Newsom Orders Ban On New Oil Fracking By 2024

California will stop approving new oil fracking by 2024 under an executive order that Gov. Gavin Newsom announced today with little fanfare following months of confusing mixed messages. 

The order is a blow to oil companies in California, but a limited victory for environmentalists who have been pushing Newsom to do more to combat fossil fuels, climate change and pollution in disadvantaged communities.

The controversial practice has long raised concerns from nearby residents and environmental groups. In fracking, chemicals and water are injected into underground rocks at high pressures to crack them open and unlock the oil or gas.

In signing the order, Newsom contradicted a claim he made in September when he said he can’t legally ban fracking on his own. Instead, he asked the Legislature to act. “We simply don’t have that authority. That’s why we need the Legislature to approve it,” he said on Sept. 23. 

Newsom’s move comes a week after the Legislature rejected a bill that would have banned fracking. 

The governor has been sending inconsistent messages about fracking for months, infuriating environmentalists: In September, he asked lawmakers to send him a bill banning fracking. But when one was introduced, he never publicly threw his weight behind it. The bill set off a feud between environmentalists and labor unions, which are both influential constituencies with Democrats, and it was voted down in its first committee

Oil industry spokesperson Kevin Slagle said Newsom is “taking a great legal risk” in using his executive power to ban fracking permits.

“This is an illegal mandate and we will use every means to fight it,” said Slagle of the Western States Petroleum Association, which represents oil and gas companies.

About 95% of fracking occurs in the San Joaquin Valley, nearly all of it in four Kern County oil fields. 

Fracking accounts for a small amount — 17% — of California’s total oil and gas production, and the governor’s action has no impact on the rest.

Newsom’s order directs the California Geologic Energy Management Division, the agency that oversees oil operations, to immediately begin drafting rules that will stop issuing new fracking permits by January 2024. 

“The climate crisis is real, and we continue to see the signs every day,” Newsom said in a statement. “I’ve made it clear I don’t see a role for fracking in that future and similarly, believe that California needs to move beyond oil.”

The order will not ban existing fracking, so fracked wells already in operation can continue. About 150 wells per month undergo hydraulic fracturing in California, according to a 2015 study.  …

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  1. To gain personal press on Earth Day 2021, Newsom ordered an end to fracking in California by 2024, and to work toward phasing out all in-state oil production by 2045, perpetuating continuous cost increases. Newsoms’ irresponsible fiscal actions will require the State to increase its monthly imports resulting in expenditures approaching a whopping $90 million EVERY DAY for foreign countries to support the fifth largest economy in the world.

    Newsom is racially biasing more expensive fuels onto the less fortunate that will worsen poverty. Poverty, not global warming, remains the biggest challenge.

    Newsom continues to support greater emissions generated by the foreign suppliers that meet the states’ energy demands, as they have significantly less strict environmental regulation, if any.

  2. The Captive says

    He continues this venue – and hate him we do!

    Gruesome newsome newsome newsome

  3. Recall the a$$hole then deport him to Mongolia!

  4. The green energy systems needed to replace fossil fuels have not been invented yet, and if and when they are they will be far more expensive. The left is gambling with our life or death future basic energy needs based on biased climate change propaganda. As electrical brown outs progress in California maybe then Newsome and his entrenched radical democrats will be sufficiently exposed as the tyrannical power hungry political zealots that they are.

  5. I have found there to be two absolutes. Shit stinks and you can’t tell a Democrat anything. There are probably more but I have found these two to be FOR SURES.

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