‘Nothing Historic’ About Paris Climate Deal

Global WarmingThe energy industry is already saying Saturday’s Paris global warming agreement is “unenforceable, underfunded, and non-binding.”

“There is nothing historic about this deal,” said American Energy Alliance President Thomas Pyle in an email to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “The Obama administration clearly doesn’t have the support of Congress or the American people—making the agreement nothing more than a paper tiger. Unfortunately, this won’t stop the president from pursuing a domestic climate agenda that will raise energy prices on American families, but will have no impact on the climate.”

The Obama administration states that the deal will encourage nearly 200 countries to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, slowing global warming. Despite the doubt, President Obama is already celebrating the deal, as shown by this Tweet:

This is huge. Almost every country in the world just signed on to the #parisagreement on climate change — thanks to American leadership.

However, members of Obama’s own cabinet disagree. Secretary of State John Kerry admitted that reducing carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. and developed world will not help the environment or even slow down global warming at the Paris summit Wednesday.

Kerry previously stated that the talks would not deliver a “treaty” that legally requires countries to cut carbon dioxide emissions. However, European Union previously asserted that the deal will be a legally binding treaty, contradicting Kerry’s direct statements.

The current deal allows countries to set “non-binding” CO2 emissions targets for themselves, but contains no mechanism to enforce the agreement. The Obama administration seems to have gotten a deal that contains no legally-binding measures and is thus not a “treaty.” This weakens legal arguments that the agreement needs the approval of the hostile U.S. Senate, which must ratify all treaties.

Environmental groups were skeptical of the deal during the negotiation process, as it contains only voluntary, not mandatory, CO2 cuts. Many environmental groups blame the failure of the 2009 Copenhagen Accords on the lack of mandatory CO2 cuts.

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  1. The temperature of the Earth is constantly changing. These morons think that they can play God and change the Earths temperature just by charging us more money on products that we use and forcing us to use less. The temperature in the deserts change by about 100 degrees every year. Your neighborhoods temperature changes about 20 degrees everyday. You can’t change it, no matter how hard you try. Now they say that CO2 is bad. Ok liberals, hold your breath to reduce the CO2 levels.

  2. RetiredXLR8R says

    This climate stuff is Obama playing god. He thinks he can change the climate and the world with his will. It’s sounds like he’s gone off on the deep end without his water-wings!
    Purely a case of man living by his own intellect and ignoring God!

  3. Stupid, stupid, stupid people. Of all of the “dreaded” CO2 that goes into the atmosphere only 6% of it is man made. And thank God we have CO2 because if it drops below 150ppm then things STOP growing. Greenhouses are kept at 1000ppm to speed up growth. The USN found that sub-mariners can live quite well at CO2 levels above 5000ppm. It is NOT a pollutant and has a very minimal effect on the atmosphere of the Earth. Moonbeam, Mary Nichols of CARB, Lurch and obonzo are beyond belief and the fact that they were elected more than once boggles the mind.

  4. And yet, the WSJ reports today that international corporations are praising this arrangement. More likely that the Capitalists are lining up to collect their share of Crony.

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