Panel May Urge Criminal Charges Against Trump

Besides insurrection, defined as an uprising aiming to overthrow the government, the panel is also considering recommending that prosecutors pursue charges of obstructing an official proceeding and conspiracy to defraud the United States, a person familiar with the matter told the Associated Press. The committee’s deliberations were continuing late Friday, and no decisions were formalized on which charges the panel would refer to the Justice Department.

The committee is to meet publicly Monday afternoon, when any recommendation would be made public.

The deliberations were confirmed by a person familiar with the matter who could not discuss it publicly and spoke on condition of anonymity. A second person familiar with the deliberations confirmed that the committee was considering three charges.

The decision to issue referrals is not unexpected. Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.), the vice chair of the committee, for months has been suggesting the panel might send the Justice Department criminal referrals based on the extensive evidence the nine-member panel has gathered since it was formed in July 2021.

“You may not send an armed mob to the Capitol; you may not sit for 187 minutes and refuse to stop the attack while it’s underway. You may not send out a tweet that incites further violence,” Cheney said about Trump on NBC’s “Meet the Press” in October. “So we’ve been very clear about a number of different criminal offenses that are likely at issue here.”

Rep. Bennie Thompson (D-Miss.), the committee chair, detailed possible referrals last week as falling into categories that include criminal and ethics violations, legal misconduct and campaign finance violations. It would then fall to federal prosecutors to decide whether to pursue referrals for prosecution. Although they carry no legal weight, the recommendations would add to the political pressure on the Justice Department as a special counsel it appointed investigates Trump’s actions.

“The gravest offense in constitutional terms is the attempt to overthrow a presidential election and bypass the constitutional order,” committee member Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) told reporters last week. “Subsidiary to all of that are a whole host of statutory offenses, which support the gravity and magnitude of that violent assault on America.”

Raskin, along with Cheney and Reps. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank) and Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose), made up the subcommittee that drafted the referral recommendations and presented them to the full committee.

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  1. Jersey Girl says

    Just proving WHO should be tried for TREASON!!!!
    Start with Aunt Nancy and then the rest of the committee. Once you have them in jail – go on to those who voted to ignore the question proposed to investigate – a clear violation of their oath they swore to be in office!!!!!!

  2. Robin Itzler - Patriot Neighbors says

    Want to try someone for treason? Let’s start with Joe “Big Guy” Biden who is allowing a massive army of ILLEGAL ALIENS to INVADE the United States of America and makes decisions based on what is best for Communist China.

  3. Trump brought this situation on himself. I voted for him four times, in both primaries and general elections. But I support the Constitution and the Rule of Law and not whatever effing pathological Narcissist happens to be in the Oval Office at the moment. I hope he is convicted and banned from future office. If the Republican Party supports the criminal, Trump, more than they support the Constitution, they need to be disbanded as a political party. They are no better than BLM and antifa.

  4. The Republicans will have their chance to go after lawbreakers in the Democratic Party. So, they should stop their pathetic whining about their failed god-man, Trump. Trump had his chance and he betrayed those, who voted for him, because he let his criminal egomania win out and run wild.

    • Roger, where are you getting your facts? Trump was the best president we ever had and will have, again. No Republican politician is “whining”, especially not about President Trump.

      Who did Trump betray? If you’re going to make a statement like that back it up with facts, not your feelings.

      • “Trump was the best president we ever had and will have, again. No Republican politician is “whining”, especially not about President Trump.”

        LoL. Trump is the biggest turkey who has ever been in the Oval Office. Even Trump whines about being a “victim” in his announcement that he was running again.

        Poor little little Trumpsters, just can’t win for losing. And some of you want to start a Civil War. Good luck with that! A bunch of whiners wouldn’t last long.

  5. This is just to cover up for the traitor Joe Biden, who colluded with China to bring our nation to it’s knees for an easy take over. That’s not going to happen, Nancy and friends. This is evil the likes we have never seen before in our country.

    It’s time to put our country back together, drain the swamp and put those responsible in jail! Will it happen? It BETTER. We the People, have had enough of the lies, the deception, and we are going to fight back, starting with California.

    I believe we have been the victims of voter fraud for many, many years. We want recounts, we want our votes to count. Show your ID and validate registrations and ensure that everyone who votes is a US Citizen. That’s a good start.

  6. Richard Cathcart says

    A “Trump is a Criminal” allegation made to the USA’s DOJ has the main effect of draining President Trump’s finances with endless tie-ups in Courts often dominated by flagrantly political Democrat judges. Our system of Justice is a perverted monstrosity, a kind of social dinosaur. Even radical Greens and WOKEsters want the government gone…..!!!!

  7. Wherever extreme bias is displayed, committee members need to be expelled. Trump may not have exactly followed accepted practice, but I think it’s a very far stretch to proclaim he was trying to overthrow the government. Certification of the vote took place, a few hours late, but it took place. That is no insurrection.

    • Shiffty should be expelled and prosecuted for intentionally hiding FBI, Biden documents, CIA docs, that would have ended the witch hunt on Trump.

      San Fran Nan most likely will resign to prevent Congress from pursuing here lies and treason.

  8. I really love the U.S. Constitution, especially when it is applied. This panel has NOT applied the Constitution! and their results, recommendations and very existence are ILLEGAL!!

  9. Nonsense.

    You want a civil war, uh?

  10. The house should start January by impeaching Biden…. What the hell it won’t get by the Senate but neither did Trump’s impeachment but at least it would stick to his brown-stained shorts. And then go after Jan 6th 8 member kangaroo,so called panel and set the facts straight.

  11. I just heard he was referred to the DoJ for prosecution of four crimes.

  12. If conservatives really want to effect change, they need to go past Trump, go past the Hunter fiasco, past the ridiculously biased Committee, past their hatred of Nancy Pelosi, and actually do some real WORK. Like, put together a proposal for real immigration reform, to be coupled with essentially closing the border. A plan for real voting reform that will assure the integrity of all future elections–including voter ID, signature verification, and if possible make it illegal nationwide to ballot-harvest. Stop mass mailing of ballots and return to requiring a mail ballot be requested by the voter. Put in rules for how election officials must purge rolls of those who moved and those who died. Put in computer algorithms that will flag an single address with more than X number of people. Put together a plan for bringing the economy back to full strength. Plan to harden our infrastructure against hacking and other attacks. There is just so much work that needs to be done, if you are going to keep the hearts and minds let alone get new ones, get going on the really important stuff.

  13. John Hurabiell, Sr. says

    Every one of the lying cretins on that disreputable so-called committee should be thrown out of the House of Representatives in disgrace. An unbelievable pack of lies and gross offenses against the U. S. Constitution.

  14. The contrived character assassination of Trump goes on unabated.
    Stick this in your pipe and smoke it.
    TRUMP 1% INFLATION / 6% GDP/ energy independent.
    BIDEN 7% INFLATION / 1% GDP/ energy dependent.
    Everything else is far left propaganda and hate speech.
    Performance Trumps Personality.


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