face of Evil

It was Irish statesman – and one of the conservative movement’s philosophical godfathers – Edmund Burke who said “all that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Though written in the late 1700s, his thought is relevant today, most specifically in regards to the attitude of NeverTrump diehards to the many and obvious evils that would result from a Kamala Harris presidency. Okay, okay – technically it would be a Biden presidency – but would be that in name only. Biden would have as much input on policy as the White House pastry chef, and I expect will be the target of a 25th Amendment coup by “Heels Up” Harris and her fellow Stalinists who will infect the cabinet in short order.

There are a few – a very, very few – folks I know who still cannot bring themselves to vote for Trump who are good people. I disagree vehemently with their conclusion, but don’t doubt the sincerity of their thoughts, as irrational as they are. The national leadership of NeverTrump and most of its remaining members, however, represents a horse of a different color – and in fact not the entire horse, just the hind quarters. These folks are mainly political operatives, and as such are not blind to the evils that lurk after next January 20th  if Kamala and the Stalinists waltz into the White House.

But they can’t overcome their smug moral narcissism in order to do what is right for the country by defeating Biden. It has become clear that for NeverTrumpies, assuaging their grotesquely inflated egos is more important than saving the country and conservatism. They have become the Vidkun Quislings and Marshall Petains (look them up!) of 2020.

It is clear that the Biden/Harris presidency would be a Stalinist nightmare for the country. They would weaponize the federal judiciary filling it with Elena Kagans and Steven Breyers and the bureaucracy with Lois Lerners.  These folks would then proceed with the persecution and prosecution of all things conservative – institutions, individuals and thought. NeverTrumpies know this – and don’t care.

We had a preview of that during the Obama autocracy.  The Christian bakers in Oregon who chose not to participate in a gay wedding (they were happy to bake the cake, just not to decorate it with pro-gay slogans) were not only fined $150,000 but also ordered to attend mandatory – mandatory – “sensitivity and diversity” classes. A student at the University of Texas, committing the sin of having an “all lives matter” sign on the door of his dorm room was suspended and ordered to attend mandatory – mandatory – “sensitivity and diversity” classes. Joe Stalin was more honest than our modern thought police, correctly labeling calling such session “re-education camps.” NeverTrumpies know this – and don’t care.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) issued an official ruling against a worker who had a Gadsen Flag – “Don’t Tread On Me” – hanging in his office, saying it was “prima facie” evidence of racial discrimination. He was ordered to remove the flag or face prosecution. Obama’s Chairman of the EEOC stated that we needed to “purge” – his word – from our language the phrases “religious liberty,” “religious freedom” and “religious tolerance” because they were “synonymous with racial and sexual discrimination.”

The Democrats on the Federal Elections Commission make no secret of their desire to “bring fairness” to talk radio and the internet, which in their definition means controlling content for Rush Limbaugh, Fox, Breitbart, OneAmerica, NewsMax and anyone deviating from the liberal party line. They would have a majority in a Biden/Harris Administration with which to do this. The NeverTrumpies know this – and don’t care.

A Biden-Harris presidency would be staffed from top to bottom with empowered, radical leftists who have already shown their Stalinist roots. A full scale pogrom of persecution against conservatives is absolutely certain.  Also absolutely certain is that a judiciary full of activist ultra-leftists will give the green light to any and all search and destroy missions aimed at conservative ideas, conservative institutions and conservative leaders. The NeverTrumpies know this – and don’t care.

In the face of all this palpable evil, NeverTrumpies continues to put their own selfish, priggish, holier-than-thou attitudes above the interests of the country. Billy K, Georgie W, Jonah Goldfinger and the rest of the residents of the NeverTrump cesspool continue their 5 year long orgy of political Onanism. Will – who remember opposed Ronald Reagan when he ran for president because Reagan had “too many wrinkles in his neck” (he really said that) – opined on a Sunday talk show in 2016 that Trump needed to “lose massively” in order to “free the GOP from talk radio.” In other words, free the GOP from opinions other than those of Will and his fellow effete, impudent snobs – free the GOP from its conservative base. John McCain and George Romney ran campaigns that did exactly that. How’d that work out?

The smug elitists of NeverTrump, are a  D.C. to New York corridor snake pit of self-appointed, ever so pious and pure guardians of “acceptable” conservative thought. They – and only they – will decide what conservatism is. They – and only they – will determine who is a conservative. They – and only they – will tell us little people who is and isn’t worthy of conservative support. Tens of millions of conservatives voted for Trump in ’16 and have done so again this year. That doesn’t matter. The autocrats of NeverTrump will be the sole arbiters of who and what can and cannot be called Conservative. 

Well guess what? The people, the great unwashed who have never been on one of the cruises put on by the Vichey conservatives of NeverTrump, who can’t tell a Chardonnay from a Sancerre, and who, OMG, buy their suits off the rack, are the heart and soul of the conservative movement. They can decide for themselves who is a conservative. They don’t need direction from the effete, impudent snobs who make up NeverTrump. 

The NeverTrumpies had a pretty good racket going. They would play lap dog and sock puppet for the Left and in return would get fawning treatment from the left wing media, guest shots on news shows and paid gigs as talking heads. Trump ruined their racket, exposed them as empty suits and empty heads, and they have never forgiven him. The animating drive behind NeverTrump has never been about America or conservatism – it has always been about them and their bloated egos. 

But starting in 2015 the conservative grass roots got wise, realizing that instead of political and policy victories the NeverTrump bloviators delivered hot air, pomposity and arrogance. Conservatives supported Trump massively and Trump returned their loyalty with 4 years of accomplishments that are equal – and frankly probably superior to – the conservative record of Ronald Reagan, whom I revere. 

This is the 15th presidential election I’ve witnessed. Never before has the triumph of evil seemed so near at hand, nor so capable of defeat if good men and women would unite to do so. In his book “Witness,” Whitaker Chambers described “the forces of that great socialist revolution, which, in the name of liberalism, spasmodically, incompletely, somewhat formlessly, but always in the same direction, have been inching its ice cap over the nation.” That socialist ice cap threatens to smother the America we know and love. TheNeverTrumpies know this – and they don’t care.

The Stalinist Democrat administration we will get with a Biden/Harris victory will complete the socialist ice cap’s grip on America and bring on a long, dark night of statist repression aimed squarely at all things conservative. If that happens, NeverTrumpers will rightfully be called to account and asked “what did you do to prevent this horror?” Their honest answer will have to be “not only did we not oppose it, we empowered it. Our egos and pomposity caused us to betray conservative principles and American freedoms.” And Burke’s prophecy will have come to fruition.

Bill Saracino is a member of the Editorial Board of CA Political Review.

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